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The big question

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Which is better? Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint?
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is it good to take breaks every now and then
or should i be drawing every day?
which one is better for improvement?
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>draw a really good NSFW sketch
>too good, actually
>can't finish it cause zooming out instantly makes me wanna coom
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How do you define art?
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What does /ic/ think of Blue Period?
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Income platform discussion

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Which platforms are best for earning an income from art?

What are the pros and cons of these websites?
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Don't delete this thread, I'm just looking to learn
How can I improve?
What should I use? What am I doing wrong?
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Ethan Becker

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what do you think of this guy?
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>mfw I get to scam coomers of their money
I feel no regret, they are not even human
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I'm an artlet, what is wrong with this ball /ic/??
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