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i need help with this posture please

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i need draw a war, and i need some more references like this please... please
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At what point should a new artist try the 250 box challenge?
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rendering techniques

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Do you have a specific tech for rendering each material? I have recently found out about this life hack for rendering craggy ice
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Where do I find really good portrait reference?
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The meme is real

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Spam your art everywhere
Reach clients in DM
Talk to them like a retail cuck
Compete with 99999999999 artists
Use bots to get notified about job posts
Maybe get 1 job in a week if you're lucky


Do you draw pikachu in diapers? I pay $200!

Life is so tiring anons, I give up on SFW
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/draw/ - Draw Thread

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Coom artists, what is the type of nipples you always go for in your drawings?
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how the fuck can anyone compete with burne hogarth's draftsmenship? Was he a computer? how the hell do you even get to this level
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/cat/ Classic Art Thread

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This is a thread for the appreciation and study of classic art, with an emphasis in academic art. This thread will supersede the old /ag/ >>5868168

Italian Renaissance Learning Resources
Complete Russian Academic Drawing Approach
High Quality Charles Bargue Plates
Kenyon Cox books. "Cox was an influential and important early instructor at the Art Students League of New York".
Directory of free downloadable 1400s-1700s drawing instruction books

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So how exactly do you get from 0 followers to more than 0 followers on twitter? I assume if you post your image with no text and have 0 followers than it is actually impossible for anyone else to see it so you have to use hashtags. But what hashtags do you use? Is #seriesname and #seriesnameinjapanese enough assuming I'm drawing an image of a gacha or video game girl? Also how big is the difference between posting non-lewd anime girls and lewd/NSFW anime girls, would it be smart to draw lewd images until you have a sizable following and then swap to non-lewd (assuming thats what you want to do) and just accept a significant amount of your audience will leave due to them only caring about tits?
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