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Animation industry vet here. Anyone have any questions about animation jobs or 2D pipeline?
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Draw me, anon
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tfw the biggest thing holding you back is effort/motivation
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Art in Vidya

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Show me a more artistic and beautiful game than GRIS. You can't!
It's a shame the gameplay is so fucking boring in this game, with no replayability, because the art is just absolutely outstanding.
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Digital landscape painting vids

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Any good recommendations on digital landscape painting process videos that are done NOT by photobashing mongoloids?
I like Bob, he is very helpful, but I'm looking specifically for digital stuff
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Hey /ic/ I decided to paint my shelf because I tried staining it and it didn't work, thoughts? Also painted the shelf brackets as seen in pic
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Previous thread: >>4280113

Post your current drawing here and give constructive critique to others! Don't take anything personal!
Please make sure your posted image is clear, downsized to around 1000 pixels wide, rotated to the correct orientation, and that any unused space is cropped.
If you want critique on a drawing from the previous thread, you can delete it there and repost in this one.

>dA /ic/ group :

>/ic/ Resources/Reference/Downloads/Links:

>General resources :

>fellowBro's books :

>Figure Drawing Tool:
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/beg/ where the fuck is it.. tell me how much i fucking suck
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/pro/ thread

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thoughts on this guy an his business strategies?

>inb4;literary who?!1/
fuck off crab, I am not gonna spoonfeed you with his name and I dont care about your opinion on this subject matter if you can't even recognize this face or use google.
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dont do it

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doink it
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