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Hello, what are my options for if I want to make over $130,000 a year in art?
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ITT: Artist that are without a doubt good

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I'll start:

Fei (Maidoll)
Space Jin
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I just want a good android app to fuckin draw memes and shit
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Post tumblr art

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It's awful, let's laugh at it.
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What's wrong with shads art?
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What software do you use to draw?

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I draw for fun so I'm wondering what program to use. How is GIMP?
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Post your Sketches and other Traditional content


Figure Drawing directory (US/Canada):

Online Art Stores:

Specialty Items:

Remember to use Acid Free paper.
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Tsutomu Nihei

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how do you get this good??? And does anyone know any information about him personally, he seems like an enigma
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If I construct over my (real life human) porn collection will I make it? Also is it worth the $80 or so dollars for the Wacom Intuos small?
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>working out
>think about how l can improve my art that has been stagnating/slow as hell for a few weeks now
>come up with a routine like lifting but for art
>3x8 of each part of the face on mondays, wednesdays and fridays along with other things like coloring and drawing fruits
>3x8 of each bodypart + shit like plants trees and animals on the remaining days
>rest on sunday

This is like starting strength but for art, right ?
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