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Vent Thread

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PIXEL art thread

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I’m beginning to “feel the form”.
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/lsg/ - Loli & Shota General

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1. Don't post nudity or revealing works.
Bare chest no nipples is a no-go. Some anons have had their art deleted because of this.
Bikini seems to be fine. When in doubt, post a censored copy here and link to the original off-site.

2. **No Porn**.
No, not the retarded "anything with a body in it is porn" standard or "I see her underwear, MODSSS!!!" Use common sense.

3. Due to the PPH (posts per hour versus the ratio of artists posting work) of this general, please wait until page 9 or 10 to remake a new thread or let the general fall off the board entirely before making a new one. Use to retrieve the old threads.

Q/A Backup: (embed)

Previous thread: >>4882572

>/lsg/ Specific Resources: (embed)

>General Resources: (embed)

Any other resources/references you are willing to share will be added. Especially any material that focuses more on this general's subject matter.
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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.

previous thread >>4893723

READ THE STICKY for some guidance:

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES - preferably ~1000px, <1.1mb

BE ACTIVE AND PROVIDE FEEDBACK TO OTHERS - all it takes is a little feedback to give someone a lot of motivation.
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/dad/ Do Art Daily & /las/ Last Artist Standing

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Previous thread: >>4889079

Do Art Daily:
>Discord: You must have a DAD streak of at least 14 to join. Ask Vastian#0988 for an invite.
>Featured dad user of the day: contact furart#3944 if you want to be >skipped.
>Found an issue with the site? Lost your streak and want to appeal? Please message the contact link at the bottom of the site, not the thread.

>Draw every day (or your preferred frequency)
>Submit your work by 23:59:59 GMT
>Spend at least 30 minutes on each submission
>No loli or shota porn
>Miss a day and you'll be alright, just keep going
>Have fun

Please comment on each other's artwork; dads love attention!


What is the goal?
>To become better.

me is beginner and not know draw, can me join?
>Yes x100. Stop asking and start submitting art, chum. You can't be the worst, like literally.

A brief history:
>Last Artist Standing (LAS): The original site, created by Lava (presumed dead, rest in peace). It has changed and ruined the lives of many lassies.
>Draw Every Day (DED): A short-lived site between LAS and DAD, run and abruptly cancelled by w.
>Do Art Daily (DAD): The current site, by the dadmin and developer banana.

Community links:
>DADcast latest episode (Ep. 3 - Wolfens):
>LAS discord (not to be confused with the official DAD discord): Invitations are open for 48 hours on the 1st and 15th of every month. Invitations are not currently open.
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sqt - qttdtot - stupid questions thread

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Any questions can be asked here. Come answer some too.
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Animation General

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Just got a new tablet, how do I learn how to render ASAP? I want to hear YOUR experiences with different methods/techniques.
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/artbook/ - Artbook Thread

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Be specific if you request something: post the cover, book's title, artist's name...
Please be patient, board is slow, someone may answer you a week later.
Please search in the thread and links below before asking for something, it may well already be there.

All MEGA links SHOULD be cloned, they die every time they're posted here.
If any of the links expires or breaks, please inform of it.
Can't find something? check vk, rutracker, ehentai, cgpeers, etc

>Beginner essentials!sSYAxKqb!f2gWy-eQZJNvRfiUTu1ASA
See for details

>Main Book Links


>Miscellaneous (books, vids, brushes...) 38 gigs!BXJkjSKI!ef2mMsm1mkj2nf3amonPEA

https://vk com/topic-4918594_27696136?offset=0

>Various Links from older threads:

>Have you seen them?

>... and before some dumbass asks, here's the link to the book in the OP
>Satoshi Kon, ?? ?? Kon's Works, 1982-2010 (JPG, 142.4 MB)
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