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I'm an artlet, what is wrong with this ball /ic/??
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Have you been training your soul?

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The famous artist course is better than loomis
It's also free
Literally all you need to make it
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Learning art for ex-STEM oriented people?

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I wasted 25 years of my life thinking that I was smart, only to find out not only I'm a brainlet when it comes to STEM subject, I'm also grown to hate it. Now I'm dropped out of university (almost got my Engineering degree, but I say fuck it), I want to take art seriously. Anyone else in the same boat? Could you share your experience with learning art?
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Vent Thread

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The gift of contentment is in your near future
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/sqtddtot/ Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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boxman edition because i didn't see one

first stupid question:

what are some good color rules to follow when drawing flowers? im trying to turn random left hand scribbles into a bed of flowers and the result is rancid.
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i dropped my tablet pen in the sink when it was full of dishes

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can i use my blow dryer to get rid of the water, i seriously dont want to wait 5 days and put it in rice
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Does Pixel Art really deserve to be its own art form? Isn't it just, due to the technical constraints for the time, a less sophisticated form of digital art?
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Paint First, Lineart later or Lineart First, Paint Later

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What are the pros and cons of paint then line?
I'm one of those anons who makes 5+ layer of lineart first then renders.
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ITT: expressions

Disney preferred but all are good
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