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how do i draw as great as this?

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/TRAD/ Traditional General

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Post drawings and paintings you've done in traditional media for critique
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Social media

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How does one start out a twitter,facebook and instagram for art shit?
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Self Promotion

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There hasn't been one of these in a while, post your social media you filthy goblins
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Video Course thread #9

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Stress actually helps drawing

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"Drawing and spatial abilities share common conceptual ground. Both have been associated with
similar cognitive functions. They are related in mental function through a relationship in which
drawing is dependent on spatial ability and spatial ability may be enhanced through drawing."
Retrieved from:
"Acute exposure to stress improves performance in trace eyeblink conditioning and spatial learning tasks in healthy men"
Ultimately, stress in general creates conditions to optimize learning:
I wanted to share this new discovery with you guys because up to this day I used to believe I needed to be tranquil in order to draw and omg its actually the opposite, being stressed as fuck does actually help at least according to those articles.
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What's stopping me from just jacking some random mid tier artists gallery and using it whenever someone asks "pyw"?
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Boxpill bestpill

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When will you FILTHY infidels understand that the one, only and sole method that there is to drawing is to understand the 3D space and thus the only teacher worth following is Irshad? Drawabox is not about drawing boxes, is about training your mind to visualize things 3D. Copying Loomis diagrams will only make you good at copying. Same goes with most teachers. The only one that, alternatively, teaches you to visualize things in 3D is Vilppu but he doesn't have an excercise approach. IRSHAD IS THE ONLY ONE SO GO TO DRAWABOX.COM ALREADY AND STOP COMPLAINING BITCHES!
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Why does an aged up redesign of a character still counts as underaged content on DeviantArt if the subject so happens to be lewd related? For example, pic related. The game character still is an adult , but plot wise gets turned into a child. If you drew the adult version, would DeviantArt still flag you for it?
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fan art

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when doing fan art of something, do you try to imitate the style of the original artist you're doing fan art of or do you just draw it on your style? I feel like I try doing it in my style but I end up imitating the original style subconsciously