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How the fuck do you get followers on Twitter? No one tags anything so there's no way for your account to get discovered unless you're moving over an audience from a different platform
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Post work by advanced artists alongside the piece's reference
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New progress thread, the year is halfway over, let's see how you improved since 2021 started

Pic related is not mine
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Art supply thread

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Haven't seen of of these in a while
what have you bought recently? any recommendations for supplies you think people might like? questions? post 'em here
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Comfy Whiteboard Thread

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How can I receive commission money anonymously?

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I want to have my normal online presence, and then another art account completely unassociated from the first one where I draw nsfw shit and do degenerate commissions for money. The only thing stopping me from doing this is I have no idea how to do commissions anonymously.
Unless someone knows a way around it, Paypal unfortunately doesn't work since it needs ID in order to receive money. There must be a way, right? There's so many anonymous artists who do commissions, what's their secret?

no crypto meme pls.
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Music Making Program advice

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Not sure if this qualifies to be on /ic/, but I couldn't think of any other place to put this.

Long story short, when I was younger I used my mom's mac with Garageband to discover I liked making music, but since I moved out and got a Windows computer (and also being tight for money) I have been without a music making program for a long time.

I've been looking at FL Studio ever since I wanted to get back into it, but now that I have enough savings I'm not sure which bundle to get, or if FL Studio is even the best option.

Does anyone have any advice on this?
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Draw this in your style.
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>now you can get cancelled for giving "unsolicited critics"
Whats going on in this world?
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>ctrl f
>no socials thread

shill yourself
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