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Marshall Vandruff’s Bridgeman webinar

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Are you going to join, /ic/? Do you think it’ll be worth it?
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Banned by Patreon

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/ic/, if you got banned from Patreon, where would you go from there? If Patreon was your main source of income as an artist, is there another way forward or does it mark the death of art being your main career?

Jannies, pls do not remove. This is my worst fear, I genuinely want to know about Patreon alternatives.
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Serious Topic.

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I've been working as a full time illustrator and a part time coom-artist for maybe 9 years now. I've got to say that my art has definitely improved over all this time but one thing I realize is that I've never felt like I've improved much on my ability to draw people from imagination. What's made the biggest difference for me is only my ability to find good reference and copy it more accurately. I'm wondering if that's really all there is to it? It's kind of disappointing and I'm hoping that maybe someone more skilled than me can give some answers on this topic. I've taken two anatomy courses, I do figure drawings almost daily, read all the anatomy books in the sticky and some others not listed there. I'm sure most of you have done the same. So what's the deal? what the hell is missing?
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Draw a ref, and post a ref - i'll post up 3 to start

Don't make it complicated, just draw
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So this... is the power... of Huion...

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Grinding like an asian for a whole year:

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Been in a lazy rut for the past few months with art and was thinking. What if i grinded like an asian for 1 year? Think about it, asian schools are tougher than schools in the west. They make great art because of heavy discipline and that heavy discipline is powered by fear of failure.

I'm relatively young, i could become a decent artist in about a year if i do this. Of course i know about burnout if i rush into it too much.

>inb4 how you gonna have fun anon wtf?
To me this is like a mindset "knowing that you must succeed or you fail at life" type of thing. Call me a masochist or sadist or some shit but that sounds fun as hell. Plus i'm literally doing nothing at the moment right now. I'm a NEET almost at the borderline of becoming a hikkimori. I have to learn to be great at something right?!

>Plus if i get demotivated early on i'll watch this. It always motivates me:
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Self Promotion / Social Media

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Post your art page, blog or whatever, or share others you follow and admire
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How many people here draw every day? I try to for at least 30-40 minutes but I usually go over or under. I'm still trash anyway but whatevs.
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End game?

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I don't understand what the end game is for all these youtube and instagram art "instructors". They all teach the same shitty style. Is this the fate of every traditional artist if they ever want to make money? become a dime-a-dozen portrait painter who sings the praises of "tradition" and "classicism" and is forgotten the second they die?
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Character Design

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>Discuss character design
>Critique your character designs
>Post character design inspiration references

Let's get better at character design!
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