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Draw him in your style
RIP based king
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Self-promo thread

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You know how it goes.
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Post your art at we will tell you which art stage you're currently in
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>have lots of problems with art, mostly because I feel lost and dont know what to tackle first
>find a pro artist which work I always loved, he agrees to give me paid feedback and drawovers
>he goes missing just when I finally had the time and money to start the journey
I want to die bros, ill die a beg
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Video Course

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I know, some of them are inactive, but this thread is a continuation of a long tradition VIDEO COURSES threads here on /ic/



Glenn Vilppu Stuff -!RIx3TJxJ!_Nna8t01kPxENJ8KSzXqwg!EUJHgKAZ
Karl Gnass' Spirit of the Pose (NMA) -!30o2QCya!TWMgOxPJlGXWydwoS1czdg
Karl Gnass' Spirit of the Pose (Part 4 Missing) -!7ngkTYiT!dFHIw9uFBbMih9KHApd2Yw
Steve Huston's Advanced Head Drawing (NMA) -!WsVy1ChK!17B0OTg-UBnPB8mwXy1U8Q
Steve Huston's Beginning Head Drawing (NMA) -
Steve Huston's Constructive Figure Drawing (NMA) -!xhohmbIR!Z9Sg85jVRTc6_Ea1YZdvCg
Craig Mullins' Digital Painting (Schoolism) -
Peter Han's Dynamic Sketching 1 -
Peter Han's Dynamic Sketching 2 -!14RzyQ5B!TURyI11C337JDijjZ-DzqQ
Deconstructed: Drawing People with Viktor Kalvachev -
Proko Anatomy -!UC5FDCCL!q7aDFUj9ebh3Eh1ikQDqhQ
Brent Eviston's Art & Science of Drawing -!23JV1QKD!4j_RcWJUtVlLmg4bnPuReg
Michael Hampton's Analytical Figure Drawing (CGMA) -!8qA2FLDQ!9ADn1WRz-YcH7H9M3i11dg
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previous thread >>5520630
>Animation thread Discord

>51 exercises to try

>Japanese Anime Pipeline (Tutorial, Podcasts, Time Lapse)

>Books basic program tutorials, etc.!3p8CwQZD!DR2mC-kw0TyQQ8Uw3T6JYg

>There are too many, what book should I read first?
Richad William's The Animator's Survival Kit.

>What program do you recommend?
Whatever suits you, plenty of option there.
Animate CC, Clip Studio Paint Ex, TVPaint, Toonboom, OpenToonz, Tahoma2D, Krita, etc

>Play YT videos frame-by-frame
or just pause the video and use the , and . keys (This doesn't always work but worth a try)

>Kinovea video file frame-by-frame analysis

>Japanese Anime Pipeline (Tutorial, Podcasts, Time Lapse)

>Sakuga Extended: Add ons to play video on sakugabooru frame-by-frame
Mozilla Firefox:
Chromium based browsers:

>Reference (artbook, settei of actual anime production, color designs):
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What makes you pursue art? Why didnt you pick up something useful like programming where you can make some serious cash

What are your intentions with art?
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How do draw big breast without tracing

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Trying to draw in certain shows styles but I always have to trace the big boobs from other characters to get what I want
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How do you deal with crabs?

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Got accused of tracing, sent them a full process video (that was supposed to be a patreon exclusive) but they forced my hand because people in my waiting commission list started backing out.

Apparently they still don't believe me (wtf?). How do I deal with them? I already blocked them but they made alt accounts and keep spamming my comments. I'm literally losing money because of crabs and somehow a 0 to 100 process video is not sufficient proof.
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And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass

Ezra Pound

René Magritte, The Lost Jockey, 1948
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