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Procreate Brushes

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How many of you bros and babes use Procreate? Well, I do, and I fucking love it. If you love it too, here are a bunch of premium (paid) Procreate brushes I'm going to share with you. I acquired some of these brush sets thanks to some fellow anons, so big thanks to them.

I've zipped some of these sets to make them easier to download, especially if you download them from your iOS/iPadOS device.


MaxPack collection
Everyone and their mother who uses Procreate wants this guy's brushes. You can see them in action on his site:

Watercolor MaxPack:!D1JGlQxJ!EZg65N4QY9bILq2n2DJ_QpLghzobulJ396bTJ4a8FWY

Gouache MaxPack:!24Z2SKiJ!V9rWTcEs_-aq-7yOWcdRoyVv1P894u5A3Lw3jPepJrw

Comics MaxPack:!mwIVnQqK!aK-uALEjlGAb6XF4qksCZW1uw1b0BGzmzwjYC1kK1t8

The Essential MaxPack:!u1RhUa6R!b8pkJg4gI_gC0HGbKDWKRbzPVKCmf9UPPWaVsKbSTyI

Frankentoon collection
Some really cool brushes from this guy. You can preview the brushes on his site:

This folder contains the Nautika, Nature Master, Nomad, Squid and Texturizer Pro brush sets:!zhAjRQ7R!1zYzi2zPSZ7P0hS5nUeuSQ

MiksKS collection
A big collection of various brushes from this guy. Lots of cool and handy brushes. You can check out the various sets on his store before you download:

I've uploaded them as a folder so you can pick and choose which ones you want to grab:!y8oAFICJ!MtHxlsdgxE4yIh8dNc-qmg
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Vector Art drawing app?

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Is there a good program out there for drawing vector art? I used to use Flash, but Adobe doesn't sell it anymore. I've decided that Affinity is too complicated to get a productive workflow going.

I don't want to use bitmap because I make lots of tweaks and changes after I'm "done", and bitmaps slowly go out of focus if you do that.
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Hello, what are my options for if I want to make over $130,000 a year in art?
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ITT: Artist that are without a doubt good

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I'll start:

Fei (Maidoll)
Space Jin
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What do you think?

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We need to have the talk.
What do you think art stealing art?
#drawthisinyourownstyle such hashtags enables artist to steal works from others.

Words like fan art/inspiration is loosely used.
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I just want a good android app to fuckin draw memes and shit
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Post tumblr art

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It's awful, let's laugh at it.
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What's wrong with shads art?
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What software do you use to draw?

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I draw for fun so I'm wondering what program to use. How is GIMP?
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Why l believe that anon will make it

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1. He has it in him
2. He is special
3. Big guy! (for me)
4. Doesn't shower (the smell is apart of his artist persona)
5. No job to focus on art
6. Giant cock :3
7. Browses /ic/ 8 hours a day and plays video games for the remaining 8
8. Has been drawing for only 5 years and already has 800 followers on instagram and 1300 on twitter

I believe in anon