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South Park #29: Staying in your room edition

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Butters, you're grounded
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Wholesome shota thread

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Nothing edgy or suggestive and no perverted comments

Literally just shotas being cute, wholesome and happy.
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Retro Game Ships

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No strict /vr/ pre-2000 rules, but please use common sense and keep it to ~2005 and before.

For characters that appear in newer works (like Red and Blue/Green in Pokémon USUM) please only post retro appearances.
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Kaiji Thread

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Just finished Kaiji and didn't expect to fall for the gambling addict triangle but here we are. Post any Kaiji character, trying to add some to my collection.
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Mystic Messenger Thread

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I think the art style is really cute!
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Gundam Wing

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It's the 25th anniversary so let's have a thread.
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>And if the whole world is crashing down
>Fall through space, out of mind with me
>Where the emptiness we leave behind on warm air rising
>Blows all the shadows far away
>The falling of the whole empire, it's here to hold you
>Rolling out and haunted till it sinks

Who else enjoying some chill apocalyptic grooves while the world is crashing down?

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SNK #4

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