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why is he so cute
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Saint Seiya

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Why did Kurumada make Shun-chan so cute?
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/co/ boys #21

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Older Men Thread

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It can be dilfs, grandpa's, or just men you think are ruggedly handsome.
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/sm/ - Shotaro Complex

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Previous thread: >>3467343
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9S thread

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This board needs more 9S
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Umineko thread

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Other 07th expansion stuff like Higurashi (I don't think K1 is very cute) or Rose Gun Days is fine too
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Guess it's up to me to make a new thread!

Last Thread >>3419891
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/k/ute male

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Guys with guns and other weaponry

Last thread did pretty well
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JJBA Thread

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Post some cuties
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