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Genshin Impact

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Drip edition
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/k/ute males

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Post cute anime boys with guns or other weaponry

i unironically have picrel framed in my bedroom and i stare at his face every day
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OMORI Thread

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sir maximus III's dying wish edition
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ticklish bois being tickled
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/co/ dudes #40

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Golden number.

refugee camp for /co/ shit and misc western properties without their own threads. Go wild with it, I don't care
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Honkai Star Rail

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Didn't find HSR thread so made one.
Thread for all males from HYV new game
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All cute boys grow up to be hairy muscular hulking beasts that punch holes through walls instead of treating women delicately

How do you cope with this fact?
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/sm/ - Shotacon

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Trap shota: >>3808466
Shota manga: >>3731038
Shota figs: >>3734757
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TLOZ thread

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Post Link and other cute boys from The Legend of Zelda.
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Boys with not enough art for a full thread

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Post any boy with not enough art for a full thread you want
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