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Underrated Cute/Males

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A thread for guys who don't get enough love and/or rarely get fanart

I'm usually not into bara dudes but I think Helck is adorable
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GirlyShos #5 BunBoys Edition

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This thread is for
fem/andro/otokonoko/crossdressing shotas.
-Characters that physically look closer to older shounen are NOT allowed. ie: Felix/Astolfo/Rosado etc
-If above are drawn as shotas, then it's fine
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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask

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I just started OoT today. Let’s have a thread about these two games specifically.
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Dungeon Meshi

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luv Chilchuck

simple as
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Death Note #3

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Desu Noto
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Death Note #2

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A good thread deserves a sequel.
Fanart old and new welcome!

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Death Note

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Y'all remember Death Note? Can we have a Death Note thread?
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Lies of P

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ar.t,. of the boy,.
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Star Wars thread

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Post boys from a Galaxy far far away. Especially Anakin. NO SEQUELS!
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Post artwork of muscular femboys.
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