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Haven't seen any ow art in a while. Everyone welcome but Sigma would be most appreciated
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Promare/Lio Fotia Thread

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Need to see more of that angry boy
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Rick Riordan boys

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Percy Jackson, Nico, you know the drill
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Jojo Steel Ball Run #12

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America's ass edition
Previous thread: >>3736239
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As practice shows us, barafags, like metastases of the disease, spreads here from /y/, this infection has already completely taken one board, and /cm/ is the next one. If something is not done against it, you will post to /b/ or /trash/, then barafags will come there too.
No barafags allowed.
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Imagine hugging and holding and squeezing a girl so hard she can’t breathe and carrying her to your house putting a blanket over her sitting her on your couch and watching Disney movies with her all day