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SPIDERMAN:All Universes! #6

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Venom, NWH, Comics, Vidya Games, Spider verse--- all universes welcome here!

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OMORI thread

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How the FUCK is there no OMORI thread.
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Vocaloid Thread

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Naughty Hands Edition.

All male Vocaloid are welcome. R63 of female Vocaloid are fine too.
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Chainsaw man #20

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Yoshida is back
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Majima Goro

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/cm/ reaction images #18

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The other OP went MIA edition
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Animated / Gif / Webm / Video Thread

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Anything goes as long as it involves or focuses on 2D/fictional guys.

Share video links or sources if you like since audio doesn't work on this board or are having difficulties squeezing the file size.
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Black and white drawings

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