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Deltarune / Undertale Thread

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8th fluffy boy Edition!
Old thread >>3418097
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Exposed Tummy Thread

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I wish crop tops were common for men.
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Obscure /cm/

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Post cuties from obscure, unpopular, or just unexpected sources!
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The Male Body

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Pics that display the wonderful male form, nude or otherwise.
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Any pics of cute boys feet?

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Ditf thread is badly needed
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HxH / Hunter X Hunter

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All the best and cutest boys from HxH !
Gon & Killua encouraged heavily, but all best boys are welcome.
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Witcher thread. Books, games and Netflix series all welcome. But I must say I'm surprised /cm/ hasn't jumped more on the twink/bara ship Netflix has graced us with.
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What the fuck is this board
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Retro Game Ships

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No strict /vr/ pre-2000 rules, but please use common sense and keep it to ~2005 and before.

For characters that appear in newer works (like Red and Blue/Green in Pokémon USUM) please only post retro appearances.
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