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Metal Gear

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Cripplingly in love edition
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Shotacon Spook Edition

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Post cute spookie shos
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It's Undertale's 6th anniversary, let's have a thread about Undertale and Deltarune as a celebration for that.
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13 Sentinels Thread

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Canon cute gays piloting mechas.
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/m/en thread

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Hot-blooded boys need some loving too!
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Loud House Boys Thread #2

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Last one hit it's picture limit. >>3634278

Let's start a new one.
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Booty 2

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Electric Boogaloo

Previous Thread: >>3612772
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In his robot form or humanized fanart
Anything you want
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Rory from YIIK

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This game was shit, but Rory was cute.
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Demon Slayer Thread

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Post your favorite cutebois
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