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Mega Man thread.

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Last thread reached image limit >>3747828
Post the cutest robots.
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Yuri on ice thread

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Previous thread dedicated to best boy Yurio - >>3672674

All the guys welcome this time round
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Fashionable boys

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Post some Pretty boys in modern fashionable clothing
Preferably boys who aren't normally wearing modern clothes like Griffith or Link but the fashion is the main focus so feel free to post boys who are just stylish normally
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Bathing anime boys

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Whether it involves a shower or a bath scene, post SFW or semi-SFW nude (or shirtless with a towel) anime boys in a state of wetness.
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Jojo Stone Ocean

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still mad about dio wearing those stupid fucking shoes
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Cat Noir

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Cat Noir
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Males with long hair #6

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Last: >3738081
Post those guys with luscious manes
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Germany besto Country edition but all the other countrys cute to
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Ousama Ranking / Ranking of Kings #7

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Ousama Ranking / Ranking of Kings #7

Previous thread >>3723771
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Pre-2000 anime

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Post here evidence that anime used to have more sovl.
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