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It’s Goku’s day!

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Let’s have a thread for him

Other Dragon Ball characters are also allowed
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South park #47: New seasons edition

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post cute south park boys in celebration

previous thread: >>3594531
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/k/ute male

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Guys with guns and other weaponry

Last thread hit the image limit
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Poke edition
Last Bread:
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Top 150 Greatest Husbando Battles

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Here's a stupid awesome idea. Post below this one fights him, post below that fights the second fighter, we keep going until the thread is filled with husbandos. As long as everyone is cute and male this should work.

Uhhh.... I guess I have to do the first five posts.
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Metal Gear Solid Raiden

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Post the superior MGS protagonist. Bonus if it's MGS2 Raiden.
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thoughts on yusuke kitagawa?

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hes really cute imo, possibly my favourite persona 5 character
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Pit thread

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a thread for our favorite angel
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Dudes in dresses / crossdressing

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I think its cute. The more canon the better
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