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Warhammer thread

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Whether 40k, Fantasy, or Age of Sigmar, this thread is for the cutest Grimdark boys!
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SPIDERMAN:All Universes! #7

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Happy New Year! Venom, NWH, Comics, Vidya Games, Spider verse--- all universes welcome here!

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randal ivory

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post randal and any other ranfren boys too.
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Can we get a monster boy/man thread going?

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9S Thread

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Jannies nuking the thread edition >>3757128
(why tho)
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Ralsei thread

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Everyone’s favourite skrunkly
(Asriel is also fine)
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>jannies deleted 9s thread
>jannies deleted len thread
>jannies remove on topic, textless posts
>jannies leave up /r9k/ b8 threads
>jannies leave up imagineless spam posts
This website is dead.
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Homestuck Thread

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Happy 4/13
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I love white haired boys
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South Park #63

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Bad boyfriend edition
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