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Eren thread #13

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Rockstar Games:

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morally ambiguous dudes from GTA, RDR or Bully.
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Shota Figs/BJDs 2

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post pics or show off your own collection of shota figures, nendorids, ball jointed dolls, etc. shounen characters are fine too. previous thread >>3731038
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Buff Men #4

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Gender swap thread

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Female characters that would look good as men
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Big horny genies now in your area. Would you like to know more?

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SPBoys: Toddace Edition

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post the cute guys from the Scott Pilgrim series. Can be ship art or solo.
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Evangelion Thread #295

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What do you think of Yorha 9s?

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I think he is a silly willy wholesome boi
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new Hetalia thread, last one reached image limit

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