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Sailor Moon Thread

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I'm not the only one who shipped them was I?
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VTuber Thread

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Retro Boys II: Judgment Day

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Tales of boys

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post your cute boys from any of the Tales of games.
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Evangelion Thread #135

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Two Months until 3.0+1.0 Releases

Previous Thread: >>3505769
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Continued from >>3454030
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Anyone own /cm/ figures? Do your friends/family realize how gay they are?

Post any relevant figures you own, girls seem to get all the love on this end.
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Specific BL topic

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Does anyone know any yaoi about a guard thats been serving their masters for generations that fall in love. The only good one i can find is Ichinose-Kun wa Itsumo linari (sry for using a thread for this but idk where else to go)
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/sm/ - Shotaro Complex

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