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Gay webcomics

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Can I please just get a webcomic that’s
>not written by a women or SJW
>all cute males

Please I can’t just keep reading always raining here
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Underwear thread

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Previous thread >>3434698
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He’s sleeping
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Does this count?
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MXTX general

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Previous thread
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Hashihime thread. Anyone played it?
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The names of Brittany Zamora's victims

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Anyone know the names of the victims in the Brittany Zamora case? My husband & I would like to send them money. A predatory teacher did the same thing to my husband when he was even younger than Victim A, but he never got the help he needed. We hope that if we donate to the victims they'll be able to afford the help _they_ need. annswan19 at ya who. Best, Ann & Mike

P.S. Note: We were both at Brittany's sentencing. Despite what you've read here, both victims are white (one is half Hispanic).
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Anyone else on this board like Boyfriend to Death?
Post cute Ren's or just foxboys in general
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Teddie thread!

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Post pics of the best boy in persona 4!
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