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Last thread already hit image limit.

Boys and men from all gyakuten saiban games are allowed and welcome, attorney, prosecutors, witnesses and all. Im just hitting it off with Edgeworth because I love the man.

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Steven Universe Future

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Continuing from >>3443145
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Boys in Collars

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Everyone knows that boys are nothing but trouble and belong in collars.

Details don't matter - leashes or not, loving or hating the collar, just as long as the world can see it.

Yugi is cheating, but allowed if it's hot.
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Genderswap / Genderbend / Rule 63

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These threads are pretty fun. The less or no traps, the better.
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why is he so cute
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/sm/ - Shotaro Complex

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Previous thread: >>3460527
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Cute femboys from your favorite restaurant
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