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Tsuritama Part 6

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/co/ boys #21

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Puyo Puyo

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My Puyo Puyo folder is massive so that means it time for a thread.
Post boys from the best puzzle franchise.
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Catboy thread

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These idiots are too cute for their own good.
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CM artists?

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Are there any artists on /cm/?

I have an idea for a very short and simple animation. I know a lot about putting animations together as I have done it before, but I cannot actually draw at all myself so am hoping to find an artist who might want to collaborate, I could even pay a small amount if need be.

I've worked with other artists before, usually they trade the man hours drawing on a project of mine if I teach them all the various techniques and technical know-how, but they end up quitting once they have the information and don't need me anymore.

This one would be a short cute male story set to a nice song I found that the artist told me I could use.
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/sm/ - Shotaro Complex

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Crossdressing thread

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Post the best crossdressing bois here :)
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QT Robot boys

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Am I the only one with appreciation for robots like omnics, things like that?
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