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Persona Boys: Gay Brothers Edition

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Suspender black shorts + white shirt

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I don't know if there's a name for this, Victorian boy fit maybe?
But god it's so cute I love ittt so I am making a thread for it and hoping to find more anons who are into it too
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Classical art

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Classical/baroque/romantic/neoclassic paintings/sketches/sculptures/prints, etc.

Similar to Historical bishounen: >>3823613 But NO EXPLICIT NUDITY this time you dummies.

Post sources/name of the piece when possible.
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Animal/Monster Boys

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Catboys, dogboys, nagas, mermaids, fairies, taurs, lions tigers and bears, etc.
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Horned boys

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Post boys with horns, I have an insatiable desire for them
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Mega Man

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Have you played the Legend of Network and Phantom of Network translations yet?
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>Haru birthday event still on for June 30 @ Yokohama Buntai. There will be merch, as expected.

>Listen to Free!

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