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9S Thread

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Jannies nuking the thread edition >>3757128
(why tho)
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/cm/ BL recc thread

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Starting off with the tricornered window, it's a cool manga and anime about two men who go around snatching ghost-folk through soul sex shenanigans.

Please feel free to add any manga or anime with BL related stuff, even shounen-ai is okay! Obviously follow the board's rules and stuff.
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/sm/ - Shotacon

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Previous sho thread: >>3779911

Trap shos: >>3770937

Sho figs: >>3731038
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Alt/Goth boys

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Post your best boys with an alt/goth/punk/emo/dark/etc aesthetic
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Black and white drawings

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Black Butler Thread

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Previous Ciel centric bread -->
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Lewd but SFW #2

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Sexy but not R18
Previous >>3682506
An ecchi /cm/ board would be welcome.
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Inazuma Eleven

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Give me all the cute football shota!
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I will never not love these chaotic boys
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SPIDERMAN:All Universes! #7

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Happy New Year! Venom, NWH, Comics, Vidya Games, Spider verse--- all universes welcome here!

Previous Thread: >>3732984
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