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Sekiro thread

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Just beat the game. Give me cute Shinobi and Samurai art.
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Love thread

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Why not post the things that give your heart that aching feeling? The feelings of warmth, happiness, and longing. The feelings of love.
> New edition
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Madara Uchiha #3

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Just why is he so perfect?
Post art, love him, appreciate him, as always.
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Yugioh Part 12

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Last thread >>3492602 reached image limit
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operation flyde fem

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Operation Floydian Femenization
@Swampert_Tubes FSU college meeting with George floyds family on zoom at 11am EST we need to get this with the /cm/ we must femenize floyde

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Naruto bread

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Been a while since we had one of these
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Touken Ranbu

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You know what to do.
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