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Janitor boys
For all those lovely boys who work *very* hard to clean up others messes
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Pre-2000 anime

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Post here evidence that anime used to have more sovl.
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Blue Lock Thread #4

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Golden Kamuy #10

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Happy New Year! Here's to another year of loving Golden Kamuy!

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/k/ute males

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Post cute anime boys with guns or other weaponry

i unironically have picrel framed in my bedroom and i stare at his face every day
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Twisted Wonderland/TWST

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I don't know if these ever have threads but I thought I'd give it a go
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Dangan Thread

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/co/ dudes #40

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Golden number.

refugee camp for /co/ shit and misc western properties without their own threads. Go wild with it, I don't care
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Pokémon Thread

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New boys in Scarlet and Violet!

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