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Need recommendation for some visual novel for PSP with cute anime boys
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Final Fantasy VII

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I'm super hyped about the remake right now! Let's have a thread to celebrate. Feel free to post anyone from the compilation, but let's try to make it 7-exclusive.
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Genderswap / Genderbend / Rule 63

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These threads are pretty fun. The less or no traps, the better.
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Gif / Animated Thread

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Post em
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formalwear thread
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So, is it already time for a Dorohedoro thread? Post'em creepy.
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Xenoblade, Saga, Gears, etc.

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Xenoblade 1 HD remake announced, heck yes!
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Husbando chart thread

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Valhallen Thread

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I love this guy so much. One of the best cartoon husbandos ever.
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