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Final Stroke 2 BD and fanbook now out in Japan. MAYLA revealed a pajama line in collaboration.

Special 10th Anniversary Events are set for April and August.

Listen to Free!

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Trigun thread

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Worth the price of pizza edition.
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Honkai Star Rail

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Owari no Seraph thread

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Honkai Star Rail

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Didn't find HSR thread so made one.
Thread for all males from HYV new game
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He will always be the best trap no matter what normies say.

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Bridget is best "girl" (male)
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All cute boys grow up to be hairy muscular hulking beasts that punch holes through walls instead of treating women delicately

How do you cope with this fact?
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Cloud Strife

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Post Cloud
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Final Fantasy General

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Featuring everyboy from FF
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Hunter x Hunter

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