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Touken Ranbu

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schizo indian man edition
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Yugioh Part 13

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Last thread >>3535901 reached image limit
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Who was your very first husbando?

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Do you still remember? Then post him! Mine's pic related
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Majima Goro

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Celebrating Majima's 57th birthday with yet another thread for him! Wish you all have a wonderful Friday night!

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in light of recent news, komaeda thread

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fuck yeah
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Haikyuu! Thread!

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it feels like it's been a while since we've had one. post volleyboys!
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Link / Zelda Boys Thread

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Adventure edition

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Dr. Stone

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Obviously all the boys are welcome but some fanart of Ginro or Gen would be extra appreciated
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Tsuritama part 8

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Thread theme:

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DMC - Devil May Cry

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Stop fighting and enjoy cute summer boys edition
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