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SPBoys: Toddace Edition

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post the cute guys from the Scott Pilgrim series. Can be ship art or solo.
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griffith thread

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other thread reached the image limit
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Orochimaru (Naruto)

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Posting the most underappreciated man-thing in Naruto.
>long, black hair
>Chad jawline but also androgynous
>basically just Chris Keller (manipulative sociopath)
Why is Orochimaru so slept on in /cm/?
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/co/ dudes #41

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Last thread: >>3803983
Dudes from /co/ or western vidya/tv/etc
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New Shota Thread

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Tummy Edition.

Old thread: >>3850418
Trap shotas: >>3829152
Shota literature: >>3821122
Shota figs and dolls: >>3731038
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JoJo's Bizarre Thread

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In celebration of the release of the 9th chapter of the 9th part of JoJo in November, let's have a thread for a long running series that's filled with a lot of beautiful men, starting with these two gangstas.
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>Unspecified event will be held "somewhere in Kanto" for Haru's birthday in 2024.
>BD Boxset for S3 will be released in January.
>Promo event with Lotte for notebooks and clearfiles.

Listen to Free!

>Previous Thread: >>3851241
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Cute boys of Eorzea - Final Fantasy XIV

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Can we get a thread dedicated to the cute boys of Final Fantasy XIV?

Just started recently and I'm smitten by this little homo. I stare at his lips and butt every time he's on screen. Feel free to share some of your favorites.
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Honkai Star Rail

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Previous Thread: >>3816077
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'mouche on the 'log
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