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OMORI Thread

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Sunflower Edition?
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Fat/Chubby thread

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Post artwork of muscular femboys.
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the /cm/ compass

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Chart the boys you wanna top and the ones you wanna get topped by using this handy chart
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Persona Boys: DA MAN Edition

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Honkai Star Rail

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Bravely Banging Bravern

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Final episode next week, predictions?
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It might not taste the best, but it's made with love. That's what counts, right?

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Danmei Thread

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MXTX, MDZS, TGCF, SVSSS, 2HA, other Chinese BL
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Trap (Otoko no ko) Thread

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A thread for posting (non-shota) traps. It's cool if there's a regular guy in the frame, so long as the trap is the focus.

Can also be a general "crossdressing" thread.
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