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Chainsaw Man #31

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iseigi(?) edition
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Suicide boy/Hooni thread

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feel better edition

>Suicide Boy by Parkgee

>Early drafts
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4: (no translation yet!)

Parkgee's twitter:
Art compilation + lost patreon stuff:

Screenshot compilation:

If you have more updated info please post it
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Armin Arlert

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Pre-TS edish.
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Fansubs are now available for FS2. FS2 BD slated to come out in April.

Special 10th Anniversary Events are set for April and August. The MAYLA promos continue with the recent release of the Style 5 high heel line. Great Eastern Entertainment recently revealed upcoming plushies for Nagisa, Rei, and Hiyori with promises to add other characters as licensing permits.

Listen to Free!

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Mega Man/Rockman Thread

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post cute robots from any of the Mega Man series! previous thread >>3759178
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The Owl House - Collector edition

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Previous Owl House thread reached its post limit
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Buff Men #3

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Muscle guys can be cute too, so post 'em.
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Best (fem)boy edition
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Bungou Stray Dogs

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>the new season is airing, yet there is no thread
Fine I ll do it myself
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