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Manga Thread

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The shota manga thread >>3734757 has hit the bump limit and is currently on page 10, so we need a new one, with a place for all kinds of cute boys. I'll start.

The Summer Hikaru Died is probably my favourite currently running manga. It's a horror manga where the protagonist's friend gets replaced by a monster that (almost) perfectly mimics his looks and personality, but isn't quite right. It's full of gay subtext and apparently it's supposed to be an analogy to growing up gay in the countryside.

If you like it, you can also read the 10 page oneshot by the author (mokmok_len) called "Period".
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>never studies or observed woman
>hardly invested in a woman he can't wife up
>got a diplomatic breakup
>went depression
>hit the gym
>made good muscles but a craving fragile mind
>still lack the Patriarchial male wisdom
>still stalk her
>post 2 stories a day about self development
>still insecure while past memories rebound
>Pretend like a Strong man... But deep inside the mind there is a scar
>Still that male wisdom lacking
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kaze to ki no uta

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bros i just finished reading it


post gilberts
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GirlyShos#3: Pokeboy Edition

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This thread is for
fem/andro/otokonoko/josou shotas. (preferably from pokemon)
-Characters that physically look closer to older shounen are not allowed. ie: Felix/Astolfo/Rosado etc
-Pre-strive bridget is ok but keep discourse to a minimum
previous >>3808466
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Good Omens Thread

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pink guys

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guys, does anyone know any character (shota) who has an aesthetic smiliar to kokomi from genshin impact?
i love her design, but i dont like female characters or the game, i wanted to know if there are any male characters with this pink aesthetic
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Shota Figs/BJDs 2

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post pics or show off your own collection of shota figures, nendorids, ball jointed dolls, etc. shounen characters are fine too. previous thread >>3731038
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ticklish bois being tickled
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Wholesome thread

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Please post boys hugging, kissing, cuddling, anything of that sort. I need this in my life
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Shota Figs/BJDs!

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post anime figures or ball jointed dolls of shotas. as long as they're cute of course
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