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Literally me

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ITT: We post boys who are literally us.
I'll start with 5 who are me.
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Black Panther

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For old times sake and in celebration of the new movie~!
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It's been a long while!
> Cyno is too cute
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Griffith thread

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A thread dedicated to the best waifu in all of fiction.

Post rare griffiths
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Eddsworld 02

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Previous: >>3762752
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Husbando Thread

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This thread is for posing your one and only
It's been awhile since we had one of these so some starter questions
>Who is he?
>What series/source is he from?
>How do you feel about his series/source?
>What are some things you love about him?
>What are some of his favorite things?
Feel free to answer/post questions or just have fun gushing about him
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Sakana Thread No. 13

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/co/ dudes #39

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Last thread: >>3772474

vastly less hideous number than previously

if it weren't anymore obvious, ITT: /co/ shit and misc. western properties without their own threads
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Sonic the Hedgehog

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Share some cute Sonic boys. I thought it'd be worth a shot, since Kirby and Undertale threads can stay up.
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Dragon Quest

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Post cute Dragon Quest boys
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