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Deltarune / Undertale Thread

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9th fluffy boy edition!
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Boys with hat

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Baseball cap, officer looking hat, sailor cap, you name it
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Demon slayer thread

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friday night funkin' boys
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Sk8 the infinity

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SK? ???????
These boys are cute! Let's post some pics!
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Nagito Komaeda thread

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let's have a thread for the best ronpa boy, Nagito Komaeda!
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Tsuritama part 7

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I don't see a reason to end these threads
Last thread >>3446198
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Wiccan and Hulkling

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So excited for Marvel to make them straight in the movies
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Fate/Type Moon Thread #16

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Murder hobo edition
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Anyone own /cm/ figures? Do your friends/family realize how gay they are?

Post any relevant figures you own, girls seem to get all the love on this end.
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