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Mega Man

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Have you played the Legend of Network and Phantom of Network translations yet?
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And any vocal synth-related boys
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South Park #69

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Say it with me now:


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Friday Night Funkin'

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The base game got updated! Post FNF boys! Mod characters are allowed
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Belly Button Piercing Thread

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More boys need to get one!
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Persona Boys: Gay Brothers Edition

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/sword/ - Touken Ranbu

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Yearly thread of 2024 - Honnouji anime soon!
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Trap (Otoko no ko) Thread

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A thread for posting (non-shota) traps. It's cool if there's a regular guy in the frame, so long as the trap is the focus. Can also be a general "crossdressing" thread.

Trans/boobs/hrt/twinkdeath posts are off topic/contrarian to the spirit of the thread and should be reported and subsequently hidden.

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Homestuck / Hiveswap thread

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(? ?>? ? ?<? ?) i am helplessly in love with this man
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Death Note #4

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