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Just guys w muscles

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Haikyuu thread part 3

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Haikyuu is back!
Post your favorite boy

Last thread: >>3360552
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comfy & scenery thread

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you know the drill, pretty guys in pretty places

related thread:
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Sakana Thread Once More

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Retro Game Ships

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No strict /vr/ pre-2000 rules, but please use common sense and keep it to ~2005 and before.

For characters that appear in newer works (like Red and Blue/Green in Pokémon USUM) please only post retro appearances.
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Destiny 2

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Haven't seen one of these in here for a while. With the recent seasons pushing some juicy Osiris and Saint-14 content, it's been making getting back into it more worth it.
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Creepy-Cute Boys

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Dark Skin Thread #4

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Post boys with brown/dark complexions

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Smash Bros Thread

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Byleth is confirmed to be a DLC fighter for super smash bros ultimate.

6 more DLC fighters are coming in the Fighters pass 2!
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Vidya / Video Game Boys

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From rpg, visual novels, or just any games!
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