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Tsuritama Part 10

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Still going

Tsuritama thread

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Rider, Sentai, Garo, Kaiju, it's all good here
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Kemono Thread

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Only the most adorable images are allowed.
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Hunter x Hunter

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Hazbin hotel #21

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'mouche on the 'log

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Baldur's Gate 3: #2

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The last thread reached its limit, let's continue here!
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AI Boys

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>in 2001, metal gear solid 2 releases, everybody makes fun of raiden for looking like a gay twink or draws fanart of him as a gay twink
>in 2024, raiden gets added to the fortnite store, everybody makes fun of him for looking like a gay twink or draws fanart of him as a gay twink
Time really is a flat circle.
MGR Raiden is fine but I'd prefer you'd poast MGS2 Raiden :^)
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Orochimaru (Naruto)

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Posting the most underappreciated man-thing in Naruto.
>long, black hair
>Chad jawline but also androgynous
>basically just Chris Keller (manipulative sociopath)
Why is Orochimaru so slept on in /cm/?
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