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Diego Brando

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Posting cute jotaro pics just because he is so fucking cute.
3taro is my fav
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This show used to be pretty popular around here. Now that it's finally ending I thought it would be nice to have a thread in commemoration.

Fair warning that there will probably be spoilers for the most recent seasons.
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/cm/, remember your very first husbando...

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Has your thoughts on him changed since then? Do you still love him?
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/cm/ lit

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Post cute boys and handsome men from literature here.
Last thread >>3471418
Rec list from the older threads:
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Gundam Thread

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Pls post cute Gundam boys here.
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South park #38: New episode edition

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Are you excited for the new season?
Post cute south park boys

previous thread: >>3481376
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I love Fuuta <3
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Naruto #15

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Umineko thread

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Other 07th expansion stuff like Higurashi (I don't think K1 is very cute) or Rose Gun Days is fine too
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