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A thread dedicated to the cute canonically nullo ken doll puppet

Not affiliated with any other Genshin threads
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crossdressing manga thread

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Thread for talking about manga that deals heavily with crossdressing or at least features a very prominent crossdressing character. Manga about a guy physically transformed into a woman can get the fuck out, manga about trans women is a case by case decision.

Crossplay Love - A fun little romcom. It's one of those series where they don't want to progress the main thing so they keep adding characters who fall in love with people they don't realize are crossdressing guys. But it always has a good amount of crossdressing. Sadly not very horny, but good comedy

I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend into a Girl - It's alright. Only one crossdressing character, very little hijinks, mild horniness.

Love Me For Who I Am - Main character is non-binary but there's a decent amount of crossdressing happening around them, and you can always simply decided not to respect their gender and see them as a crossdressing boy. Very dramatic, lots of crying. Mild horniness.

What else ya got?
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Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact

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Granblue Fantasy

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Versus, Relink and more. Post your favorite boys from the franchise
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thread for all Naruto boys because there isn't one
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Hazbin Hotel #25

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you were warned

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Genshin Impact

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you like hurting boys dont you
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Vinland Saga

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post those viking men and farming lads
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