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Megaten Boys

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Persona boys, smt boys, demon boys, anything inbetween?
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Endeavor #2

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Last thread here >>3412058
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Joker (2019)

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Previous >>3416554
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KiriBaku | Official Thread

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These two need their own thread. They are so perfect for each other... definitely my OTP
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South Park #29: Staying in your room edition

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Butters, you're grounded
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Promare #61

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English Digital version out soon.

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cute blond bois

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post those cute blonds
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/cm/ reaction pics #11

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Previous thread: >>3392364
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Boys with food / drinks

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Animal Crossing Thread

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I find the games and characters to be super cute but I'm not entirely sure if furries are allowed on this board even though the Undertale/Deltarune Thread had some posted. Gijinkas are highly welcomed!
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