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Husbando Chart Thread

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Show off your best boys
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Owari no Seraph thread

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Boys with bob cuts

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Boys with not enough art for a full thread

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Post any boy with not enough art for a full thread you want
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Weather they're the focus of the image or just chilling there, boyfeets welcome!
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HOTD/House of the Dragon

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Wholesome thread

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Please post boys hugging, kissing, cuddling, anything of that sort. I need this in my life
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New Kemono Thread

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Another thread for fluffy boys, be them from existing franchises or original characters. Feathers, scales and the like are ok too.
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No western "furry" art styles. Anime/chibi aesthetics only.
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/co/ dudes #40

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Golden number.

refugee camp for /co/ shit and misc western properties without their own threads. Go wild with it, I don't care
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