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Do you own a switch, /v/?
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Fuck Taro. Automata fags need not apply
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this board has a rampant samefagging/shilling problem and its time they introduced thread ID's to stop it
too many autists shitposting genuine videogame discussion and actual bots posting on /v/
if we had thread ID's that changed per thread that would stop the samefagging and people would not obsess over ID's
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What's your favorite Keyblade?
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>gets attacked by a supersonic knight who can blow through walls with a single sword swing
>COMPLETELY kicks her ass because “lol I know magic karate”
What a fucking asspull. Is it ever explained where he learned this shit in the first place?
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DMC Thread

Nico will be the best girl in the game Edition
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What are some games with interracial relationships?
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Mortal Kombat 11

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RE2 remake cut enemies

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Some guy on gamefaqs that got RE2 early confirmed that spiders, super lickers, crows and the moth aren't in the game.
Thoughts? Does this ruin the remake for you? Did Capcom get lazy?
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