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>tfw middle aged NEET thinking about no-lifeing this like in the old days
Give it to me straight before I dump all my life into this. Will it die in a year?
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Why are there no good magical girl games?
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>take the most enjoyed part of your franchise
>reboot it
>give it the same name

What possible could go wrong?
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You wanna know what my problem is? Alright, I'll tell you what my problem is, you ready? You are my goddamn problem! Anyone who would lay it down for some cape in an ivory tower deserves a VTMB thread
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Meanwhile in 2004 at 60FPS
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lets take a moment to admire one of the greatest man in the gaming community

hopes for E3?
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Why does it seem like RPGs usually never make healers beyond White Mage? Even if they typically do make another version, it's basically "White Mage but stronger", like Devout from Final Fantasy, or "basically White Mage", like Bishop from Bravely Second.
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ITT: *that* level, you know the one
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