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truly we are all stuck at home.

Old thread; Image limit reached: >>3447360
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Cookie Run

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Anyone up for some cookie posting? It's a mobile game that features a lot of good designs
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Virtual Youtuber Boys

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Starting with Kuzuha
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Disney: Twisted-Wonderland

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Disney: Twisted-Wonderland
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Danganronpa Thread

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Can we get a Danganronpa thread going again?
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Boys with bruises, scratches, bandages, blood, very very light ryona stuff, etc. Bonus if fighting.
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Husbando Thread 8

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Friends, it is husbando time. Post that good man, answer questions if you like, or just say whatever's on your mind about him.

>>3415661 had some good questions to start, if you're into questions, that I've shamelessly stolen here:
>How would you husbando deal with stress?
>Would you do more of the cleaning or would he?
>Would he be more trusting or anxious?
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Together or apart, images of Prince Sidon and BotW Link.
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Final Fantasy XV

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Old thread: >>3440825
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Deltarune / Undertale Thread

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8th fluffy boy Edition!
Old thread >>3418097
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