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Black Butler/Ciel Phantomhive

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Post cute Ciels. Other boys are fine too.
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Feminine Shota Thread

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post cute and feminine shotas! they can be crossdressing but it isn't necessary
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SPIDERMAN: All Universes! #5

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Wonder which spidey's universe deadpool will eventually be in? Any spiderman universe is welcome!

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OMORI thread

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How the FUCK is there no OMORI thread.
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Star Wars

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Riding the Kenobi nostalgia wave back to 2005.
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Loud House Boys Thread #2

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Last one hit it's picture limit. >>3634278

Let's start a new one.
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Promare #68

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Promare's third anniversary (aka Lio's new hairstyle edition).

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Surprised there's no Dall-e /cm/ thread up.

Describe a /cm/ related scene or character and post results. Could potentially be a "generate your husbando" thread as well.
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