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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

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This show has some excellent cute boys, IMO.

Mikorins are always appreciated but bonus points for the other boys, especially rare Nozaki art that doesn't include Sakura.
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Hylics/Hylics 2 Thread

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Previous >>3468004
Spoilers ahead for Hylics 2
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Gif / Animated Thread

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Post em
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Males with long hair

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Previous thread >>3460266
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I'm thinking of making a flamboyant /cm/ OC based on this aesthetic fashion board I made.
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Fire Emblem

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cute male characters from the world's most popular fantasy Simulation RPG series
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Magnificent bastards

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In this thread we post all the magnificent bastards that we cannot help but love. Even if they're evil fuckheads.
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Husbando Thread #9

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Time for a new thread!
Post your husband, gush about him, answer questions etc. etc.

Some (generic) questions to start things off:
>What would be your husbando's favorite genre of music?
>What would his favorite sport be?
>If you two ever got a pet, what animal would it be? What would you name it?
>What kind of present do you think he'd give you for your yearly anniversary?
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TF2 Thread

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In honor of Rick May aka Soldier
All Tf2 boys acceptable, but soldier is highly, highly encouraged
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