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Tiger & Bunny 2

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Episodes 14-25 of the second season are out on netflix. Is this the end? How do we cope?
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/sword/ Touken Ranbu

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the yearly thread for 2023 edition
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Fromsoft thread

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Previous thread >>3765925
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I have no idea if there's a thread but I'll just go for it and just post it and say it out loud anyways. I think Chai might be one of the cutest bois I've seen, and I can't stop myself but keep thinking about him. Does ANY anonymous feel the same way?
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Jun Mochizuki thread

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Boys from The Case Study of Vanitas, Pandora Hearts, Crimson Shell
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Granblue Fantasy

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GBFES is on. Post the cute boys from it while you watch.
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Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

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Gender swap thread

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Female characters that would look good as men
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Cute couples Thread

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Post comfy pictures of cute couples, keep it sfw
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