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Final Fantasy XV

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Dreadlocks / Afro textured Hair

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Want to see some Cute Males with dreads and/or afro textured hair.
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Evangelion #215

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Borger Edition

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Dr. Stone

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Obviously all the boys are welcome but some fanart of Ginro or Gen would be extra appreciated
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I want to do extremely lewd things to cute boys in traditional Chinese clothing.
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/cm/ - /co/ boys #28

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The last tread hit the bump limit.
The Last thread thread in question:
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Cute boys in animal hoods

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post cute boys in animal hoods please
do not care post them
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Ace Attorney Boys

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Wasted Characters

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Post boys that were wasted on mediocre or forgotten shows, doomed never to get an S2.

Starting with Adlet Mayer from Rokka no Yuusha, the strongest man in the world. Handsome, clever and charming. If only you were in a show people gave a shit about.
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Dudes in dresses / crossdressing

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I think its cute. The more canon the better
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