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Apologies for my temporary Internet absence.
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Fucked up ships thread, redux

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Post your fucked up ships of choice, discussion welcome
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Death note L

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only the palest, most intelligent, mysterious, cutest, handsome, big eyed and eyebagged guy allowed. No Kira's allowed
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Goth / Emo / Punk / Scene / Edgy / Dark Boys

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These boys are pretty unappreciated compared to girls.
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DMC/Devil May Cry:

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Dark Skin Thread #4

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Post boys with brown/dark complexions

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Smoking Boys

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Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss Thread #3

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Adding Helluva Boss to the subject title.
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I look 4 a man

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I wish to find a guy... he can be overweight, ugly, weird. But even they are avoiding me or circumstances make it difficult for us. Recently, I find myself fascinated with goats. I wonder if I can still find a male human attractive enough? What do you think?
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