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Retro Game Ships

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No strict /vr/ pre-2000 rules, but please use common sense and keep it to ~2005 and before.

For characters that appear in newer works (like Red and Blue/Green in Pokémon USUM) please only post retro appearances.
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Fuck it. Homestuck. How are you guys enjoying HS^2's /cm/ content?
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Harry Potter

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HP thread. Post some wizards.
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BNHA- My Hero Academia

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Last thread hit image limit
Let's start with some heros, add a few villains, maybe a student or two
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/yoi/ Yuri on Ice

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Yuri on Ice thread!
Been a while since I've seen one of these here
Bonus points for high-quality screencaps
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Danganronpa Thread

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Can we get a Danganronpa thread going again?
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Melan Blue

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kimetsu no yaiba

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Specially looking pics of the fog pillar.
shonen ai ships are ok, but dont post too graphic stuff.
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/sm/ Shotaro Complex

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Previous thread: >>3439230
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