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Now that alt-right figure Nick Fuentes has started openly cavorting with cute catboys, does that mean they’re about to go mainstream?

Also, post Schro and other premium catboys.
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Guys getting married.
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Cute boys and cute animals

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Can we have some cute boys interacting with animals?
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Comfy Friendship Thread

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This is a thread for posting aesthetic pictures of boys being friends, preferably of the comfy variety.

>it is not for pictures of boys being romantic or sexual with each other
>It is however okay to post pictures from gay/romantic series, as long as the image can be easily interpreted as platonic on its own (just no kissing, hand holding, etc)
>Do not post little girls who the artist claimed are boys
>When in doubt feel free to post the picture asking if it crosses the line or not, I would rather see some gay shit than miss a good friendship picture
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Trap thread sfw

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Post your male traps here since i didn't see any trap thread
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Husbando Thread 8

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Friends, it is husbando time. Post that good man, answer questions if you like, or just say whatever's on your mind about him.

>>3415661 had some good questions to start, if you're into questions, that I've shamelessly stolen here:
>How would you husbando deal with stress?
>Would you do more of the cleaning or would he?
>Would he be more trusting or anxious?
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Height Difference In Couples

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This is a thing that seems to be in 98% of yaoi, but god damn it if it isn't adorable.
Also, no kids with adults allowed.
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POV thread

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Cute guys and oyajisans welcome.
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Valhallen Thread

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I love this guy so much. One of the best cartoon husbandos ever.
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