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Stay out of my city, /co/.
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Why isn't this more common?
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The Venture Bros. S7E3 "Arrears om Science"

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Are you ready to get your fucking minds blown?
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why does everything need to have a plot these days? are people not able to just write a good old fashioned FUNNY comedy anymore?
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Just give it a chance you dorks.
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What's the cutoff for zombie Simpsons?
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You ever get the feeling that marvel comics just are unfulfilling?

I mean, take Decimation onwards. The Scarlet Witch lead to the bleakest time in X-Men history, where kids were being blown up in school buses and sniped on the X-Men's front yard, only to be chased onto their own island, only for the Scarlet Witch to be pardoned cause Gay Son said so, and then turned into the villains for the Avengers to look good cause they got a movie coming out.

Or better yet, Dark Reign, where Norman Osborn spent an entire year shitting on EVERYONE, and the ending was just Iron Man putting a virus in Norman's suit and Spider-Man just punching him? That's it? No climatic battle? Just a punch?

What the fuck is wrong with Marvel that they can't actually have a satisfying climax to anything they build up long term? It's like they get you angry and then say "Hey man, chill, okay"
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So how long until Starkfag shoots up his college? I give it a couple months at most.
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Why is she so Kawaii as fuck and much more better than Canon Star?
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