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GREETINGS TRUE BELIEVERS Let's read a classic! Miss Don't Touch Me!
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JSA Storytime: L.E.G.I.O.N.

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Good evening, owls. Robofuckers, you're owls now too.

Time for the galaxy's biggest bastard!
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Kelly thread

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As always, starting with the road trip arc.
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Seriously, tho, why can't american comic books be as successful as manga? What are the japs doing right that the westerns are doing wrong?
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ouch her spine!

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Why the fuck is she turning down the chance to have magical progeny?
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Biggest Simps in Cartoon Thread

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Post the biggest simps you know in Cartoon History
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Describe a cartoon or comic with a meme.

>pic related is Steven Universe.
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Did the Freedom Fighters overstay their welcome in Archie Sonic?
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The Batman leaks

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>Riddler is the main villain. He’s a hitman whose identity is unknown and who leaves riddles at the scenes of his crimes.
>He’s hired by Penguin to take out a series of high-profile targets, but Batman manages to keep up with his riddles, to Riddler’s surprise and excitement.
>Riddler gets increasingly obsessed with besting Batman intellectually, to the point where he turns against Penguin. One of Batman’s biggest goals is figuring out Riddler’s identity, since in this version he’s an ex-Intelligence operative gone rogue who erased all records of himself.
>the first victim of the Riddler is the mayor of Gotham City
/co/ Here your new riddler.
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