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Fuck Superhereos

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Just incredible. There has never been a good capeshit comic ever written. How does such a fucking terrible genre even exist?
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The problem with Babsgirl fans

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>There was a push to get Barbara out of the wheelchair, but DC editorial wouldn't let her get better because "muh disabled representation". And she would be stuck on a wheelchair forever if Didio didn't employ a shock tactic of "fuck yours, got mine". I am not defending the guy, and there were better ways to handle it, but the alternative would most likely mean a slow death of Oracle that would become even more and more irrelevant with the ever growing roster of Batkids.
>I feel like it would be a hard sell to make Barbara endearing in that situation though. Even if Steph and Cass would have supported her because they loved her, a woman who’s very past her prime in the cape heroing department and who often recalls herself that she was incompetent in the first place, asking two more capable candidates to move out of her way for the sake of her ego, would be a pretty bad look. So much easier to erase the “toxic” interlopers and not have to deal with the implications or difficult questions.

You see this "Fuck everything else, I want the Batgirl I saw in the cartoons" is the problem people have with Babsgirl fans and Didio's push for her.
>Fuck Cass
>Fuck Steph
>Fuck the Birds of Prey
>Fuck her Oracle skills
>Fuck her character development and relationships
>Fuck disabled representation
>I want the Batgirl from tv.

This is attitude is why so many people find Babsgirl fans insufferable and pass their dislike onto the character as well.
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Frozen 2 introduced elemental spirits into its universe and represented them in some very particular ways (A salamander, a water horse, a gust of wind and multiple earth giants), and then centered much of its story around them, with Elsa ultimately becoming the Fifth spirit.

Was the inclusion of elemental spirits a logical addition to the Frozen lore?
What do you think of their implementation, both story and design-wise?
And what about Elsa, a human with ice powers, somehow being the fifth spirit when the other ones represent the 4 elements?
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How does Thor succeed where Superman fails?

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Which /co/ girl would win a twerk off?
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I really enjoyed this and I'm feeling all sorts of ways about it. Just read for the first time.
Talk to me.
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GenderSwap/Rule 63 Thread

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Post, discuss, create.
Bonus point if you post something canon either in cartoon or comic form.
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Bob's Burgers Season 11 premieres

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>It's a Tina is dimwitted episode

Bob's plot was funny, at least I enjoyed his adventures with the silly animated car lost items
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>female teenage character
>flat as a board
Shouldn't all of these modern female protagonists have some serious self-esteem issues? I feel like Kim Possible is the last one that actually looked her age.
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