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Post three-eyes
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Mr. /co/lympus 2020 (Qualifiers): Part 5

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Keep all tournament talk ITT.
—TIMER: [upload oc] [dropbox oc]

?LIST OF ALL NOMINATED CHARACTERS: Check here before voting.


?Character Limit
—For qualifier poll
>Series (individual shows) can only have 3 characters (i.e. 3 characters from STAS, BTAS, or PPG)
>No character limit on DC/Marvel/Disney franchise characters due to their size, huge variety, and difficult implementation

Yotsuba & /co/nrad!
Jenny XJ9
Hope Corgi

? Previous: >>118572520
Qualifier: >>118562184
Nomination: >>118537544
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Toonami General #2

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Why can't millenial cartoonists write a good show to save their lives?
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Kill six billion demons KSBD K6BD

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“Here is a useful fact: inside every man is his death, wearing him like a thinning skin. Eventually his death will hollow him out like an old glove and replace him. It is no shame to release a man’s death, but rather an honor. His death is a much more permanent shape than he will ever take in life.

Regard each death with respect, all you dead men. Otherwise you will forget yourselves.”

-Jantris, Storm-born

>The Red God has no mercy, but he has a lot of work to do and he is very, very tired
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Aquaman V2

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Why is he considered a joke? I personally find him to be pretty damn awesome.

Also in your opinion, how strong is he at his best?
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No thread on Raya and the Last Dragon?

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Just saw the trailer for this, looks interesting but also gives off very similar vibes to Brave. Hopefully it's actually good and not a shitty bear snorefest like Brave was.
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She's big
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Magical Girl Friendship Squad

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Why is DC keeping Stephanie around? What do people even find interesting about her?
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