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>please sympathize for me because of my boring ass expositions about my struggles

did marvel expect people to like her just because of her nice titties?
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Lindsay Ellis says Avatar was extremely influential and fantasy and animation. She says Zuko kick-started the trend of animated villians getting season long redemption arcs.
Is she right?
The only other pre-Avatar animation I remember doing long term redemption arcs were Beast Wars/Beast Machines.
Now to think of it, Jackie Chan Adventures did the "Let's travel to all the nations to find the mystical Asian Macguffins" too. But I do think Avatar popularized the trend.
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Wait, WHAT ??
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>wins Disney's first non-Pixar Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
Did it deserve to win?
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Helluva Boss thread

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Helluva boss thread
A thread to discuss Helluva boss, news, fan art etc
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It's fair to say Miller has an eternal top 5 spot right? If nothing else because he saved comics from becoming a writers' medium in the 80's.

Lanky Franky thread
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Game like altered Beast

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I am looking for a game that is kinda similar to Altered Beast, but was done later and looked better. It has a bigger selection of characters that look more distinct (including female characters), is a 2D game but with an isometric view,( like Golden Axe) and what turns them into monsters are Golden statues, I think. Does it rings a bell to anyone?
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Why are modern creators so obsessed with making their characters look as hideous and off-putting as they possibly can?
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