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The cars have organs. This is confirmed.
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Why don't cartoons do boy-crazy girls anymore?

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You'd think they'd want to fight the stigma of cartoons being for kids and sexless manchildren
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Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb

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gray cat sad
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>Give me your face!
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Post your favorite Aprils.
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Post giant boobs

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No fan art, it has to be offical /co/ stuff.
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>mogs Azula
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Decided to watch Justice League again, honestly in some aspects its better then I remember it was

Like the supposed batwank in the series us over exaggerated, Batman basically serves as the Ninja/Hacker of the group, he never takes down anyone above his weight class, that said superman being a lightweight is accurate, he gets taken down and or overpowered way too many times in the series(the problem thankfully goes away in Unlimited)

I mean other then that the only real criticism one can give is how every male character has basically either 2 bodytypes, super fucking wide or slim(once you see it you can't unsee it) still solid 9/10