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Commando Storytime - ? 985, 993

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80, 124, 141, 188
194, 217, 231, 264
287, 384, 406, 409
411, 415, 440, 446
456, 463, 473, 478
488, 490, 519, 528
540, 546, 558, 594
619, 622, 625, 632
639, 644, 649
650, 655, 658
667, 669, 672
673, 677-78
689-90, 693
699, 711, 715, 718
735-36, 738, 741
743-45, 805
811, 826-27, 830
831-32, 836, 838
845, 848, 855, 861
864, 869, 873, 877
878, 881, 883
887, 890-91
893, 896, 899
908, 910-11
688, 700, 724
748, 764, 769
784, 798
817, 915, 917, 921
922, 927, 933
935, 938-9
941, 943, 945
946, 954, 957
962, 964, 971-2
979, 981, 984

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>Nick Spencer will close out his epic run on Amazing Spider-Man this September! Since taking over the title, the acclaimed writer has crafted a Spider-Man saga for the ages, taking not only Peter Parker but his beloved supporting cast and iconic rogues gallery on radical new journeys. With numerous memorable storylines under his belt, Spencer will end his redefining work on the Spider-Man mythos in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #74. The milestone 875th issue of the title, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #74 will be an incredible 80-page blockbuster issue complete with artwork from some of the artists that have contributed to this landmark run: Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley, and Marcelo Ferreira and more! The culmination of over three years' worth of thrilling storylines, this climactic finale will be full of surprising developments that will launch Peter Parker into his next high-flying era.

>The last three years of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN have been Nick Spencer's love letter to his favorite character and comic. He may be the biggest Spidey fan ever as evidenced from the fact that he read every Spider-Man comic in preparation for his landmark run.

>From #1 all the way through #74, Nick (along with Ryan Ottley, Humberto Ramos, Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley and more) has gone huge with more villains, more supporting characters, and more punishment for Peter Parker. From "Hunted" to "Sins Rising" to "Last Remains" to "King's Ransom" to "Sinister War" and now to the ultra-sized finale "What Cost Victory" Nick will bring his web-slinging rollercoaster ride back into the station in a way you'll never forget!
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i miss this show bros
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Lake comes forward publically about the existence of herself and the Infinity Train

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How does it go over?

(Let’s just say Lake decided someone needed to tell the world what the train has been doing)
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How’s Your Webcomic /hyw/ - Selkie Summer Edition

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>QOTD: If your MC was represented by an animal found at the beach, what they be?
>Bonus Q: Post WIPs of the calendar!


>>Beginner essentials
See https://pastebin.com/riFtG6n0 for details
>>Main Book Links


Depends on what kind of paging format you want, but either way, you'll have to build yourself a fanbase. Your best bet is to post your magnum opus in your own personal website. But the most known webcomic sites are webtoon, tapas, kakao.
Neocities is another option. Rarebit is a great template for beginners.


You only need the hard round brush but here's the mega anyway >Miscellaneous (books, vids, brushes...) 38 gigs
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>fancomic is better than the original source
What are some prime examples?
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Just watched Frozen 2

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Honestly, I'm not sure what I made of it. I don't think it was a bad film or anything, but I just had a weird feeling after the climax I can't really explain. Almost, unsatisfied?
I don't mind the colonisation theme at all, I think I heard it was controversial. It doesn't bother me, but I think what doesn't work is that it just feels like it has little relevance to the Frozen world. It wasn't really anything deep, and it was solved without much ado and bare bones fantasy. The whole film was just solving a petty war that started because different = bad. Disney themselves did that better, it was just so bog standard

I don't know if I'm misremembering Frozen1, but some of the characters felt flanderized. Kristoff's entire subplot is retarded. Elsa is a bit airheaded but it's not too bad because they do try to justify it. I think moments like where they pretend Elsa died are just cheap, because you know Disney isn't going to kill off one of their main icons. It doesn't work. Also ultimately, there's no consequence in the entire film. Arendelle doesn't get destroyed, no one gets hurt, there's only one meaningful change to the world and that's them splitting up, which I didn't like and it felt pretty rushed.

No memorable songs either, "some things never change" was the best. I feel like some of the others were too much style over substance. They made it all flashy and a visual feast, but the song themselves weren't noteworthy. Kind of felt like they were trying to force another Let It Go.

I like that they expanded on their Parents, as well as Elsa's powers. But again, it was half baked. Why did their mom save their dad in the first place? How were they gifted for that? Anna takes a backseat for most of the film, her heroine moment doesn't really make up for it. I didn't hate the film by any means, I don't even think I'm underwhelmed, just weird really. It kinda feels like an unnecessary sequel and doesn't justify its existence, which is sad.

Am I being too harsh?
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Random superpower thread
In this one you have to take down all of the lantern corps. For a bit more fun you guys get two powers for this and both powers are the same power level


Powerlevel is going to be based on the two numbers I put brackets around
Teams are determined based on the last number on your post

>00-10 average human
>11-20 athletic human
>21-30 peak human
>31-40 superhuman
>41-50 city level
>51-60 state level
>61-70 continent level
>71-80 planet level
>81-90 solar system level
>91-99 universal level
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I should've been a colonizer /co/...
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Star Wars: Bad Batch episode 8 thread

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new episode just dropped
does anyone really care about this show?
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