Current status Hidden site now up at http://ydt6jy2ng3s3xg2e.onion/
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ITT-post your waifu when you were 16
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How would the Boondocks handle the whole thing. It would definitely involve Riley.
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mindless /co/ related nonsense
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Can we all agree that the strongest was water?
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Can we have a thread about Catra?
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Tiny Toons reboot fucking when?
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What if I just post some comics?
And then you talk about 'em.
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New Brain Dump

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It's about tabletop gaming now
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Female Transformers Plus- /co/'s born and raised Edition

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>Swarmed by Insecticon clones, you finally feel safe when Autobots arrive to deal with them.
>But not everything is as it seems, someone steps in and takes control of the horde.
Discuss Hive Mind, Insecticon operator.
As usual, everything Transformers. Yes, even male bots.

Hot Topic: RiD Bumblebee is a better Hot Rod than Hot Rod.
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