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Shazam! Thread

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Let’s talk about Billy and his family. Current ongoing is fun, notably bringing back Superboy Prime, and Billy’s father. Which speaking of Billy’s dad, I get the feeling he’s going to turn into a villain later. It’s to be expected from a inverse color character written by Johns. But that still remains to be seen.

Try to keep the Carol posting to a minimum, please, and shit the fuck up about the name change
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RWBY/RT General #1853: Holding Hands Edition

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>1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us it's good
>2. Read the pastebin:
>3. Arguing about the thread isn't discussion
>4. Don't believe their lies

1080p Episode Archive:!ygF2xIRS!DlbbI_9Jmb0YHDKHItGSMQ
Volume 7 Episode Archive:!m88WEaaJ!HGP-ScFwX64cevw5QYLEEQ
M3U8s are dead ever since RT switched to a new back end. For those without First memberships you can wait 30 minutes for new episodes to be uploaded to the Mega

Previous thread: >>112800514
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Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge Trailer

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What was Darth Vader probably planning to do if Ahsoka did surrender to him?

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Why does she never gets any slapstick?
She's like the only female Looney Tunes chaarcter to almost never getting any kind of psychical pain,I mean Witch Hazel got beaten up,Penelope Pussycat got beaten up,even Granny got beaten up from time to time...Heck even in newer shows like Wabbit there's new female characters like Claudette who get beaten up but not Lola even when she's in those shows.
Fucking Kitty Katswell could be a better Looney Tune than Lola.
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Because reggie is a qt
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what does /co/ think of Overly Sarcastic Productions?
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transformation scenes in comics and cartoons.
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ITT: Iconic pages or panels

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Movies aside, it seems comic fans seem indifferent on them at best and tend to dislike them or find them boring. Why?
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