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East Vs west

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East vs west thread. Why is Japan doing so much superior in animation than the entire west is? Is the west not trying? Or perhaps they want to fall behind?
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Piratechads just cant stop winning
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Trillium Storytime

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Jeff Lemire made three titles for Vertigo. One I haven't revisited and am not super into doing so again (The Nobody), one that is mistaken for a masterpiece (Sweet Tooth) and one actual masterpiece (Trillium).

Let's read it, shall we?
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"Me?! Me in love with Chuck?! How could anybody ever be in love with boring, dull, wishy-washy old Chuck?"
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ITT: Worst Characters

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Usagi story time. A big mystery is finally revealed this issue.
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Miverva Mink thread
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Red Dagger Football Storytime - ? 1, 6, 15

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Cleopatra in Soace

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I've started to watch this show recently and it feels rather mediocre, as in I don't like it nor hate it, am I missing something? I really like the soundtrack though.
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