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Falcon and Winter Soldier

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>an unseen person is being operated on, we don't see his face.
>Howard Stark oversees the operation and has friendly banter with the patient
>the operation itself seems small and only a few handful of people knows about it
>Stark uses Pym's particles without Pym's consent resulting in Pym's outrage and eventual resignation
>General Ross receives a package
>it contains a letter and a blue vial
>The letter contains an apology from Captain America and to make matters right he had extracted his serum out of his body in the 80's for future use and instructs Ross to use the serum on the one who carries the shield in his time.
>Ross orders a replicate of the serum
>Ross keeps the duplicate in a vault, we see the Serum next to a vial with "Extremis" written on it
>implies that in the future, Ross will use the Extremis' ability to regenerate and generate extreme heat as a catalyst to create the perfect soldier
>Ross confiscates Falcon's shield and brands both Falcon and Bucky as vigilantes
>Ross finds a new candidate, John Walker for the Captain America title and gives him the shield and the original super soldier serum.
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Big day tomorrow!
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Padip Thread

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You know it to be true in your heart
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How differently would the Clone Wars happen if Starkiller was Anakin’s original apprentice instead of Ahsoka?
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Daily Ghostbusters Storytime part 2

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The busting continues! a number of one-shot issues were published before the 2011 run took off, let's see if I can get through all of them. First up: Past, Present, and Future

thread 1, with The Other Side and Displaced Aggression: >>111727463
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The Dragon Prince

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Great father, or greatest father ever?
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How did so many people miss the point?
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Be honest /co/

Are you sick and tired of her as a whole?
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