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Lauren Zuke

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How bad was she?
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DC Solicitations Sept 2018

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Because retarded newfags fucked up the other one.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Yanick Paquette, cover by Patrick Gleason, variant covers by Francis Manapul, David Mack.

How well does Clark Kent know his own city? Are the threats targeting Metropolis new or something older and more dangerous than they seem? With mobsters being killed off and the Daily Planet staff hunting for answers, it's up to Superman to discover what lurks in the underside of the city he thought he knew so well. Who is the Red Mist, and why has Superman never heard of someone so powerful and dangerous? And what is Lois Lane doing with Lex Luthor?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.
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STEVEN UNIVERSE Returns For Five-Night Event Monday, July 2

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>Cartoon Network's multiple Emmy and GLAAD Award-nominated Steven Universe returns Monday, July 2 at 7:30 p.m. (ET/PT), with new episodes airing all week at 7:30 p.m. through Friday, July 6. The five-episode arc, "Heart of the Crystal Gems," comes on the heels of "A Single Pale Rose," which left fans reeling from the revelations about the Crystal Gems' former leader, Rose Quartz. In the five-night event, when the Gems fall apart after new information about Rose Quartz has come to light, it's up to Steven to bring the team back together.

>Fans can own the "Heart of the Crystal Gems" arc, "A Single Pale Rose," and more Steven Universe episodes on DVD when Steven Universe: The Heart of the Crystal Gems hits shelves Aug. 14. Additionally, the arc will feature two new singles on Wednesday, July 4 and Friday, July 6. Both singles will be available on iTunes and other streaming platforms the day after their respective debuts on Cartoon Network.
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Sherman didn’t burn enough.
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Smallville Season 11 storytime pt. 5

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Where our hero meets a girl

Previous thread:
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ITT: Webcomics that make you LOL.
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Ava's Demon General /adg/

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"You fuckers killed it again" Edition

>the exact thing everyone warned would happen happened and now AD is on indefinite hiatus

>butthurt poorfags convince some payfag to leak the 18+ Patreon pics Vanilly made to them because "boo hoo $15 isn't worth this art I NEED to fap to so badly!"
>poorfags being the absolute troglodytes we know they are, they then leaked these images to Twitter/Tumblr and lit a fire under people's ass by calling it "child porn"
>Michelle posts on the Patreon asking for information on the persons involve so she can block them from her Patreon and website
>whiny, easily inflamed tumblrites decide this is her putting a "bounty" out to "doxx" people
>Ava's Demon closed, Michelle and Vanilly on suicide watch, poorfags presumably laughing themselves to sleep in their shared 1BR apartment
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Why do people like Doom?

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Seriously now. He's a hateful, racist, sexist, chauvinistic, fascist, nationalist, traditionalist asshole with an enormous ego. How can he have any fans in this day and age?
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How do you feel about /co/ tattoos?

Back in '98, my stepdad decided that he loved Toy Story so much, he got Buzz Lightyear's "© Disney" stamp tattooed on his ass.
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What’s next for Gabby?
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