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ITT: Celebrities who are genuine fans of comics

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Starting with one of the more well-known examples - Robin Williams. He long-cited his favorite comic as David Mack's Kabuki, regularly getting copies of the tpbs as gifts for people.
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Remember this episode? haha....
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Batgirls Thread

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A brand new thread to discuss DC's different Batgirls. Be it your favorite storylines with them, story ideas you have, hopes and fears for their future.
As well as just cool art you've found/made.
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Weekly /co/ creation thread

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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Various Stories #29

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Previous Thread: >>130224688

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

I once again have too many comics, so let’s fix that! We will start with a comic that has a mouthful of a title that hasn’t updated in a while but there’s always a chance that more pages will come out later. Eggman and some people that want to kill him have to team up to save the galaxy! This is Team Dark: Supernova Odyssey! Say that title three times fast.

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Are there any good animated horror films? Is there even a market for them?
This guy, he’s usually a political cartoonist, but he posted a sorta interesting premise for one. Kinda cliche but with his crazy style it could be good, I think
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Adventure Time had some very nice girls. Post some
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I wanna fuck Martha
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Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss

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Helluva Boss season 2 is confirmed still happening
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I Love Mei Mei

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I miss the old Mei Mei, straight from the 'Go Mei Mei
Chop up the soul Mei Mei, set on his goals Mei Mei
I hate the new Mei Mei, the bad mood Mei Mei
The always rude Mei Mei, spaz in the news Mei Mei
I miss the sweet Mei Mei, chop up the beats Mei Mei
I gotta to say at that time I'd like to meet Mei Mei
See I invented Mei Mei, it wasn't any Mei Meis
And now I look and look around and there's so many Mei Meis
I used to love Mei Mei, I used to love Mei Mei
I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Mei Mei
What if Mei Mei made a song about Mei Mei
Called "I Miss The Old Mei Mei, " man that would be so Mei Mei
That's all it was Mei Mei, we still love Mei Mei
And I love you like Mei Mei loves Mei Mei
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