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How would you have handled this situation as the parents?
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Alright Omnitrix, give me Humungousaur!

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Annual Usagi Yojimbo Storytime part 14

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Usagi Yojimbo, by Stan Sakai! Currently in the early stages of Grasscutter 2, Usgai, Gen and Samshobo are taking Grasscutter to Atsuta Shrine. However, coming after them are the neko and komori ninja clans!

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How are you guys doing now that PQ has concluded? Where do you think they'll go now?
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Why didn't he have children with multiple women? Was he willing to let the entire airbending race die out?
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Kill Six Billion Demons KSBD k6bd

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King of Swords 10-133

“The Celestial sovereign has a great need of many satrapies, vassals, and governors, far more than his (admittedly extensive) bloodline could ever handle on its own. So far out of the province of familial bonds he has turned to the only other bond he seems to find reliable: that of violent bloodshed.”

-Payapop Pritram

>Every single warrior that comes to that gods-cursed ring thinks they have a chance at their drop of blood. The great tragedy is their inability to perceive that the long line of contenders has stretched not only over months, or years, but over many times the natural lifespans of wiser and saner men who have died old in their beds. What the Emperor wants to see in them, I don't dare to know. He will drink oceans of blood before he does.
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Cass is breathing
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Why does he suck while other asshole characters like Master Shake work perfectly?
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Why is it that whenever Family Guy pushes its worldviews about complying with your abusive family, we're ready to lynch MacFarlane for it?

If so, why is it that when Steven Universe does the exact same thing, we're quick to praise Sugar for creating an intellectually stimulating masterpiece that breaks all social norms?
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