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Welcome to /co/'s Diner, my name is Pearl. What would you like to order?
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So /co/, who would ACTUALLY win in a fight?
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>>More than a year since an MCU film has came out.
>>The only one we're getting is Black Widow, the least interesting film of slate 4

Man, why can't they just release episodes of Falcon and Winter Soldier early?
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Sound the Great Unsounded

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Someone please explain why this masterpiece doesn't get as much attention as Ava's Demon or K6BD. Of the few currently running and dedicated web comics out there, this provides far better world building, narrative, and characterization than anything else.

Also Sette a cute but what the fuck is she/ it?
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People in animation,do executives really still believe in the hand drawn is dead crap?

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I’m serious,because I’ve never met anyone who dose not prefer hand drawn to CGI. I mean everyone misses it even normies.Why are they not meeting this demanded,especially after the success of Klaus
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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 3

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Foster's Thread

What are your thoughts on the movie Destination Imagination? Was it alright? Anyone remember watching when it aired on Cartoon Network or did you learn of it later online?

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Owl House S1E11

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true ep11
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Continuing this weeks chronological mignolaverse storytime!
Yesterdays thread
things are gonna get worse
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