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She looks like the mascot for a toothpaste brand
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There are MM&O fans right now that do not have a bunch of MM&O fantagraphic novels on their shelves RIGHT NOW NOR ARE THEY POSTING THEM IN THIS THREAD!
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So I got through season 1.

I like the story and the depth of the show. Also I noticed the animation style shifts depending on the content of the episode (episodes that will have heavy action sequences seem to have better and more dynamic shading and lighting than ones that put a low emphasis on fights and the general animation was smoother for those episodes as well, beyond the combat scenes). Were there two studios making this show or did they just change their approach whenever they had to do an episode like this?

I wish they devoted more time to Katara's advancement but I guess that's also a general problem I had with the whole season: things sometimes feel very abrupt and brief. Particularly certain conversations feel like they start and end very quickly. The information gets conveyed properly but I get the sense more should have been said to reach a conclusion (such as characters reaching an emotional understanding after only a few words rather than actually talking it out). Part of me thinks this briefness is caused by the amount of airtime they have to work with (it's just hard to fit in more fleshed out exchanges in just 30 minutes with time removed for commercials) but I'm also inclined to believe it's just because this was targeting kids and they wanted to keep them engaged (as an adult maybe I've just come to expect more dialogue because it doesn't lose my attention, although this show is pretty mature in other areas so I guess I had higher expectations as a result).

Anyway, I'm not deterred. I want to see this show through.
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I love her /co/
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Woah... Deep
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>The Charges, officer?
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>female characters can't be villa-
>female characrers can't be fun-
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I would definitely.
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ITT: /co/ stuff that was ahead of its time.
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