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coraline Thread

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Mom edition
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New episode of Bluey today at 2pm PST ("The Show"). Are you ready?

>Bluey S1 (51 eps)!kREziYzD!OaX9lZtI1CsugAbMwE0QnA

>Bluey S2 (so far)!C4VUmayC!IdajkuE4HfJTdbBOtFhRiw

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Karate girls. Discuss.
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I've been thinking, since one of the main gimmick of Animaniacs was them making fun of celebrities, do you think that they'll make fun of internet celebs in the reboot. If so I hope they make fun of keemstar, it'd work really well.
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VOIHON storytime thread

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I planned to do this on Sunday, but since all chapters are now fully recovered thanks to anon in the last thread, let's do it now.

>What the fuck is this?
Some anon discovered a video called EmeriTheLamb
Its themes of purity and sheep waifu have greatly resonated with /co/ audience.
Upon further research a webcomic by the same author was discovered, which is similarly bizarre and eventually ties to the story of the video.

However just as it started getting attention, shortly after chapter 3 got posted the author has nuked the entire comic from the interwebs. He says he decided to rewrite it so that it has more videos to compliment the comic.
I managed to recover most of the comic from the browser cache, but some of the pages were missing. However another anon has uploaded chapters 1 and 3, and I have the entire chapter 2 so now we have the whole thing.

So let's started. I might add some meta-commentary under spoiler tags, don't read it if you don't want to.

Previous discussion: >>113934236 >>113992231 >>114081281
Link to the comic for when it gets revived:
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How's Your Webcomic? #643

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Q: Colors or B/W for your comics ?

>Previous thread: >>114026417
>/hyw/ CONTACT SHEET - add your webcomic site, contact information, etc


Character Design:

Create your own:

Easy to use tumblr webcomic theme:
Dos and Don'ts for starting a site:
Promoting your comic:

First person to notice this, gets a picture.
Basically how creativity works: [Embed] [Embed]
Terrible Writing Advice:

> Brush Packs
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I haven't watched this since I was very little and Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies. Does the TV series still hold up?
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Crossover thread

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Post crossovers
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/Co/ Superheroes - Surpising Saturday Edition

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Make your own Superhero/Supervillain!
Roll for a random power.
If your digits ends with an even number, you're a hero.
If your digits end with an odd number, you're a villain.
Try and be respectful and responsible with overpowered rolls, be mindful of others posting and try not to flood the thread with too many of your own characters to let others join in.

Make friends, save/conquer the world, forge alliances and have fun.

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/co/ Superheroes Booru:
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