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Can we have a King Kirby thread?
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how far does coop make it if he has to take stevens place?
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Last thread slid right off the board, so trying again. What would happen if Superman had ended up adopting Connor instead of the Foundation finding him?
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In Krakoa there is the rule that they must have children, who will be the first to have a child?

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At least one must get pregnant.
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Whats your favourite Thai food and why is it Green Curry?
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Proud family

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Dijonay was so close to being victim number 1, should’ve tried harder girl.
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Metals, Gems, Gases, Materials, Rocks and Minerals

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What if in the Steven Universe's Universe there were other sentient races aside from Gems and Humans like the Metal Men and other alien races?
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Do you think ugly people are destined to become villains in comic universe?

Or is it society that forces them to become "villains".
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previously on X-MEN
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Would Narconnie and Stsrven better than the canon versions?
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