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Crack ships.
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The sweet nostalgia of 2007, thy name is Transformers. Even if the live action movie series as a whole has more downs than up and had grown totally tiresome by the end, there is definitely a certain fun schlock charm to the first one.
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Warrior Nun

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Warrior Nun
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Can a regular but clever human kill Avatar Korra?

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Say this if we took an regular human from this world who no bending abitilies but clever enough to use technology to his advantage. He's given one task and that's to kill the avatar. He's can't get what the average person can get, like say launch a nuke wherever Korra is and send Korra an anthrax laced letter or anything that's requires connections that's the average person doesn't have. Just what's readily available and can be bought easily.

What would be the best course of action?
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Anybody here read the Hilda comics? Are they better or worse than the cartoon?
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i know im late but this show is so good
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recreate your cartoon waifu and anons try to guess it
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Not my image, don’t really agree with it

Without debating or baiting your own views, what superheroes represent each quadrant?
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Yo dudes the empires pretty chill maybe you could like join it or something
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