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Help me try to find this meme image.

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Hello can you try help me find that one meme where it compares animation then and now and features that the american animation during the golden age 30s to 50s are better than the japanese animation but today they say that japanese animation right now is better than western animation can you help me find this image? There are also thick black borders to present each era of animation in each countries. I tried to find the meme by searching everywhere but I have no luck.

Image is there to reveal what it looks like.
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Does anyone else not enjoy Stargirl's Eclipso?
There's like two episodes left and he has zero characterization beyond "evil creepy being who tries to emotionally destroy/corrupt his victims", something Doctor Destiny in Justice League cartoon was way better at. And speaking of creepiness, Brainwave was more scary merely talking to his son in the first episode of the first season than this guy every time he's trying to be creepy with his "evil little child" cliche act.
It's a fucking shame how the villain writing on the show went from Icicle and Brainwave to this guy.
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Shrek or Madagascar?

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why are the 2 series Dreamwork's best franchises?
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Jason Aaron on Substack about making She-Hulk in his Avengers.

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The rumor was true...all this time. Oh god.
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Charlie the Unicorn: The Grand Finale (COMPLETE)

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KSBD - Kill Six Billion Demons

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Last Stand
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What does /co/ think of Brianne Drouhard?
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I’m watching a stream that covers someone talking about this trope, and it just sounds like somebody being butt-hurt over a character dying that they would have liked to see more of. It has nothing to do with being written well or not. Am I wrong?
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