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So Cartoon Saloon has another animation and an animated series in production? Sweet!

"Moore: Wolfwalkers was the biggest thing we’ve tried yet, and now, we’re doing something even bigger with [the upcoming Netflix feature] My Father’s Dragon. That project is so huge and they’re doing it all remotely, so I’m always impressed when I see what they’re pulling together for that one.

And we have a big series for Apple TV that’s not really announced. But it’s epic because it’s feature-quality, hand-drawn animation across 12 half-hours, and then a big, hour-long special at the end, which is going to take a lot of work."

From here:
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Would you make Adora a loving wife and mother after her abusive relationship with Catra?
>Adora gets with Catra, thought it would help them both from what they gone through. She thought it would be a nice and even beautiful relationship
>The relationship is fine for a few months but Catra's low temper and patience would sometimes scare Adora
>Their fights would get more intense. In the beginning, it would be just a simple push but became more abusive
>Catra would try to play it off saying she didn't mean it and says she loves her. Adora also tried to play it down.
>Their worst fight resulted in Adora getting multiple bruises around her face and a bloody nose
>She had enough and ran away as far away as she could in her weaken state, tears running on her bruised cheeks
>You, anon, notices her sitting down by herself.
>You spark a conversation about what happened and Adora lied saying she was mugged
>You don't buy it and try to convince her telling the truth
>She confesses and she tells her relationship with Catra and the abuse shes gone through
>You offer your place for sleep for the night. She declines at first but you tell her it better for her safety. She finally agrees and goes with you
>You try to conform her the best you could by offer her a warm meal and you talk to her for a few hours
>Over the time she spend with you, she enjoy having someone to help her get distant from Catra
>That night make her feel safe for the first time in many weeks
>She slept on the couch that night
>Morning time
>Adora tells you she need to back to talk to Catra
>You tell Adora if you could tag along just in case. She agrees
>Adora mets Catra, said she really mess up and she promise to clean up her act.
>Adora says she done with her for good and that she doesn't want to continue a toxic relationship that just hurts her in the end. She gets her belongings and leaves. You could see her crying as well as Catra in the distance
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So when's Quicksilver going to get that MCU synergy in the comics?
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Refute this
Protip: you can't
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ITT: Characters you're weirdly attracted to
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Helltaker cartoon when?
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Why were they so OP?
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Is it true this movie just feels like a filler episode of an anime? Nothing really happens, characters ignored etc.
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When will Pixar just reveal their hidden fetish?
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Post alligator/crocodile characters
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