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>think of a Big 2 Character
Got it? Alright, now think of what Big 2 Character from the opposing company would’ve been their favorite growing up.

For example I thought of Iron Man. In this case I think his favorite would’ve been Batman. A suave supergenius billionaire with the moniker the Dark Knight. And as we know, Tony is a total Arthurfag. He would’ve been drawn to the combination of Bruce’s brains and brawn, gadgets, and so on and so forth. I played around with some others, but I think this fits the best. Tony would’ve been a total Batfag and a self-inserter. so, basically, all you do is pick a character and then pretend that the other B2 company is fictional in their universe and they read the same comics as we do here, then think what character from there would’ve been said character a favorite. Villains, Heroes, Anti-Heroes, it’s all fair game.
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Any cartoons that have man vs god, man vs reality , or man vs author?
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For me, it's Waha.
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For me, it's early 2000s cartoon girls with exposed bellies
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Waifu/husbandu thread

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Post your lovely fictional characters, talk about them, and love them.
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Darkwing Duck reboot NOT by Ducktales' crew actually happening

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Weekly /co/ creation thread

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