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How smart is she supposed to be?
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Who is the protagonist of The Simpsons? Homer or Bart?
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Is the Wreck It Ralph franchise dead?
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Xavier Renegade Angel

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How do you convince your normie friends to watch this show in 2 minutes or less.

I tried to explain it quickly but was at a loss of words.

What is this show about and what is the appeal?
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Everyone's favorite blue space elf comic updated
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Who was more irredeemable?

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The Sweet Elite: weird Willy Wonka AU thing

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A Willy Wonka thread brought up the interesting concept of a superhero AU involving the ticket winners being superheroes, using the abilities they gained from their accidents. I figured we could expand upon that idea.

I made a pastebin detailing the plot, kids and episode concepts to work off of, I highly welcome ideas for adventures and other concepts to add to it.
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Would Super-man had been allowed by DC to support Honk Kong?
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Why are people so forgiving of her?

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Not only that, but some people in the fandom tend to side with her, when it was Cassandra the one who was adopted by a loving man and in contrast Rapunzel lived her whole life being manipulated, lied to and living as a prisiones until she turned 18. Then Cassandra starts to act to her as their Mother Gothel did and begins to blames her for things that weren’t Rapunzel fault and attempts to kill her.

And yet I’ve seen people side with her and blame Rapunzel, my question would be, Why?
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