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Now that IS a happy family
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Why is this never considered the best animated movie ever?
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Where did it all go wrong?
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So did they fuck?

If they did would that make Ra's and Bruce gay?
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Was it ever implied that she had a crush on Charlie Brown?
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Daily Dose of Sexy Lexy

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Oh, baby, baby, with that ass so sweet!

We're the brainy studs that you're dying to meet!

Sexx Luthor!

Sexx Luthor!

Come on! Lana Lang! Lana Lang, with that sweet poontang!

I wrote you a song, now shake hands with my wang!

Sexx Luthor!

Sexx Luthor!
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What is /co/'s thoughts on Breadwinners?
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What would you rate the TMNT movies?
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