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>excellent taste in movies
>excellent taste in firearms
>huge ass
Why did Jerry say no to this?
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Why did they make her so sexy?
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>Romans are… LE DARKSEID
>strength is… LE BAD!
Bravo Kirby!
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I ship them
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Oh, boy...

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FXX takes full rights to FG. AS is screwed,

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>Family Guy‘s entire back catalog is moving to FXX.

>Nineteen seasons of the animated Fox comedy are joining the cable network’s lineup starting on Monday.

>The move makes FXX and Freeform the exclusive cable home for past seasons of the show while Hulu continues to be the show’s streaming hub.

>FXX points out that the addition of Family Guy gives the channel a comprehensive collection of modern animated comedy hits, including Archer, Bob Burgers, Cleveland, King of the Hill and The Simpsons.

>In addition, Futurama joins the line-up in November.
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Will she pay for her crimes in season 3?
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Just tell me when it goes to shit
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Seems like his Twitter has been hacked. He’s been posting really odd stuff over the last couple of months.
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