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Netflix wants to be the #1 spot for family animation and surpass Disney+.

Netflix CEO on Disney+
>"We know that they will be a challenger and a competitor for the next 50 years."

50 Years Of Streaming Wars? WTF? We all will be dead. But yeah...
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Milesbros.. I thought for sure he would be a huge A-lister comic character. What went wrong?
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edit thread

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just dump your edits here
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Anon, you are important and you have value.
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Say something nice about this four eyed loser
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Seth MacFarlane Developing THE NAKED GUN Reboot With Liam Neeson Eyed To Star

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Samurai Jack is now the hero of the last thing you watched/read

What happens? How piss easy is it now with Jack as the hero?
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Maleficent love thread
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