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Ms Marvel

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Thoughts on the rumours about them changing her powers?

>yet another superhero property will likely end with people shooting beams at each other.
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First Episode. The Falcon smokes 15 Frenchies in Tunisia and quips about it
Fifth Episode. "You killed a terrorist in a foreign country, give up the shield."
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Butch Hartman just put you in charge of My Fairly OddParents.
You are allowed to write one episode but you have to add your fetish in it (while still keeping the episode kid-friendly). How do you do that?
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ITT: Funny Pages/Panels

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This is one of my favorites
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Big Barda is for_________

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Deerie is the perfect woman. She is a quirky, dominant female, one that thrills and wilds the males that view her. Her delicate hooves, silky smooth fur, well toned legs, all perfectly designed to arouse. Her voice is powerful, destroying all those who grovel before her, demanding respect. If only..........
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Why did the thread about /co/ mother and son relationships get deleted? It was on topic. Do jannies just hate mothers?
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ATLA comics

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How long before Zuko gets me too-ed?
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