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Why does everything have to be gay? Even in anime, which is sexually much more diverse than cartoons, yaoi/yuri stuff isnt even mainstream. This is fucking strange.
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>The She Ra reboot was so popular that it spearheaded Revelations and another new MotU
>literally no show from the 2000s has had this level of impact
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I Am Not Starfire

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oh jesus

this is vomitous
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DC Super Hero Girls

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I want another DCSHG thread from, as two new episodes premiered yesterday.


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Now that we're allowed back on /co/ what are we going to talk about?

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New Frozen comic, or part of it. Have we seen Anna do more queenly duties than Elsa at this point?
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Gunnerkrigg Court

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Chapter 81: Page 26

One last time!
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What's your favorite thing about Mandy? I like how she drinks a gross drink at Starbucks. Very zanny AND relatable!
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thundercats roar

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Why did people trash on thundercats roar so much? compared got the other modern 3 cn reboots this is the best one. The animation is pretty stylish and it feels like a new take on thundercats. Is there something I'm not getting?
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