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>I hate you
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What would you do to change the modern state of comic books to steer it away from oblivion
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>Serious Sonic stories are...le bad!!
>Just because...they are!!!
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Marvel Grand Design Storytime

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X-Men: Grand Design >>130221214
X-Men: Second Genesis >>130222726
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Death Battle

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Which jobber will come out on top?
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>the dad is always either dorky, unattractive, boring, lazy, fat, stupid or some combination thereof
>the mom is always a smart and sexy woman who’s too good for her husband and clearly married out of his league
Why does this happen so much in animation? It’s a literal crime.
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Green Lantern Storytime #10

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Last Time
>>129957244 Showcase 22-24
>>129969940 Green Lantern V2 1-3
>>130017588 Green Lantern V2 4-6
>>130039467 Green Lantern V2 7-9
>>130062771 Green Lantern V2 10-12
>>130086485 Green Lantern V2 13-14 The Flash V1 131
>>130130062 Green Lantern V2 15-17
>>130151082 Green Lantern V2 18-20
>>130199064 Green Lantern V2 21-23

Finishing up the 23
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Prison Pit: Finale

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LAST THREAD: >>>130198644
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