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>Avatar but set in the modern day.
How would it work?
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Comic writers in the 60s/70s:
Been to war or did some cool shit like being an escape artist. Worked their way up from poverty on the streets of New York or a small town by submitting pieces to magazines and publishers. Churn out tons of ideas, so much that they had drawers and drawers full of inventoried comics just in case they need something last minute that still became classic characters.

Comic writers in the 80s/90s: Grew up in the club UK scene doing tons of drugs and fighting authority. Scholars in classic and modern literature and film. Published their own zines to cut their teeth. Wrote some of the most inventive and medium bending stories to expand young minds and redefine what comics were capable of.

Modern comic writers: A bunch of fat bald neckbeards with no life experience who have only ever read comic books and watched Star Wars

What happened.
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official laugh at Y: The Last Man's cancellation thread
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How do you refute this?
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Im rewatching this and its alot better than i remember (Im on episde 4 season 1 so hold your horses when it comes to spoilers pwease)

So why is it being hated and whats the consensus?
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Kamala Khan officially won't have her stretch powers. Say hello to Purple Lantern.
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I’m watching a stream that covers someone talking about this trope, and it just sounds like somebody being butt-hurt over a character dying that they would have liked to see more of. It has nothing to do with being written well or not. Am I wrong?
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>have sex with a guy
>don't tell him explicitly this is a one time thing
>Surprised Pikachu when he thinks that you two are dating
The weirdest thing about this is that the show didn't present her as in the wrong for leading him on, only for ghosting him the morning after instead of letting him down gently. Shouldn't the lesson be to NOT have sex with dudes you don't plan on seeing again?
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