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Why was early Family Guy so great, yet the first couple seasons of American Dad were fucking unbearable?

Pilot Steve is probably the most insufferable cunt in television
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Was there a single Non-Avatar bender that would have defeated him in a 1 vs 1?

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I really doubt it
The only guys who come close are Bumi and Iroh
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First three seasons

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What are your thoughts on the first 3 season of SpongeBob SquarePants?
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I still hate how Joss tried to give them a love story. So stupid.
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Now that the dust has settled what did we think about it?
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I propose to you a new Justice League lineup
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ITT: Surprisingly dark moments in comics

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Like seriously? When did Rhino become a psychopathic killer? Wasn’t he just a Russian thug?
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This show is better than most modern cartoons combined and no one talks about it, k

And them Calarts lovers say that muh deep dark fantasy lore and muh lesbian ships aren't what make a show popular these days.
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Why isn't the Venture Bros more popular?
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