Why do people feel entitled to Sally Acorn?

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Sally Ranter here!

What the fuck is wrong with Sally Acorn 'fans' these days. Now here is some info about me, I grew up reading the Archie comics online and watching SatAM on YouTube. I appreciate Sally Acorn for who she is as a character and I respect her for what she means to people and to me.

Now hell I'd like to say I wasn't a fan of the character and I'm the same Anon who's ex girlfriend larped as Sally Acorn in bed (that's not a joke she legit wanted to be Sally. Autistic zoomer things idk) and overall I'm fine with Sally staying in the past. She was cool at one point, but it's okay that she isn't in the main canon.

Now recently I came across some fucking autists who feel entitled to her. They're hypocrites and for some reason just won't stop dming you about a fucking cartoon chipmunk. Like wtf?

Context: I met one of the Rally4Sally fags and after I called their movement dumb they were all like "She represents D.I.C. and everything Archie" Like bitch no she doesn't and that's not an excuse to say she should be in the games. Should Sticks the Badger, Longclaw, or Tangle be canon to the video game universes? They can be, they could be, but no they aren't canon right now and will likely not be added to the main game canon. Using the cancelled SatAM game as a clutch is also stupid. Yuji Naka canned the project cause it wasn't Sonic enough and this dumbass literally told me "Naka was jealous". A few sentences later he tells me he literally just feels entitled to have Sally Acorn in the fucking video games especially Frontiers.

You just admit you felt fucking entitled to have a character in the games cause of your fucking childhood and what she "represents". Y'know Manic & Sonia represent D.I.C. to and fuck it Scratch and Grounder as well. Fuck it make The Oracle of fucking Delphius canon to because the main games need reps from D.I.C... the old cartoon people.