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Would Super-man had been allowed by DC to support Honk Kong?
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Literally what did they mean by this?
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So /co/...
loli or trash?
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Episode ideas for the B&B new season.

Beavis becomes a Let's Player.
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>And the number one dog on my fictitious dog list is... BRIAN GRIFFIN.
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Why are so many people in the animation industry so bad at drawing? I've been looking at some of the "learn to draw X character" videos Disney and Nick have been putting out and I've seen god knows how many fan artists that are 1000x better than them at drawing the characters from the shows they work on or even created.
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Jimmy Neutron

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Just think, THIS movie is older than 95% of the anons on here.
And that's a sad thing.
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Does anyone have the updated version of this? It was horizontal and had new art style, but the quotes and rankings were the same.

Also argue about who is stronger and settle disagreements with obscure sources I guess.