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Will this get zoomers to like Superman?
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Scarlet Spider

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Is it any good?
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This is a terrible mindset to have. Asking questions is how we get the thought provoking, deep and thematically substantive stories.
Berating the people who ask those questions is missing the point of being an entertainer.
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Mokey's Show

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Sr. Pelo uploaded a new episode of Mokey and friends, did you like it?
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What happened to the new Aqua Teen short on Adult Swim’s youtube channel? I saw the thumbnail for it shortly after it was uploaded but decided to watch it later, and now it’s gone. Happy Time Harry was in the thumbnail
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Galatea Thread

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Wakes up shortly after Justice League Unlimited series finale Edition.
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/co/ Have You ever noticed British comic writers can only create heroes using ‘much satire’? Rorschach, Dredd, Warhammer 40k, etc, etc. They can’t even make anti-fascist political straw man characters with them backfiring. What does it mean?
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>You recognize this meme. Please give us likes and follow our account, it's the ony way we can stay relevant.
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Is the current Shang-Chi series good? It's being relaunched as an ongoing with a new #1 in July. Should I jump on?
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