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So Batman is a pedo?
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You guys were right, this show is kino. It started off slow but was 10/10 by the end.

Its a travesty that its cancelled while FeministTales gets two more seasons at least
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Outside of Treasure Trekkers and The Mice Templar, are there any other rodent cartoons we can look forward to watching in this Year of the Rat?
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TL;DR on the plot.

>Morbius and Loxias (Matt Smith) are childhood friends with the same rare blood disease.
>Morbius is searching for a cure, financed by a pharmaceutical corporation, and is involved with his supervisor Martine (Adria Arjona).
>Morbius’ creates a serum based on bat DNA and convinces Martine to let him go to Europe to test it on himself.
>Morbius becomes vampire, his ship is raided by mercenaries, he kills them and escapes. FBI agents Stroud (Tyrese) and Rodriguez (Al Madrigal) investigate.
>Morbius hides with Martine and Loxias and begins testing his powers. He wants to cure the vampirism but keep the powers.
>He develops an antidote, but it doesn't work on him.
>People begin being attack. Stroud and Rodriguez find Morbius’ DNA on the scene. A manhunt begins.
>Martine believes Morbius is responsible and tries to turn him in. He breaks out and hides with his mentor Nykos (Jared Harris), but the FBI tracks him down and arrests him.
>In prison, Morbius meets Vulture and figures out Loxias is behind everything, vampires up and escapes. Stroud and Rodriguez pursue.
>Morbius confronts Loxias. Loxias hired the mercs to steal the serum so he could complete it and profit from it. Loxias tested it on himself and is a vampire too, but embraces it.
>Vampire fight, Stroud and Rodriguez show up. Loxias kills Rodriguez.
>Loxias goes to Martine's lab, forcing Morbius and Loxias to team up to stop him.
>Morbius fights Loxias in the lab while Stroud fights the vampire mooks that Loxias created.
>Morbius kills Loxias, but not before he mortally wounds Martine, who dies.
>Stroud lets Morbius go. He visits Nykos one more time and tells him he will keep searching for a cure and using his curse to help people and disappears into the night.
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Unpopular opinion

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Violet is hotter than Elastigirl
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Its impressive shrek was made in 2001 (almost) 20 years ago.

And it still holds up graphically.
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How did they get away with it?
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I find your lack of shitposting disturbing.
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