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how would DC fare against the Symbiotes?
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>Tfw you'll never have a secret sleepover were you sneak into your tomboy friend's room and comfort her with hugs and kisses all night long, but not have sex because it would corrupt the beautiful innocent relationship you have. You're only 10 once.
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What were the best /co/ fast food toys?

Sad story. Back in high school, my dad caught me smoking w**d and threw my Quasi Moto puppet in the fireplace. He di
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Name a single character who could defeat Candlejack, protip: [spoi
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Post a character with an age similar to yours
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frozen broadway gets stage revision

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Disney's Broadway adaptation of Frozen is getting a major makeover that coincides with the departure of the original actresses for Anna and Elsa, who departed the show on February 16th. Joining the cast are Ciara Renee (Arrow, Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Elsa; McKenzie Kurtz (Broadway debut) as Anna and Ryan McCarten (Heathers) as Hans.

The changes to the showdebuted with the touring version in the fall of 2019 and they are now premiering with a newly revised version which will replace the original version of the Broadway show. The changes include changes to the sets and choreography, removing certain songs (such as the First Time in Forever Reprise and the Broadway-original song True Love) and introducing a few new ones, including a duet between Anna and Elsa.

More information:

Also /co/ theater thread
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Anyone find him to be extremely inconsistent? He seems to veer wildly between really good (Transmetropolitan, Thunderbolts, Moon Knight) and total shit (Netflixvania, Supergod, Ruins, Nextwave)
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/Co/stume Thread

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If there's one thing /co/ loves to talk about (besides porn), is super suits. Hero, villain, good or bad, lets talk about them. Crazy Quilt should be a Paul Gambi type, and be a super tailor for villains everywhere.

So let's hit that runway and see what's in season this year!
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>Still no cartoon about the Black Panther Party

Why? There's so much potential
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Stonetoss thread
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