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what's your non-coomer reason for watching this show
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All this shiting on the Buzz Lightyear movie has lead me to discover that BLoSC has no physical release other then the pilot movie. That is very unfortunate for such a high quality show.
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Are you exited for this movie?
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Tim Allen should have voiced this. I won't be watching this as a result no matter if its good or not.
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Let's do it for hero companionship?

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Would it be a good idea for the mutants and Inhumans to make sure the unity Squad come back just to there people be considered part of the superhero community?Even if most normal people don't really care?
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This is Skeletor's finance Evil-Lyn. She's very supportive. Say something nice about her
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Are you guys hyped for the Eternals?
What do you think moviebob will score it?
Moviebob said that he couldn't relate to the Marvel heroes because they did not have active sex lives, so I'm sure he'll say the romance part of Eternals is relatable.