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Is he a bad father?
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I haven't watched any new CN/Disney cartoons since 2016(-ish), except SU and SvTFoE. Are there any good current cartoons? Like, around the same quality of Gravity Falls, Star vs (pre-season 3) and Steven Universe (pre-season 4)?
I've heard Owl House is good but I have yet to try it.
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>fans waited years for a conclusioun to Jack's quest
>Jack spent 50 years in Akus world
>Ashi is introduced for 10 episodes
>Jack kills Aku
>Ashi fades away
>Fans still not happy

I sersiously feel like I'm the only one around here that sees what Gendy was saying about fandom.
There's no pleasing you fucking entitled pricks.
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>Petition to cancel R&S Reboot reaches 12k signatures.

Am I the only one who thinks MLAATR deserved a reboot more than R&S? The Original MLAATR had an artstlye similar to "calarts" stuff that recently flooded the airwaves (e.g. Star, Steven, TMNT 2018, PPG 2016, etc). If there were to be a "calarts" style MLAATR reboot, CC (or Nick, or whatever viacom netork or service doest /co/) would have a much easier time finding employmant than if they were to reboot R&S (assuming the R&S reboot is going to have a similar artstyle to the original, and APC).
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Is Zutara good or nah?

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I personally think it's kino, but who knows. If you like it, give a cohesive argument for it. If not, give a cohesive argument against it.
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>world has magic
>technology still exists

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How skimpy is too skimpy for YOU, anon?
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We need a new Transformer thread so I made one (image is official by the way)
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