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Someone should probably have told Starfire human's only have 1 stomach

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So at most her daughter has 2 stomachs and half the metabolism of a Taameranian, and that's optimistic.

She's probably just pissed Starfire overfed her into a whale
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your opinions
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Patrick Star Show getting canned

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>Nick greenlights a Patrick spin-off nobody asks for
>Premiers will little to no fanfare
>Not getting renewed after 13 episodes

So much for trying to give a dumbass his own show and hoping it succeeds.
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Let's appreciate and have a little positivity.

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/co/ panels that exemplify your favorite character. Panels/moments that you point to and say that's them.
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Vivziepop's work before Hazbin Hotel
Any fans of it here? Cameron a cute
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Wonder Woman

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Do you think Wonder Woman ever pulls aside the teenaged super hero girls and.. you know..
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Mindy "Hit-Girl" McCready is for ____
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