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Maxwell Atoms' Dead Meat

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Cheesesteak thread
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Did Tom King write Sanctuary as a terrible mental health facility on purpose? Or does he genuinely believe that letting patients indulge in whatever holodeck fantasies they want (like repeatedly getting shot and reliving their own traumatic near-death experience) while cluless robots occasionally ask questions without ever proposing any real treatment is good for their mental health? Did he think that having BATMAN, one of the most unhinged heroes ever, and not an actual mental health professional program these robots was a good idea? Why did he have characters say that the AI was programmed with the compassion of Wonder Woman when it's not compassionate at all? Does he think that keeping patients isolated and all alone with no company but an AI was a good idea, especially when you consider that because of this Wally went even more crazy?
Do we even know if Sanctuary actually made people better? Any success stories?
Why does Tom King treat Wally West violating the privacy of patients and exposing their secrets to the world is a good thing? There is a reason why in the real world you aren't fucking allowed to violate doctor-patient confidentiality.
With all this in mind, why the fuck would any heroes keep going to a rebuilt Sanctuary after this?
For a guy that writes a lot about mental health issues, Tom King's portrayal of therapy is usually quite lacking. Has Tom King himself ever gone through any actual therapy?
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what's the verdict?
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Guys, I think I'm in love
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Edit thread

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Send your best edits.
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JSA Storytime: Transformers

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Good evening owls,

56 and 57 tonight before hiatus
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She's already the best character. Best girl confirmed.
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Waifu Thread

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Share your chosen waifu(s), please! Why did you make the choice that you did? Can you see them being a good choice for a wife and mother to your children?

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