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what's your non-coomer reason for watching this show
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Let's be honest, this should've been live-action.
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Long Halloween Special

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Is there going to be any sort of follow up to this? Really enjoyed it but I can't tell if it was made as a precursor to something larger later on, or if it was made just because the two animated films came out this year.

I love Sale's work on Batman and I'd love to see more in the future. I know it gets shit on a lot, but I personally really enjoyed Dark Victory.
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Hey Arnold let's get naked!
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What the fuck is its problem?
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Would the MCU have been better if the female bodies were more comic accurate?
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>Over the last few months, there have been consistent reports Marvel has reworked Ms. Marvel's traditional powerset - shapeshifting, size manipulation, and stretching - with strange energy constructs.
>new powers
>no longer Inhuman

How long until she and other other Inhumans are changed in the comics to no longer be Inhumans.
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Pic related got its own show, which is neat considering the general state of webcomics.

So does /co/ think there are any other webcomics out there that ought to get their own series?
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