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Miraculous Ladybug

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>tfw your superhero partner's spandex suit gives you unrealistic expectations of all girls in your civilian life
Poor Kagami.
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Worst Futurama Episode

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What is the worst episode of Futurama in your opinion? I can't think of any episode I would put at the bottom myself.
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when you realized Tony was right all along?

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the bitch instead of delivering tricked us and started streaming her and her cuck bf drawning
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Shoop de shoop de doo
I am the Wabuu
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Could Steven redeem him?
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>that shield is the closest thing I have to a family

That's depressing. Why didn't Cap take Bucky with him to the past?
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The “best animated feature” category kind of sucks this year. Most of the nominees look generic and uninteresting.
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Kid kino.
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