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THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Rumored To Introduce The Thunderbolts To The MCU

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>cover significantly misaligned
>rounded bottom-right corner
>"NM/M 9.8 - A nearly perfect collectible with negligible handling or manufacturing defects."
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How did the CGI hold up better than shows like ReBoot and Beast Wars?
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I'm watching it in the intended order and just finished the first episode
Why does Dooku keep her around? Sending her on a mission is just guaranteeing failure. Sure she's hot but she's just absolutely terrible.
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How was TDK Joker able to always execute his crimes flawlessly and stay 10 steps ahead of everyone else?
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>It's been 34 years since a BattleChasers comic was released.
I miss Red Monika!
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Black Lightning Talkback

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This thread is for the streets /co/
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ITT-post /co/ related fears

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>TFW i used to be afraid of the repulsive slob but eventually evolved into him
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>I'm really glad I spent all that time making intentionally bad threads to irritate strangers on a dying imageboard
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