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Stonetoss thread
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>The series is searching for a woman aged 26-34 with no race specified to portray its lead character Jennifer Walters.

Who would you cast, /co/?
I don't know of any actress out there currently who'd fit....
It'd have to either be a mix of cgi for someone well known or getting like a body builder/wrestler
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Treasure Trekkers

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All these buzzwords do is show how bad this cartoon is going to be. By trying to pretend that these characters are relatable because they are paragons of virtue who do nothing wrong, they demonstrate how shallow these characters will be. I had high hopes for this but I think I have to accept that it's going to be shit.
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Wolverine Thread

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Is Logan the only good X-Man? Would he have worked better as a government experiment instead of a mutant? Feel free to express and explain why you disagree. Do you have hope for his next solo? What are his must read runs? Does he work better as a solo act? New stories/direction you’d like to see from the character?

I hope we see his yellow costume in live action eventually.
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what the fuck was his problem?
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Who do you like better, Venom or Carnage?
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What the fuck went wrong?
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What the fuck is the deal with this Ric Grayson shit, and how dumb is it?
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