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Totally Spies

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Remember this show?
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I’m sorry I was wrong. As a diehard Owl House fan I was wrong. Amphibia is really good, like really good. I think it’ll actually way better than Owl House.
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If you had to live in one place in Marvel and in DC where would it be? Both seem to have very few safe places to live.
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Transformers Regeneration One

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Here's the prior threads.
It's a continuation of Marvel's Transformers comics (the US one), where a lot of loose plotpoints are tied up, and a lot of good bots suffer. The US comics ended at issue 80, we are at issue 93.
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Whats the appeal of this character?

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If I were in Dipper's shoes, I would've made Mabel grow a centimeter every couple of days, then shrink myself by a centimeter every few days then repeat until there's a very noticeable height difference
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Why do people like manga but mock edgy 90s comics when they were basically doing the same things?
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why is he such a jobber he only shows up to jobb to superman or blows up?
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So this is what companies are doing now? Blatant meme templates?