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X-Men TAS Apocalypse

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Why was apocalypse like a cyborg in this show? Is he always kinda robotic? I'm only at the beginning of season 2, don't know if this is something that gets addressed later on. I also noticed that mr sinister is also robotic, is that accurate to the comics, both of them being cyborgs?

Anyway, general x-men and x-men tas thread.

What are the best x-men comics? I'm very familiar with the x-men generally, seen all the movies and most of the cartoons so I'm familiar with the stories and all of the characters, watching through this one for the first time tho so no huge spoilers please.
I haven't read very many x-men comics tho, I've read days of future past and x-men vs avengers, along with a handful of ultimate x-men issues. What are the must reads?
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Imagine how much better The Batman would have been if the Riddler goons at the end called themselves "enigmen" and dressed as giant crossword puzzles
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>we will never get capekino on this level ever again
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Did we really need a two hour video of this furry autist talking about why the Lion King remake was shit?
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Tell me about your favorite VA /co/.
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I'm pretty sure that most non-English speakers rarely watch cartoons with the original English audio. Spongebob was dubbed in every language of the world. The only reason one would have to watch western cartoons in the English version is if they're currently learning English. Also, dubs are usually garbage, especially Latin American and French dubs. In latin American dubs, they basically change the whole dialogua. In French dubs, the voices often don't fit the characters' personalities. But Frenchies are in love with their language so much they will go to the end of the world to claim that the French dub is better than the original. This goes for live action movies/TV shows too, even if it's not the actors' real voices.
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>No Monty, Trigon, or Krona
>Fucking Doomsday is on despite him being a huge jobber
>Ares too because ???
>Upside Down Man, Eclipso, and Neron, who no one even cares about at all are on too.
>Empty Hand, one of the more hyped up DC villains for years whose introduction was literally him making it clear how above everything he was, is reduced to being a side villain. Keep in mind that he's literally the Great Darkness' opened hand and was willingly working with Pariah but decided to chain himself up and weaken himself because why not?
>Led by Pariah, who literally no one cares about. It'd be like if you had a big teamup of WWE wrestlers and the guy leading them was fucking SHOCKMASTER.
Nice cosmic baddie team up you got there, CHUMPS.
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>Disney show for kids does AMA
>Top comment is about main characters' sexuality

Is this really the state of modern cartoons?
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/co/ btfo

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