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Let's have a good old fashion star bully thread.
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What cartoons or comics gave you fetishes?
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I said I wasn't going to come back here in February, but the idea of a "Slight fever syndrome" nowadays is too serious to be regarded as just a hentai.

So here is a compilation of Tootsie Pop parodies from 4 different decades.


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Imagine having a mom with hips that large
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Animated BOP harley sure was sexy
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Dragon prince: oh no he's hot!

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Are we getting another season?
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Political Comics

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No, I'm not talking about trannies, dindus and whatever else. I'm looking for Corporate Intrigue, Boardroom Politics, such stuff. You know, the /co/ equivalents of "The Thick Of It", "Yes Minister", "Margin Call", "Succession", that sort of thing.
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With the lack of success of Bay's two TMNT movies, the slow decline of interest in TMNT 2012, and the (relative) unpopularity of RotTMNT, do you think TMNT is a doomed series falling out of favor, or is it just going to keep springing back no matter what you do with it?
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