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Brutal /co/ deaths

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Christ they just keep hugging and cuddling each other

Are zoomers really that touchy ?
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What is thier relationship like?
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Must I go to rural France to find a gf like Belle
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Is there a more faggot artstyle than this?
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Post /co/ girls MADE for defeat.
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Questionable Content

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Oh no. Oh no.
No God, no, they're getting names. One of you called it last thread and I fully blame whoever it was.
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Bendis BTFO

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>Brian Bendis No Longer Exclusive At DC Comics

>In September, Bleeding Cool reported that DC Comics was putting an end to the big-name-writer exclusive contract deals that had defined the publisher in recent years. One of those names was Brian Bendis, who came to DC from Marvel in the same fashion as Jack Kirby. An exclusive deal arranged by former DC President, Diane Nelson, almost on her way out of the publisher.

>I understand that this is no longer the case that Brian Bendis is no longer exclusive at DC Comics. He can write work-for-hire for any publisher, but no longer receives the prodigious page rate or benefits that were part of the generous deal that saw him move from Marvel Comics to DC back in 2018.
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I'm in love with Rapunzel.
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Future State: Batman/Superman #1 Storytime

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Clark and Bruce! Together for the last time!
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