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What is Hal about to demonstrate to Space Ghost with that underage gentlewoman, /co/?
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Space Jam Thread

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Come on and slam.
And welcome to the jam.
Thank you ma'am
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Autistic girl
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/croc/-Creator Owned Comics

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Thread for discussing creator owned western comics including webcomics
Today's NCBD discuss your pulls or weekly reading in general.
>Currently Reading
>Planning on Reading

>Thread Question:
How do you keep up to date regarding comic news?
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Was it really that bad?
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So why/how can Azula bend fire and lighting at the same time?

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And if she also bend smoke at the same time, what does that mean in terms of her projected power in future appearances?
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The whole season is about Morty getting independent from Rick, but suddenly in the finale he just gives up and now wanna go back to him? This doesn't make any sense. After so much shit Rick has done to him(left him for 2 fucking crows and Morty Market), how the fuck he still wanna be with him? It's so convenient.
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post cool westaboo fanart
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I heard /co/ likes tomboys, Li'l Tomboy thread!
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What’s your opinion on Garfield strips that tell one short story over the course of the week? They were always my favorites.
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