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After the disaster that was Frozen 2 next sequel should be set in modern times, drop Olaf and Kristoff and just focus on the sisters
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Does Emmy have a long and bright future in the comics world?
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ITT post times the MCU wasn't just Fine and was actually Good.
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What are your hopes for S4 of Dragon Prince? I'm hoping best girl has a more prominent role.
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this is the most powerful character on disney right now
say something controversial about her
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New Batman toys

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>What if one of the most popular DC villains was drawn in the iconic animated series art style? You would end up with this The Batman Who Laughs action figure, designed by Ty Templeton! Now you can immerse this terrifying villain into the animated series universe where he will meet old characters and new. The Batman: The Adventures Continue The Batman Who Laughs Action Figure measures approximately 6 3/4-inches tall.
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You cannot convince me that Kipo isn't meant to be a 46 & 2 theory character.
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cape/ super hero /lit/

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cape/ super hero /lit/

any cape or super hero lit that come to mind, good or bad ?