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>it's a muscle grow episode
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So is the Joker canonically superpowered now?

The new joker comic claims the chemical bath he went through “damaged his DNA” and prevents cloning him.

Is this also why he clearly has some kind of healing factor considering his insane amount of survivals in scenarios any one else dies in?

He literally got shot in the eye by Harley Quinn recently and all that happened is he started wearing a fake eye.
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Tuesday Carolthread

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The Avengers #55 >>130099350
Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit #5 (of 5)

Last week's thread: >>130073332
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batman is literally custom equipped, manufactured, artisan crafted, formed by nature, smithed, created and consecrated for cat pussy. Genuinely and literally the perfect hulking cat pussy fucking adonis I’ve ever seen. Imagine his hyperrdeveloped, scarred thick tights wearing legs forced wide so the pulsating mass of batcock can ingratiate itself into catwoman, morph and twist his stoicism into bestial lust, her trimmed supple pussy swallowing that steaming vigilante rod whole and clinging to it like a cat in heat as the costumed mastiff mates and fills the pussy of the pussycat. Imagine batmans grimacing face, chiselled, as she is cursing and screaming for a harder pummelling and rutting from her autistic dominator, as his thick bat mass erupts it’s wayne seed into her criminal genetically predisposed to kleptomania womb, staining that perfect wayne lineage, forever marking generations of upstanding law abiding citizens with defective thief eggs, imagine her sweating and grunting as those thick cat hips birth a half wayne child, forever staking the pussycats claim to bruce's progeny. literally made for bcp
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What's your favorite Isabella-centric P&F episode?
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What are you guys expecting from Marcy's Journal?
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ITT /co/ characters your parents hated.
Always had to skip the first episode of JLU any time my mom was around.
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Blender request thread: Goth goil edition

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Hey yall. How bout we do another Blender thread this time with everyon's favorite grumpy goth girl.

Send me your simple requests.
No I didn't make the model.
The models I use can all be found on Smutbase.
And please no weird fetishes please.
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My favorite image
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He belongs in prison
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