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Just saw Frozen 2. What is the narrative significance of Elsa getting a new sparkly dress?
Her "Let It Go" dress symbolized her new confidence or whatever, but this time it seems like it was just given to her by some outside force (the spirits?)
Am I overthinking this?
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I'm in love
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>Zoomers are now nostalgic the Looney Tunes Show, blissfully unaware that it's nothing like the original Looney Tunes and was hated by everyone when it first aired.
What went wrong? Why do Zoomers have shit taste?
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What will he do next
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Even if Norman got a "clean bill of health" for the "Carnage business", shouldn't he still be on the hook for the many many crimes he committed during Dark Reign, Siege, the Return of HAMMER, and Goblin Nation? You'd think that the government and the media wouldn't be too happy about a guy who tried to overthrow the government and murder a bunch of people after tricking everyone that he was totally a good guy waltzing around a free man. I don't care how many strings Wilson Fisk pulled, this should be beyond even his power to do.
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The Brave and the Bold (2007) storytime.
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>Come on Baby, do something funny!
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Was it accurate metacommentary on PTSD?

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The absolute state.
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