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Help me open a BitCoin wallet to renew my 4chan pass!

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This 4chan pass was the 2nd thing I bought with my first ever paycheck, but recently the site removed the option to pay for it with paypal or credit cards, and now I must have a crypto wallet to pay for it.

I've never done this before, and I wish to open a bitcoin wallet in order to pay for it.

Can you guys help me out? How do you open one? How did you folks do it?
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>Purchases 4chan Pass
>Gets malware
Thanks, I guess.
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How can I get this?
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Oh no
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>bought a 4chan pass
>had to learn how to buy crypto currency to purchase
>finally get it and excited to use it
>open a new tab on 4chan after signing in and it automatically signs me out for that tab

Guys how do I multi-tab with a 4chan pass? (Also for phoneposting too). To where every time I open a new tab I am automatically signed in for it?
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I can't into memecoins, so this is my last day in /vip/.
I'll miss you bros.
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huff huff
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Mod Appreciation Thread

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Let's give thanks to the 4channel team for shitti- blessing pass users, who dare support the site, with 200IQ bans
Do not buy a 4chan pass. Do not renew.
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>he can't post more than two sentences at most
>he will never make thoughtful, well-paced posts or notable copypastas
>he can't make any original content ever, even a shitty MSpaint drawing
>he will never make the newest image macro or reaction image; he can only spam pre-existing memes, often the most low quality, try hard and shitty ones
>he can't ever have multiple tabs open at once
>he makes excuses he can't "post comfortably from anywhere" without a phone
>he has apparently never heard of laptops
>he will never browse imageboards at their peak optimum
>he will always be low-quality
>he will always be underaged-majority
>he will always be the cancer killing every thread
>he will always be a phoneposter
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We are not poor like you!