Current status Hidden site now up at http://ydt6jy2ng3s3xg2e.onion/
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Does anyone else play Fortnite? I enjoy the Battle Royale mode, but I'm curious to hear what others think of it.
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This is a slow board
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Who is the log of shit poster? A mod?

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I got another two day ban last week for posting an image of a Spam can in a log of shit thread on /b/. "Doxing or revealing personal information" which I did not do. I got two other bans earlier this year for posting in log of shit threads with the same lame, false accusation.

Who the fuck *is* the log of shit poster? A mod? He shitposts (literally) with impunity and has for over a year.

Is 4chan permanently broken? Because things have been going in the wrong direction since... when m00t left. Dismal.
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Draw your best pepe
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Holy fuck at dem tiddies.

More like Thiccstrasza, am I right?
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