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are there any real benefits to eating there?
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Did you renew?
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I finally got a 4chan pass
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What is your favorite wine, /vip/s?
I'm enjoying a nice tawny port with some blue cheese and tart apple slices right now, but I typically go for the Italian Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.
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Bitcoin is worth more than facebook right now, and normies still deny it and call it a scam. Why are people so dumb?
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>Post a shitton behind a CAPTCHA
>Buy 4chan pass
>Barely post anymore

Why is my brain like this?
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why the FUCK does my pass not work for SFW boards on mobile. i get the IP range ban and the captcha still. and i know i’m signed in because i go to a NSFW board and then it works.
i literally had to wait to get home to use my desktop to post this because the pass i paid money for isn't working.