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Vtuber discussion thread
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I boughted a 4chan pass to show fembots on r9k that I have money, but they still don't want to add me on discord and become my e-gfs...
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Is being a guy dating a lesbian the ultimate chad move?

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Think about it, if you're dating a lesbian, she has no desire to cheat on you with men, since she has no sexual attraction to them. If she ever ended up cheating on you, it would be with a girl, so you aren't really cucked to the same extent as you would be with a straight girl cheating on you with a guy. In fact, she might actually bring the other dyke along for a threesome. It's kind of like being muslim and finding out that your two wives are having sex, but instead of having them beheaded or some shit, you just fuck both of them.
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Help Anon,
the simulation has me.
Is there a way out or am I stuck in this bitch?
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/vip/ is a Christian Board
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Shroomjak in all fields.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

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Your turn, /vip/.
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