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Who /yanggang/ here?
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<span class="sjis"> Tell me about your girlfriend![/spoiler]
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Shazam is a good film
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>tfw both your passes are banned in your favorite board for a week
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xV> A@DE:?8 D64C6E 4@56 @? >J ^G:A^ 6I4=FD:G6 3@2C5 3642FD6 E96C6VD ?@ E@A:4 E96C6 2?5 J@F 42?VE DE@A >6 l/X
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Hey guys, you remember Trove?
If you want to revive trove, or potentially put it up once again if killed, or are just interested to see our efforts in progress, join our bisdord (you know what i mean)
If you happen to know any devs from Trion or Trove who would be willing to help out in case Gamigo completely kills trove, we are planning on potentially putting it back up better than ever before.
If you yourself are a dev, GET IN HERE.
Spread the word, we can use as much help as we can get.
If you just want to come back to this voxel MMO, get in here. We still love it, too.
Today, 4000 active players. 2015, 60k.
Make Trove Great Again.
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You must not commit suicide
it is said that suffering when committing suicide is printed in your soul and you will continue to have a hard time even after death. and that the suffering does not transmigrate you into a happy next life.
All you have to do in this world is to accept your life without complaining and hating other people, no matter how bad the conditions you have been given in this world.