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Kickem in the tuchus
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you haven't forgotten, right /vip/?
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I can't believe the dev team finally fixed the shitty Tegaki art program so now not only is it no longer a clunky mess where you have to click every single action and change of tool, but they added extra functions like a tone screen brush and presets like the classic oekaki colors,

Really though, godbless they finally added shift-z and shift-y, clicking that undo and redo button was tedious as fuck
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Aye, Vip how shit is my YouTube channel?
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Does /vip/ play Monster Hunter?
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Was wondering why we have lost the ability to post Archive links ?

I can't seem to post them. It says, the system thinks this is spam.

http://archive(delete this space ->) .ph/DBrG8

Can't post that url