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U. S. reestablishment of the Nazi regime

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It has become more and more obvious that the U. S. Government, or large parts of it, are attempting to reestablish the psychopathic Nazi regime.
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Testing to see if my pass works.
Also, if I get banned / warned while using pass, will posting from that pass still not work if I switch IPs?
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Imagine being able to casually rape one of these while walking down the street and suffer zero repercussions. The future is amazing.
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If I am very important, why dont I have a gf?
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The pass is only 5 cents USD a day

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A lot of anons drop $60.00 USD on a new video game
Or spend $30 no problem on uber eats every night
And you STILL won't drop $20USD to get a pass?

You are cheap, anon
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How do I permanently make it so 'since4pass' is put into the options field? is it a browser thing?
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Is this board out of Lee's reach?
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