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bune threade

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I shall post my most exclusive bune collection.
Feel free to join in.
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/@/ - The VIP iDOLM@STER thread

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>Sexy main RED edition: thread #2
This is a /vip/ thread for all things iDOLM@STER. Go ahead, post an im@s idol, and try out that shiny new 4chan pass before entering /@/.

>Previous VIP thread: >>73151
Archive of >>73151 :

>iDOLM@STER track of the year (IMPORTANT):
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Even after four years, this statement will still ring true: FUCK FIRE EMBLEM
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Very Important Pikachu

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Healthy young man goes on 4chan, gets pumped full of unhealthy sexual fantasies from his chinese cartoons, doesn't feel good and changes - DYSPHORIA
Many such cases!
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As American as apple pie.
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Is this site trustworthy to renew my pass?
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I renewed my pass for 20.17$ using crypto through the Coinbase link in the Renewal link.

I'm here for another year ;)
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20 pass users helped Australia, why haven't you bought a pass yet?
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