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Sakura Wars

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I apologize if the question is dumb. So I remember seeing 4chan pass users having the clover icon next to their posts - how do you do this?

t. pass owner
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Help me open a BitCoin wallet to renew my 4chan pass!

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This 4chan pass was the 2nd thing I bought with my first ever paycheck, but recently the site removed the option to pay for it with paypal or credit cards, and now I must have a crypto wallet to pay for it.

I've never done this before, and I wish to open a bitcoin wallet in order to pay for it.

Can you guys help me out? How do you open one? How did you folks do it?
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/vip/ stats

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Looking at the /vip/ stats, if I make a thread, it will likely stay up for years before archiving. It's my goal to keep this thread alive until the sun devours the earth.
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4chan pass isn't good enough. I want a more expensive ultra pass with more features.
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just took acid

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mindfuck me
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Why is this a blue board?

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