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The KPOP girl of the day

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Today's girl is Sejeong
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Unsorted Image Collection thread (2D Girls Edition) - Part 2

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Previous thread: >>99729
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Keiki Thread

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Every once a day, I'll post one image of Haniyasushin Keiki.
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Why did you buy a 4chan pass?
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pls pots on [s4s]
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I heard they're testing a new "post edit" feature on /vip/. Has anyone figured out how to do it yet?

[edit] Nevermind, figured it out! Thanks!
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Merry Christmas, /vip/!!!!
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/vip/ daily lectionary

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Since /vip/ is a Christian board let's read the entire Bible this year (the KJV version, of course.)

Today, 1/1/2021, we start with Matthew 1, then Genesis 1, 2, and 3.

For context, the book of Matthew presents Jesus as the messiah and savior of all of humanity and the beginning serves as a transition from the Old Testament to the New.

Genesis is a book of beginnings that introduces central themes of the Bible, such as creation and redemption.

Catch up for tomorrow's chapters, and God bless.
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