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New 4chan pass user.
Can someone tell me how to set up uBlockOrigin and Privacy Badger correctly to not get the Another ip is using this Pass" or have to relogin-in every 15mins and only get 1 or 2 posts in before having to use captchas again.
If I turn them both off, it works fine.

Can I use DeCentraleyes with the pass ?
Help da newb!
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You're welcome
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Reminder that mods specifically ban Pass users more, do NOT renew your pass or suggest others to get one
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Does /vip/ play Monster Hunter?
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It's my birthday today and I thought maybe we should have a thread for birthdays around the year since /vip/ is so slow. When it's your birthday just post in this thread and I will personally wish you well on your special day.
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? ?
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>What do you mean I shouldn't make another thread about crypto?
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/vip only discord/

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When do we get our own VIP only discord to discuss the potential of this board and how much better we are than everyone else?