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I am the most based anon on this board

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I will make it.
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Are you there, Lain?
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What's the point of 4chan passes

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What's the point of 4chan passes if I can get banned for 5-30 days on a whim?
Also why the fuck can't my ISP create threads on some boards? namely /pol/ /v/ /b/ /biz/ ?
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Is anyone out there not a drone?

If you are reading this and capable of understanding what it means, I do not believe there is many of us left.
You can watch as the "things" replying will pretend to know what this means, but they do not.
They may be some type of machine, I'm not sure.

Again, is anyone out there not a drone?
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pls pots on [s4s]
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Help Anon,
the simulation has me.
Is there a way out or am I stuck in this bitch?
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High-functioning Zombies

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Hear me out on this.
Now I have heard commoners referred to as sheep or NPC's to explain away their odd behavior, but that doesn't quite fit does it?
The people around us can more accurately be described by the term 'High-functioning Zombies,'
which is really what they are if you think about it.
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TEST 01/??

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