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Best girl in front page.
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What does /vip/ like most about Suwako?
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Thread For Me To Dump Images I Like

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Videogames (mostly older ones), weapons, weebshit, and some old horror movie stuff.
Talk if you want.
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Nobiko, also known as Longcat, has passed away.
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Did you renew?
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>Wish my since4pass had a "Pass user since 2012" upon mouseover
>Will never EVER have a 4chan pass from 2012
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Letting people know you use a 4chan pass

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I have set 4chanx so that it automatically uses the "since4pass" command on very low quality boards, such as /v/. As result all of my posts carry the pass logo.
It is the easiest way to get (you)s. No matter what I post, at least 5 replies are guaranteed on each thread. If you post something slightly controversial you'll get even more as people see your pass as a possibility of taking a cheap shot at your post's content.
If you post more replies everyone will know who you are similarly to a tripcode or name, but the difference is that they can't filter a pass.
You can always remove the since4pass command if you don't want to derail the thread. But not many thread on /v/ deserve that.
Many people will ask "how do you have the clover next to your name", and you can have fun answering that creatively.
Sometimes I imagine the long term consequences of doing this. These are the scenarios I envision:

>mods take notice of it and start banning people who spam since4pass
That'd be weird since the command is there to be used. I think that's very unlikely to happen.
>4chanx developers add a way to filter all posts with since4pass
This can happen if I (and whoever else decides to do this after reading my post) riffle the right person's patience.
>/v/ (and other low quality boards) learn to just accept pass users without commenting on them
This is slightly more plausible, just like /v/ learned to accept certain namefags.
>nothing ever changes, and using the since4pass command remains as a free and guaranteed way of getting dozens of (you)s at no effort
Let's be honest, this is by far the most likely scenario.