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Where can we report mod abuse?

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Why is the mod on /a/ allowed to delete an existing thread>>210530416 so he can replace it with his own thread here>>210538517 even though OP of the deleted thread complied with the rules>>210538723.

He did the same thing before replacing this thread>>210448841 with own >>210450748 mere seconds after he pruned the existing one>>210457923
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How do you renew a pass without using shitty bitcoins? I'm not getting into that garbage
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The Tranny Flood

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>The Tranny Flood on /pol/ is not to be fought with debate
>the tranny thread is a slide thread, with what SEEMS to be power to resist fact
>the Tranny is self destroying
>interacting only extends their lease on the life that they hate
>please advise that The Tranny Thread should be reported as flood/spam, filter avoiding, off topic, and trolling outside /b/

Tranny threads are logical fallacies made into a syllogism, usually taking the path of least resistance to the ultimate nauseating act: removing their dicks by surgery.
Eg A: Trump ran against bidet
B: you lost and blame cheating
C: pol sucks and you're bitches, aka, now YOUR dick is cut off
Divisive statements are also identifiers.

For us, defeat is something we can either learn from, or somehow, reverse. But he will never be a woman, so this shame is not to be confronted.
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Where the life is shit, shoot the breeze thread?
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Did you renew?
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Can I use this board for testing/development purposes?

I'm implementing a new feature in Clover that would allow you to save/view posts you make, but I often need to put out test posts to develop it. I hate shitting up other boards or having to think of something relevant to reply to, but with this board my thought is, hey I paid actual money for it, I should be able to use it as I please.

Does this make sense or would I get flamed for doing that here?
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Someone seems very affected by a pass user he's been trying to shit talk ever since he made this reply