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Best girl in front page.
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>Spend hours trying to find a bitcoin trading site that will just let me send btc to my wallet immediately so I can buy a 4chan pass
>takes more than two hours and I wasted $25 on a site that wouldn't let me send it to my wallet and didn't tell me until after I had bought the btc
>finally get the btc needed to buy a pass
>go to buy the pass
>find out you can just pay using Coinbase
I am a fucking moron. Any other anons had similar experience buying a pass?
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What's /vip/ listening to?
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Religion board

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>No Religion board
c'mon we need one
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>only time a girl has touched my penis is when I was 8 and I went to the doctor to get a physical
still got tail tho
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give me one (1) reason this board deserves high quality posts
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So why did she do it?
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Moot of 4chan, his arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft /vip/ from the bosom of the water signifying by Divine Providence that I, Artoria, was to rule /vip/. That is why I am your king!
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>This 4chan Pass is currently in use by another IP
What the fuck is the point of allowing us to utilize one pass across multiple devices if it means getting cockblocked by this shit constantly?
I'd rather do the fucking captchas than get indefinitely locked out of posting on my PC because I made ONE reply using my phone 6 fucking hours ago.
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