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nobody likes you.
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pls pots on [s4s]
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>Spend hours trying to find a bitcoin trading site that will just let me send btc to my wallet immediately so I can buy a 4chan pass
>takes more than two hours and I wasted $25 on a site that wouldn't let me send it to my wallet and didn't tell me until after I had bought the btc
>finally get the btc needed to buy a pass
>go to buy the pass
>find out you can just pay using Coinbase
I am a fucking moron. Any other anons had similar experience buying a pass?
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Where is my Tik Tok?

Why is Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead?

Where is my Harry Potter?

Will Daddy come home with Starbucks?

Who took my Frozen 2 and Disney +?
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ITT: Post your favourite anime from your since4pass year

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How do you feel about armpits?
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Today is Anne Frank's 91st Birthday

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Say something nice for birthday girl.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

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Your turn, /vip/.
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