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/vent/ thread

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old thread >>4036249

>wageslave 40 hrs
>art homework due tomorrow morning
>haven't even started it

You know what they say; you can sleep when you're dead, haha!!
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How do you get this sort of soft, blended in, glossy lineart and finish? I really want to incorporate this into my style but it always ends up looking like soulless vectors because my lineart is too clean and a single weight all along, and my shading sucks ass.

(This is not a cumbrain thread I swear, the best pics to illustrate it were porn. The artists I want to imitate have all their step-by-steps behind patreon, too. I'm literally at the end of my rope.)
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Anatomy of Bodybuilders

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i wanna draw buff guys and i need help i like drawing muscles but i take too much time with them how can improve on not just drawing muscles but training myself to draw them quicker
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what's your opinion on whytmanga, you guys? :)
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Shadow banned in social media

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I recently was told I was shadow banned from Instagram and sure enough I could not find my recent post by using tags, It always seemed weird to reach 2k followers on twitter in a few months while I have barely crossed 1.5k on IG after two years.

Has this happened to you?, Were you able to fix it by the usual methods (ex: buy a promotion, stop activity for 2 weeks, not using banned tags, etc...?)

I do nsfw but it is very inoffensive (pinups, figure drawing, etc..)
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/beg/ - Beginner General

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

previous >>4067473

>screenshot the image and post that instead
>change camera capture settings to something smaller
>send to computer and resize in MSPaint

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance when you haven't even started.


TRY TO GIVE PEOPLE SOME FEEDBACK - many studies are left unreplied, which is a bit sad and can be quite demotivating for the people that try their best to improve, but are left directionless.
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Help me understand commissions

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Why do people pay for custom stuff? Talking about non porn commissions. Do they have a folder “stuff I paid for” or something? I dont get it. Why spend money on some digital image?
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Porn thread

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Previous thread: >>4049750 #

Disclaimer: Please [-] the thread if you don't want your mom seeing this thread.

Share your pornographic drawings that you're working on and receive feedback, "blog ?" comments, and critiques. Please contain your autism.

>How do I get started drawing porn?
6 Steps to Improve
Read Loomis - /loomis/ link!es1BSKQR!spODyd0iaQmMelGA2GscFw

References -
1. Google is your best friend. So is the Artbook Thread (ctrl+F artbook in Catalog)
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If you can't see 6 with your mind's eye, then you're NGMI.
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Super stylized manga and anime thread

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Post anime or manga artists that have a very distinct style while still maintaining that "anime" feel
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