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Buckle in buckaroos, PS just got obsolete.
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what do you think of my beautiful art?
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/dtg/ - Drawing Tablet General

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This is a thread to discuss all kinds of digital drawing hardware: non-display graphics tablets, pen display tablets, portable tablets and more.

>What should I buy?
State your:
>Type (display? non-display? portable?)
>Size (in inches)
>Other information
>Previous equipment

If you have any additional questions, ask them.

>Recommended tablets:

Intuos 3 - Best budget tablet.
Intuos Pro M - The best non-display tablet.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - Budget portable display tablet. Very solid drawing experience with Wacom EMR tech.
Used iPad Pro 2nd Gen 12.9" - Best option for a display tablet.
Used Cintiq 22HD - The only worthwhile large display tablet
Galaxy Tab S7+ - Good premium alternative to an iPad Pro


XP-Pen, Huion, Gaomon and every other Chinese brand - Poor build quality, lackluster pens, bad tilt, struggles to register light pressure, horrible customer support and the displays are not calibrated. All Chinese brands are basically the same because they're all centralized. Also watch, Chinese companies shill HARD on /ic/. Check out the webm to understand how bad they are.
Cintiq Pro - Terrible value. The drawing experience might be good, but you're paying way too much for an unreliable product. Dead pixels are frequent, as are black screens of death.
Microsoft Surface Pro - The N-Trig digitizer means you will always get wobbly lines.
Lenovo - Bad drawing performance.

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Trad > Digital

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Traditional is the ultimate medium, whether it be for drawing, painting, or sculpting.

Digital promotes shortcuts and not actually learning your craft. Do you think Da Vinci had ctrl+z? Maybe Raphael? Maybe Michelangelo? Rubens? Caravaggio? Rembrandt?

When studying as a beginner, study traditional when you can. Only when you have a good grasp of traditional should you consider moving onto digital. And EVEN when you move onto digital, you should still spend a good amount of time practicing in traditional.

Don't be the fools who just do digital and end up only drawing coomer art.

Strive to be the best you can be.

Be a trad chad.
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Art program Discussion

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Since I haven't seen a thread like this, I decided to start my own. When you hear a certain name of an art program (i.e Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Krita CSP) what do you think of them? are certain programs better than others? Does an art program being expensive make it better than another, or can a free one be just as good?
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>watching sam nielson
>get to pic related
>look at the screen before and immediately feel the top two are cool and pretty and bottom two look bad and boring
>he says top two are awful and don’t work at all
>says bottom two are good
brehs, am I supposed to accept this?
I am not feeling it at all
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Can someone spot what is wrong with this drawing, is the perspective wrong?
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Is this a good book?
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Post your work and/or rate others
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Why is purple the most soulful colour?
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