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Creating an artist name

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hey /ic/

So I'm an artist looking to get a fresh start on Twitter and Instagram. Goes without saying that finding a name for yourself that isn't already taken across many social apps is by far the most annoying thing to deal with nowadays. At this point, I'm at a major mindblock. Any artists out on social media with unique names that would like share insight on how they came across them? Serve as inspiration and give new ideas maybe? Been at this for 5 days now and just frustrated with myself.
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What effects will this shutdown have on the world of contemporary art?
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what is some relaxing and cool music to listen while drawing?
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Do your parents know that you draw coom?
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Giovanni Gasparro

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A thread of appreciation of this modern Italian Artist. And his Art.
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How do you guys choose your colors?
And how do you choose what colors to shade and highlight with?
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Digital painting video processes?

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I've seen a load of people shill sites like skillshare for learning digital painting - how good are they and have you recommendations? I've found some really helpful stuff on youTube already - any artistd who stream their processes you found helpful? I really need to learn techniques on how to render.
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Marvel's New Warriors

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I have never understood how people made vent shit or just put some abstract bullshit on paper and boom it looked like something and they didn't care whether it was good or bad.

I finally get it. It's around 2 am for me, and I finally made some fucky ugly bullshit vent thing. I can't do abstract well, but I don't care. I don't give a fuck that it's unappealing and ugly. I didn't make it to be pretty.

So this is my work. It's fucking awful

sorry if the size is fucked. I'm retarded so
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I want to be like daddy Mullins...

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And ain't even know how to draw...