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>nice looking profile pic in notifs
>check profile
>it's drawn by someone else
>their art isn't your cup of tea
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Has anyone used compression gloves before? Sometimes if I draw for a long time my hands get a bit sore
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To those who've made it.

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So I've been a fully employed game artist for a year now, and I think it's safe to say that I've made it. Questions is, now what?

I don't know what to do next. If you're a pro what are you currently doing to grow? what's your next milestone.
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Why is it that in order for a female artist to be into NSFW she has to either be BPD or a rape victim?
Such an extreme does not exist for male artists whatsoever.
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Post actually good 3D art
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Sycra simplified anatomy.
Is this worth giving a try? Or there are better resources for that kind of stuff?
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Choose your fate

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Imagine you have 2 months without having to worry for money. At all. Would you rather spend all your time and energy learning how to draw, or how to code?
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Art school thread

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I've never been, just wanted to ask about people's experiences with it.
Was it worthwhile to go? How much did you improve from when you entered vs when you graduated? How much of that improvement was due to teacher instruction and how much of it was just due to drawing a lot? How easy was it to get useful, personalized critiques on your work?