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I tried to draw the intro of Saving Private Ryan when I was in my teens, what do you think senpai?
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anyone familiar with this mega link?
it's taken down recently, it had tons of courses in almost anything related to art, i couldn't clone it or download everything i needed because i didn't have enough space.
was wondering if anyone else cloned, or if there is a copy of it being shared.
thank you o/
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Humans learn everything else by copying others. Why is drawing different?
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PC98 Thread

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Are you able to draw anything in the same style of PC98 artwork?
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wtf I love Ruan jia now
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Why does Eastern furry art lack the autism that's rampant among western furfags?
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i'll love you if you stream my new single
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What do you think of my art?
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pol face

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Draw him in your style
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