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I thought loomis was a meme

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I learned more in the first 40 pages than i have in several art books throughout my life
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Hey all, is there still a link floating around for the 3TB or so Mega that was posted here a few months back? It was a massive collection of artbooks and tips etc, many thanks
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do you understand the secrets of Sacred Geometry?
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what is the difference between Art and content?
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How do I paint like the old masters?
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Dreams and Nightmares Skin Contest

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Is anyone here going to participate?

For those of you unaware: Valve has just announced a Skin Contest for CS:GO with 1 Million Dollars as Prizepool. They will take 10 submissions for weapon Skins and the money is split evenly between them, so you could potentially get pretty rich with a good submission (or multiple).

I personally would love to see a surrealist skin, since everything is supposed to be Dream&Nightmare themed. Something colorful with impossible architecture and/or geometry

Link to the official Site:
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