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Tell me what to draw and I will do it.
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Draw gigachad

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>because yes, I'm a gmi, how did you know?

Show me your gigachad anon.
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Inspiration Folder Thread

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Post stuff from your inspiration folder, also links for blogs to find good references and inspiration
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Have you noticed that your imagination has improved since you started drawing a lot?

Mine has gotten so weird that it spooks me sometimes. I started seeing shapes with my eyes closed (not in my mind's eye, but with my actual eyes like a hallucination. they're very vague and crude, but they're there), they morph into loomis heads, squares, circles, random body parts that I've been studying, just whatever I've been drawing lately. I also see things in everything. I can look out my window now at a couple bushes and in my mind's eye it's like I'm looking at this massive jungle. I watched a cat roam around in the yard for 30 minutes because it reminded me of a nature documentary and I was watching how its body moved and it was so fascinating.

It's like this constantly for everything and the more I draw the crazier it gets.
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/stg/ - Stone Tablet General

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This is a thread to discuss all kinds of traditional carving stoneware: non-display boulders, display sandstone, portable slabs and more.

Did you know tablets can be made of stone?

>What should I carve?
State your:
>Type (smooth? granite? sandstone?)
>Weight (in stone)
>Other information
>Previous chisels or tools

If you have any additional questions, ask them.
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Twitter Redesigns

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wtf an actually good twitter redesign?

keeps the soul of the original whilst modernizing it pretty well, too bad she's kinda ugly
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anyone have any color palette similar to this?

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Study Thread

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Draw this.
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>Spend two years trying to perfect pic related

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Why do I see some art students get shitty about it and give up or have the teacher get shitty about it and give up or have them practice a million times.
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what color wheels would match this paint color?

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i’m thinking a nice bronze or a brown