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ITT: Best Drawing Exercises

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What are the best drawing and painting exercises you know of?
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Help with pic related? It's a WIP that's been pissing me off for the past few weeks. I can't get the contrast or saturation right with any of the color study. Everything just looks like low contrast shit and it's frustrating the living hell out of me. What colors can I blend in with this to make it look better?
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Which art style do you prefer and think Is superior between american comics and manga? Eurocomics and South American ones are excluded, also post examples

For me personally I like both at their best, but almost every comics after the 2000s looks unappealing to me while I can still find recent manga with art that appeals to me like Beastars, Girl From The Other Side or Witch Hat Atelier. Still a Big fan of Mignola and Jim Lee tho
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Good and bad art

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What do you consider as bad or ugly art and what do you think is good?
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Be honest, /ic/. How many years will it take for western artists to reach this level?
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Pixel Art Thread

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Art youtube channels

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Post recommendations for channels centered around art. Could be podcasts, plain ass drawing videos, instructional videos, documentaries, etc.
Since everybody already knows about them, don't name:
>Ahmed Aldoori
>Ethan Becker
>Marco Bucci
>Bobby Chiu
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What exactly make women in comics look like trannies a lot of the time? Artists like Manara and Serpieri still manage to make their women look like pure women for how hatched or detailed they are, why can't an american that draws in a simpler art style do the same?
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why do you make art?

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