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Caricature mode part 2

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Really enjoyed the last caricature thread so I figured I'd give it another go with fresh inspiration.
I'll post a few to pick from to kick it off
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My bois can one start with drawing right at digital? I got an huion 1060 from an friend and don't want to waste a billion on paper and pencils. So is it a good way to start art by going in with clipstudio and Photoshop? Easier? Harder? I want to draw lews pics like pic
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How do I get over the fact I basically would be a famous artist on social media if I get over my pride and start using all the hacks and tricks concept artists use like photobashing, tracing 3D renders and using filters and photos?
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Why aren't you learning how to draw from old books?
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Another seething thread about not having a CGPeers

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My account expired and it seems to be a fully closed community now, so I'm looking to discuss alternatives and options.
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>free proko course
>loomis creative illustration
>maybe perspective made easy
That's literally all you need
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workstation thread

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post them
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Best way to understand someones style?

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Hello, Ive been collecting a lot of reference from various artists I enjoy. I plan on making attempts to understand why they did certain things in their work in order to apply it to my own in the future.

Is there a proper technique to go about this or what? Im sort of confused on how to approach it, do I approach it like a plate study? Do I redline and trace over it ? Do I try catching the angles and shapes of it?
Do I try drawing it exactly from sight? Or try to capture the jist of it in gestural works?

Ill be posting stuff I have saved to keep the thread alive.
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how on earth are you supposed to study and learn from something if you have no idea how to even go about trying to draw and paint it from reference? for example i can get the general lineart down but when it comes to painting i have no idea where to even begin how do people learn from studying this kind of shit