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construction vs observation

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Which superior. It seem like most of you think construction is better but why old master drawing in observation way? Are they retard
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internet artists drama

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can you guys give me a list of internet artists that have been in a lot of drama and why?
it is for research purposes
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ITT: ARTSTYLES, you're trying to achieve or have inspired you.
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/ic/ loves to drag Butch HACKman surprised none posted about this??
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Is art a hobby or a job to you? Do you think it'd be better if you were on the other side of the fence?
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Portrait references

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Fuck it, portrait thread
Post refs, share works, fuck bitches, get money
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Why is the Force™ Method Better Than Loomis?

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What do you think a bout crypto art?

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Seems like it's changing everything. Seems that the world wont be the same ever again
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>draw porn of your fetish
>give self amnesia
>can now coom to all the art you made
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