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Which artists should I study if I wanna learn how to draw cool heroic men?
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Art Networking!

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This is a thread about Art Networking, The Art Business, Social Media and how to get your art seen.

Do you all use the following?



If so what are your links?


Which galleries, artists, curators, museums, art cafes, art bars, tea houses, art stores do you follow on social media?


Do you email online magazines about your art?
Do you contact galleries about your art?
Do you network with curators?
Do you leave business cards anywhere?


Which social media network brings you the most traffic for your work?
Which social media network brings your work the most engagement?


Do you sell your art?
Where do you sell your art?
How did you come up with pricing?
Are commissions good for the soul?


What are you doing this week to promote your art?
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whats the point of /beg/ if nobody fucking gives a shit about you and 90% of the posts get 0 replies?
this is depressing
giving some ok level feedback would take like 5 fucking seconds
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What's your favorite subjects to use as references? Mine are volleyball players.
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What are the steps involved in producing a rough sketch? I feel like I've been trying to make the finished work without a foundation because nobody ever taught me how to lay the foundation.
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What is your greatest achievement as an artist?

>I smoked a joint with Ruan Jia when he came to Europe for a workshop
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Learning to see (sight-size, comperative measurment,..)

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What are the best methods to learn to see corectly. Two most popular methods are sigh-size and comperative measurment. Are there any other?

I have never, ever practice that because i thought it's lame to use pencil (or any other tool) for measuring, i was only relying on eyes.
Then i realized, after many, many years, how bad my observation skills actually are.
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Is it true that women are better at drawing porn?
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Who are the Gods of fantasy art?
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Why haven't you bought a screen drawing tablet yet? This baby has everything you'll ever need for only 400$. There's no excuse.
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