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Post the oldest drawing you have on hand
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any books similar books to girls pose 500, with a vast collection of anime poses?
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/PAG/ - Pixel Art General

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Previous thread >>5431020

> Rules:
- Resize your images before posting!
- Binary art allowed if its low resolution.
- Converted/Photobashed images are not allowed.
- NSFW allowed.

> Resources
How do I learn pixel art ?
Where do I learn those things?
What software do I use ?
Where can I share my work ?

Check this out



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Post your progress thread (not) Everyone can draw edition

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Let's see your progress lads.
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Draw this in your style
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Hey peeps check out this real knowledge to combat the ADHD that gets in the way of your silly drawings
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Does anyone have that one website where you could move a box in 3D space and it would show the vanishing points moving as you move the box? I looked something like pic related.
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In art, what/who would you consider "the best"? The very end of the line in terms of skill.
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How do I avoid drawing in a generic art style once I have decent enough fundamentals to branch out?
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/dtg/ - Drawing Tablet General

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This is a thread to discuss all kinds of digital drawing hardware: non-display graphics tablets, pen display tablets, portable tablets and more.

>What should I buy?
State your:
>Type (display? non-display? portable?)
>Size (in inches)
>Other information
>Previous equipment

If you have any additional questions, ask them.

>Recommended tablets:

Intuos 3 - Best screenless tablet and it's cheap. Look for one on Craigslist or Ebay.
Intuos 4, 5 & Pro - Also good options. Will burn through your nibs.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - Budget portable display tablet. Very solid drawing experience with Wacom EMR tech, but a small 10.4" display area.
Used iPad Pro 2nd Gen 12.9" - Best option for a display tablet.
Galaxy Tab S7+ - Good premium alternative to an iPad Pro


XP-Pen, Huion, Gaomon and every other Chinese brand - Poor build quality, lackluster pens, broken tilt, struggles to register light pressure, horrible customer support and the displays are not calibrated. All Chinese brands are basically the same because they're all centralized. Check out the webm to understand how bad they are. Also watch out, Chinese companies shill HARD on /ic/; they do a lot of samefagging and frequently hurl personal insults.
Microsoft Surface Pro - The N-Trig digitizer means you will always get wobbly lines.
Lenovo - Bad drawing performance because they're not designed with art in mind.
Cintiqs & other desktop display tablets - Overpriced, prone to problems and will lead to back posture issues.
iPads (brand new)
iMacs and Macbooks - Never buy this garbage under any circumstance. It's a locked ecosystem with rubbish hardware you can't upgrade.

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