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Minimal PC requirements to use a Kamvas?

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Couldn't find an answer anywhere else. My main question is: is a graphics card required to properly use a Huion Kamvas? I plan to use it with Krita.
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Rate my hand stability

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Been doing those while standing, with paper sheets glued to the wall for over 3 weeks now. The idea, according to me, is to have my eyes and hand memorize what I believe to be the 36 key angles in the vision field (0, 10, 20... 360). I do those freehand, using only a protractor to mark the dots, before placing my pencil in the center and trying to draw perfect lines with the fewest strokes possible. I'm not sure if I am good enough already to get past this self-implemented excercise, before getting into drawing the cube and it's rotations.
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>mfw i paid a prostitute for her services by drawing her a nude portrait
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What are the best resources that can help me get better at drawing cityscapes?
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This is a shot in the dark, looking for a modern digital artist. Possibly on artstation.

I'm looking for a particular painting of a mech in a concrete city street, i think there are a lot of greys/browns.

It looks like maybe a riot police style thing, with a destroyed tank or a cop car in front of it. Its standing in front of something else as if its been called for backup. Its very gestural. I hope someone can help, i've been looking a long time.

Thanks guys.
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What is your thoughts on artists changing character’s physical appearance? Image related.
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I can draw boxes, cylinders, cones, ovals in many perspectives and able to construct various solid angular objects.

But when it comes to the human form I lose all sense of proportion and can't make it look elegant, flowy, gestural etc.

Is it a different skillset or am I doing it wrong? Everything human I draw look stiff and ugly. Any advise?
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How can I learn to draw likeness?
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So as you might know already theres a new virus going around, so how about you make a anime version of that or just your style version.

so heres some background

rumored to be born from a bat flu
it's from china
theres a beer called corona
flu symptoms

now go draw :D
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