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>japanese tutorial ends
>they wish me good luck and tell me to always do my best
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Using reference is bad. Here is why

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A lot of artists nowadays don't copy a real object or person, they copy and paste their "reference" next to their drawing in photoshop. A lot of them just trace over the image they want, then there's just straight out photobashing.
There are people out there that have drawn for years as a professional that I can spot major anatomy issues from, later learning that they heavily used "references", the parts they referenced was more or less accurate but the parts they had to add themselves are full of issues.
I get using a reference for accurate anatomy or complex body movement and interaction they should be used to understand better but I don't get the point of people that just lift the picture completely and then slightly alter the image to make it their own work.
It explains their major flaws and inconsistencies, their actual skill level is much lower than it first seemed and are using crutches, the flawed areas are their real abilities.
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Why are some people able to draw better than others?
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/DASG/ - Digital Art Software General:

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A Thread for the general discussion of Digital Art and Digital art Software.

A Place for Questions, Reviews, Resource sharing and Tutorials.

List of Digital Art Software:

Getting Started with Digital Painting:

Curios & Oddities
I enjoy collecting old and abandoned programs and thought others might like to take a look:

Firealpaca updated to version 2.3.12 on September 10th.

Paint Tool SAI 2 Development version updated August 28th, 2020.
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Temple Grounds

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O hallowed lord, O Master Zhu. Guide us, thine flock, from this board of sin; bear our weakness, and in doing, cleanse us of our misconceptions. Thy teachings be light; thy voice, reason. Reveal and repel the imps, O lord; the demons that would muddy our path with thoughts of 'talent,' 'neuroplasticity,' and other such deceptions, for they seek to consume us.

Behold, these crustacean beings of the Bucket Down Under, envy incarnate, they fashion lies to ensare the faithless, to cast them into the great Bucket and swallow them whole. They eat the lost, and in doing, convert them unto their fold. The fate all those who defy your word face, the sole destination for all followers of the false God of talent.

We are your old, your talentless, your un-Japs; your faithful, your eager, your potential. O Grandmaster, teacher, Lord, deliver us unto gains, employment, and self-satisfaction. Eternal praise be yours, as all and more is your due for eternal salvation. Amen.

Join, you devoted, in appreciation of his gifts. Thank you Feng Zhu. I'm going to make it.
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There is this new art app still in beta making the rounds on Insta
It promises to make everthing right for artists that Insta does wrong. Seemingly it's a hybrid between deviantart and twitter.

It feels a bit too good to be true.
Thoughts and opinions anyone? Has anyone tested it or has some insights?
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Ah, yes, japanese artists really grind loomis.
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How does on become creative?
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