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deviant kart 64

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>Though the objects may appear anywhere in your piece, you must be sure to have your artwork feature your original interpretation of your racer's Transportation, Lucky Charm, and Special Trick.

are you going to partecipate in the race of HELL?
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Display Tablets

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I'm looking to buy a large professional tablet to connect to my PC, but not certain exactly what to look for.

I know Wacom is apparently the best, but I heard driver issues are a big problem, and that they started making them cheaply since moving manufacturing to China, while charging the same premium. Based on the reviews I've watched though, it seems like they still make the best pens by a fair bit.

XP-Pen looks ok, but the pen is still clearly worse than Wacom's, especially when it comes to tilt functionality. I am also not a fan of having to use matte screen protectors, and change them every few months due to scratches.

Huion - forget it. I'm not buying from a Chinese brand.

I can potentially get a used Wacom 27" QHD tablet for roughly $900-$1200 USD. Is it worth it? Or do they have the same problems as the 4K Cintiqs supposedly do?

>just use a non-display
I have one, but I feel like I can't draw accurately. My ellipses are far better on paper than they are on the non-display tablet.

>just get an iPad
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Should I draw real faces first If I only want to draw anime ones or I should Just study the structure?
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Is this good advice?

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What makes a lewd drawing proper lewd?
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Non Commie Artists?

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Why can't I find non SJW artists?
Who are they?
Where are they?
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Why do I see Tsukasa Hojo rarely mentioned here when It comes to manga/comics artists in general? Dude is just loads of soul and his art style is kino
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How do you measure proportions of model when working from a photo?

Thing is my proportions always come out to small and makes the figure look too small and weird.
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Can I get away with having shit art as long as I cater to a specific group or fetish?
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Did the upside down Picasso, and got drawing with the right side of the brain.

Here's my first picture ever.