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Vent/rage thread

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>be me
>Draw pic of full front female looking straight at the camera
>Looks like a goddess/feelsgood
>Flip canvas
>Transforms into quasimodo!
..Why is my brain like this guys?!! Why can't it just get it fucking right?! I've done all that was asked of me (loomis/fundamentals etc), why won't the fucking lines and shapes just go where I want them to?!!!
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Towergirls Drawthread

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Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:

previous thread: >>4303355
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Hello anons.

My primary hard drive just up and died, along most of my drawings, saved art I liked, references and all that other stuff. Got a couple of good books lying around, still, but so far most of my data is gone.
Would you mind posting some nice paintings, references, books or anything else that would help refill my art folder?

I'd appreciate that a lot, thanks.
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good and bad reference photos

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im so confused on a post a seen can someone elaborate on which references you should avoid or use or even post good references that i can use for studying form and light on the human body
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How do I "feel" the form?
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Sketchbook Thread

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If it's in your sketchbook, it goes here.
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Im 30yo and thinking about getting into tattooing. I have hard time seeing supporting myself from art any other way
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Post Funny/Baffling Art Mistakes

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redline this, but unironically
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Crack for design doll

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Is there a safe Keygen or crack for design doll terawell
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