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Anyone have the interview where Kim Jung Gi stated he "watches a lot of porn" for his art? Either that or "masturbates a lot", there was contention regarding the translation.
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Any tips on how to draw hair?
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I have never understood how people made vent shit or just put some abstract bullshit on paper and boom it looked like something and they didn't care whether it was good or bad.

I finally get it. It's around 2 am for me, and I finally made some fucky ugly bullshit vent thing. I can't do abstract well, but I don't care. I don't give a fuck that it's unappealing and ugly. I didn't make it to be pretty.

So this is my work. It's fucking awful

sorry if the size is fucked. I'm retarded so
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How the frick do you save a drawing when you make a mistake without using an eraser?
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Why do blondes look good in blue?
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>try drawing lineart right away
>mfw it's faster AND looks better than all that loomis box shit
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Loomis isn't really working for me.
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Post the most soulful pieces of art you know.
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What the FUCK ever happened to that website anons here said they were going to make a while back.
Did anything ever come from that?
I remeber seeing actual programmers getting together and making rough drafts and everything
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Free commission

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Request something for me to draw and I'll treat it as a paid commission. Then you can tell me if I'm good enough to start charging people for commissions and how much I should charge.
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