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I've been drawing for months now and although I'm constantly improving, I feel like every decent thing I draw is based on randomness and luck.
I can't draw what I have in my mind and I can't draw the same face, character or object twice. It's all just random or luck. I can't stay consistent with proportions or replicate.
I want to get to the point already where I'm able to draw the same characters in different poses and expressions, so I can just animate something, at least basic.
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Got money to buy a Cintiq through commissions, but now I'm afraid of buying and not using it due to neck problems the same reason I had to stop drawing on paper
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>one of my drawings finally got a retweet
>it's from an account with zero followers
Why even retweet
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how do the japanese learn and practice?
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Go Medieval

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Why obsess over learning modern fundamentals to the point of complete sadness when you could just draw from imagination (with a pinch of real-life observation) and simply "have fun with a pencil"? To hell with proportions, perspectives and all that dispensable technicality, the reason cameras were invented in the first place. So take the Medieval-pill and be happy, anons. You won't regret it.
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>have a relatively high/decent amount of following
>post art
>100rts 1k likes+some comments
>post tweet about personal life, not rlly venting, just anything
>only 1-3 likes

How can I make people care more about me as a person and not just as an art machine? Should I keep tweeting until I have enough presence or...? Genuinelly asking
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Drawpile Thread #4: No Cap Edition

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You know the drill!
>Join any time
>Open 24/7
>Meetups Sundays at 2pm CST

Drawpile >> Session >> Join >> ""

Hope to see you there!
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>waaaaah drawing is so hard!!

Shut the fuck up niggers

I started drawing 3 months ago and already can produce decent stuff

Try learning reverse engineering you'll see what hard means
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It is just me or there is literally almost no progress in 99% of the shit posted there? Not only the 2 to 4 years comparison post, there is a vibe of sadness to even comparisons longer than that. Are normogroids really that slow at learning in general or only intelligent people can get good at art?
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WIP wartime propaganda, suggestions?
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