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I have been using Wacom Cintiq 22HD for years, but I got this Huion Kamvas Pro 16 today. How badly will it fuck up my Wacom drivers if I try to install Huion drivers to my PC? Anyone else have been dealing with something similar? I wish I could kinda use them on a fly so I can decide which one is better.
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Is it possible to make a brush lime this in procreate? I found it infinite painter and I love it so much I’m stuck using this program just because of it, but I wish I could make a brush like this in procreate.

It feels exactly like using those charcoal pencils with the long tips. Even drawing overhand with the Apple Pencil feels about the same. I haven’t found anything like this in procreate
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Can some one explain to me how renaissance artists were able to draw with such fine detail? What techniques they use, how literally every line is flawless and clean?
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Post about art supplies here. Help others and get help.
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All right, let's end this debate once and for all

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>Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
>Keys to Drawing
>The Natural Way to Drawing

Which one is the better book and why? They all seem to serve to same purpose which is to be a starting point for the complete beginner.
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Pixel art, PIXEL

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whats the term called when an artists loosely fills a drawing with one main color and the light source is just pure white (pic related)
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Figure Study Thread

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Let's have one of these again,
we'll post figure refs and do studies of it.
Preferably post new refs after a few studies have been done of previous.
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Sketchbook thread

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How about a sketchbook thread? What do you carry and use? Do you draw in public?

I'll post my doodles. I try to draw whenever I'm in a situation where I'd be tempted to waste time on my phone (such as on my commute) or when I have a spare moment. I like using these little 'rokbook' sketchbooks which slip into my pocket. Sometimes I use watercolour but mostly I just get a pen and start scribbling.
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Tell me about the time you realized you could have fun with a pencil.
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