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I quit drawing when I was 17 when I realised I could never compete in it professionally.

Now that I'm 27 it's becoming apparent that I really have no other career choices - either I learn to draw again or I just have to kill myself.

How do you re-learn how to draw when you hate doing things you are bad at, and find no enjoyment in art?
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Portfolio Personality Disorder

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>Does manga and manga backgrounds
>Does 3D product visualization
>Studies 2D traditional Animation at local college
>Also makes Illustrations

How am I supposed to only pick only one skill to showcase in my Artstation to avoid being inconsistent?
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Redpill me on both the comics industry and the webcomics scene, and if It worth It to get into It if I have a long time project
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Am I going to make it bros?
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Please rate my coomer art.
I want to get better at drawing, should I use a tablet and stylus to draw?
I really think I fucked up the shading here.
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Gesture > other fundies
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what is the part in red?

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I've recently fallen in love with the art of Adrian Smith. I'll dump a few examples for you to look at and tell me what you think.
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>look up figure drawing drawing course
>teacher doesn't shut the fuck up about gesture for one minute
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