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stolen art work

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i need help, someone is using another artist work as their own, anyone know who the original artist is?
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Post your progress

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Inspired by the other thread and also woth artists block I tried to recreate a four year old work of mine

Bare in mind it was the first time painting over plastic and this normally isnt my style, just wanted to try something new

Lets draw something and post hoe much you change, either in style, color use or something like that
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/vent/ thread

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vent art frustrations
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What is your end goal? What do you aspire to do with this skill?
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>when you finally realize that the trick to a good convincing gradation is just the smudge tool and there's not much else too it
why do all of those digital art tutorials always do that horrible and time consuming method where you color pick and slowly go over it over and over again? I never really got the hang of that and now I've realized that the smudge tool gives me something that's a million times better with no real effort.
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Essential books to draw like this?
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What is that technique?

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This amazing artist has really stunning piecess of artwork, from the nature of their descriptions ("Ink is my blood") I suggest they are all made with Rotring. But, some lines are so clear that I wonder, maybe she used Illustrator and just made them look like that? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen such masterpieces done with Ink.
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rate my art i’m so proud
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Referencing works

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Female figure drawing

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Drawing the female figure seems to be impossible, I made this today whilst #stayinghome with my GF posing for me.

Wouldn't recommend it, half the time I was thinking about stopping and having sex with her.

Anyone else tried it with their girlfriend/wife?
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