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ITT: Soul vs Soulless

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What do you have to say to this?
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What are some good Cath olic artists to do master studies from?
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Is there a way to prevent wavy lines from happening while also drawing them slowly?
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How do I stop being jealous of popular Twitter artists who made it like Colodraws or DONDRR?
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draw this
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Could anyone tell me what kinda culture would make this art?

This is over 100 years old, possibly pre Columbian, any ideas? Could also be African.
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Drawing methods for ADHD sufferers

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Let me explain my disability

-I can't read books
-I can't concentrate for more than about 30 seconds at a time
-I can't retain complex information
-I can't visualize
-If the work isn't complete with 10 minutes I give up
-I can't return to work I didn't finish

What method is best for me to get better at drawing anime girls?
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so what have /ic/ been drawing today?

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I have been drawing cocks. pic related
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Why is there no one even close to Kim Jun Gi's skill level on the enitre planet?

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i dont get it. Is there anyone thats even close to this?
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