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i track how much time i spend drawing, and I find it really, really difficult to do any more than 4 to 6 hours in a day. it's like my brain just turns off. do any of you know how this can be improved or have any tricks? the quality starts to completely deteriorate after like the 4 hour mark
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People only draw girls here?

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Best place to find references of cute young boys?
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>Picasso has been commonly characterised as a womaniser and a misogynist, being quoted as having said to one of his mistresses, Françoise Gilot, "Women are machines for suffering."[121] He later told her, "For me there are only two kinds of women: goddesses and doormats."[122] In her memoir, Picasso, My Grandfather, Marina Picasso writes of his treatment of women, "He submitted them to his animal sexuality, tamed them, bewitched them, ingested them, and crushed them onto his canvas. After he had spent many nights extracting their essence, once they were bled dry, he would dispose of them."[123]

>Of the several important women in his life, two, Marie-Thèrése Walter, a mistress, and Jacqueline Roque, his second wife, committed suicide. Others, notably his first wife Olga Khokhlova, and his mistress Dora Maar, succumbed to nervous breakdowns. His son, Paulo, developed a fatal alcoholism due to depression. His grandson, Pablito, also committed suicide when he was barred by Jacqueline Roque from attending the artist's funeral.[121]
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Are you better at art than marielx?
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Who is better technically

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Subject matter aside, who is more skilled technically? Van gogh (left) or ruan jia (Right)
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Draw this in your style
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>dumb ESL
why is /ic/ so rude?
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>it's ok when japanese do it

anon, I'll pretend to be curious about your artistic inspirations so make sure to post them. You too should pretend to have interest in this thread and post random insp images
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Would a clear sunny day (in the afternoon/midday) be considered warm or cool light?
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Why do you draw anime girls only?
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