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How do you compete for viewers with literal vagina pics?
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>girls are just better artists
prove me wrong
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H-how are you supposed to draw these?

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would learning art history be at all useful?
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SJW and mental state of the mid-tier field of digital art /1FW / Sam Flegal Accusations

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Many of you won't even know who these guys are, nevertheless, i've been following their stuff for a while, not the greatest fan desu but at times helpful or interesting.

I noticed they have lots of crazy women on their show, like colored hair with black lipstick. But who cares.

To summarize what has been going on: One of the two hosts of 1FW got accused of.. idk, something something? In this video they're reading about the allegations. Turns out NOTHING had happened.

Turns out this Samguy asked for a kiss, wymen said no, wymen has some pronouns/gendercraze kind of mental disease and of course by being taught all her feelings are valueable, true and whatnot, she starts to lose herself in some conspiracy that has nothing to do with reality. Like she was afraid that this would hurt her "career" now, that she felt very uncomfortable from now on, wouldn't go to art meetups anymore etc.

Several people out of their haze chimed into this, shitting on the samguy for.. nothing? Just because believe all wymen etc LUL. They made this shit SO big that it got a scary dynamic.

Almost the worst part is how calm those 2 guys are staying by reading this nonsense. I believe this is what you get when you're being so respectful to mental illnesses and play those games, and trying to live a life with polyarmourous relationships where everybody is confused to their bones about their feelings etc.. lmao

This isn't exclusive to the art community, this might be coming for other branches as well. just sayin.
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Post your drawing setups

I'm thinking of buying a support or something for my Cintiq 13HD to help with the back pains but I can't find shit.
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how did you learn to draw

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Post dumb art you made for shit and giggles
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>wow this art is pretty cool better check the artist out
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Did YOU draw today?

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Did YOU draw today?
Post what it is, sketch, finished, whatever, just prove that you actually did something today.
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