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What is the fastest way to color you shapes, if you don't have closed lines?
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Skin shading

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Hey guys is it ok to use these as shading references or references in general
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Cartoonist thread. Last one reached the limit.
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Connected Map III Part 2

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It wouldn't feel right to leave this unfinished
>post which tile you're going to draw
>starting tiles are each of of the 4 four corners
>make sure your tile aligns with adjacent tiles
>tile dimension: 200x200 pixels
>you can only pick tiles adjacent to already finished tiles
>if you're gonna pick a tile next to a tile in progress let them finish first
no plates no themes, just go wild
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Pixel art, PIXEL

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/asg/ - Anime Study General

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**Don’t aimlessly study the fundamentals or anime. Learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting (form, value, color, composition, etc.), practice analyzing and copying art you like, and make your own finished artwork. Whatever you fear drawing the most is probably what you should be practicing.**

previous thread: >>4286118

General anime style discussion:
>Questions about achieving certain styles/techniques/compositions etc.
>Drawing methods, study habits, resources, tutorials, tools, software, etc
>Be specific and try to post a sample of your study attempts and reference before asking for help.

**Keep most of your personal works for /alt/ or the other critique threads. Here we should be drawing copies from good anime styled references (illustrations, screenshots, anime figures, 3D models, etc.) to mindfully up our mileage, internalize appealing aesthetics, and learn from each other’s processes and knowledge.**

Effective Art Study Guide:

General Art Overview:

Japanese Book Collection:!UcNG2AiT!jeyWwP1gtQXXz6R29o5bgw!sddDyarD

Recommended Resources:
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Promo thread
post your social media, blog, etc.
Be sure to use https:// to create a clickable link.
post your overall goals for 2020
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Anyones got the new pack?
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Why is 90% of the internet obsessed with anime girls? Why does every-fucking-body only draw UwU OwO anime girls?
It's such an awful art style, it literally requires no fucking talent or practice, yet people are all over it. It conveys little to zero emotion, figures are like flat and expressionless puppets, they're an insult to the harmony of the human shape itself.
We have had Michelangelo Buonarroti, Caravaggio, Raffaello Sanzio. Fuck.
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Do you ever use porn as reference?
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