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Draw in the shape, post it and provide new shape.
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Can digital completely take over or will there always be a market for traditional?
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Procreate Brushes

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How many of you bros and babes use Procreate? Well, I do, and I fucking love it. If you love it too, here are a bunch of premium (paid) Procreate brushes I'm going to share with you. I acquired some of these brush sets thanks to some fellow anons, so big thanks to them.

I've zipped some of these sets to make them easier to download, especially if you download them from your iOS/iPadOS device.


MaxPack collection
Everyone and their mother who uses Procreate wants this guy's brushes. You can see them in action on his site:

Watercolor MaxPack:!D1JGlQxJ!EZg65N4QY9bILq2n2DJ_QpLghzobulJ396bTJ4a8FWY

Gouache MaxPack:!24Z2SKiJ!V9rWTcEs_-aq-7yOWcdRoyVv1P894u5A3Lw3jPepJrw

Comics MaxPack:!mwIVnQqK!aK-uALEjlGAb6XF4qksCZW1uw1b0BGzmzwjYC1kK1t8

The Essential MaxPack:!u1RhUa6R!b8pkJg4gI_gC0HGbKDWKRbzPVKCmf9UPPWaVsKbSTyI

Frankentoon collection
Some really cool brushes from this guy. You can preview the brushes on his site:

This folder contains the Nautika, Nature Master, Nomad, Squid and Texturizer Pro brush sets:!zhAjRQ7R!1zYzi2zPSZ7P0hS5nUeuSQ

MiksKS collection
A big collection of various brushes from this guy. Lots of cool and handy brushes. You can check out the various sets on his store before you download:

I've uploaded them as a folder so you can pick and choose which ones you want to grab:!y8oAFICJ!MtHxlsdgxE4yIh8dNc-qmg
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How do I draw like this
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How about a tablet that doesn’t connect to the internet. But you can draw stuff.
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Why has ic gone to shit recently?

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I remember roughly 8 years ago there was more emphasis on traditional mediums and some previs/concept art. As the years went by, it then became more previs/concept art oriented. I don't know if some kind of figurative bubble burst where people gave up trying to make it in some industry but then it switch from doing art that would get you a job to art that would get you more clicks, likes, follows, etc. Now all I see is badly drawn anime, fan art, and degenerative art.

I watched this board go slowly from fine art, to concept art, then now to what can only call modern geek art trash and it's just very disheartening.
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i fell for the ipad meme

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im starting to realize all the people that swear by this thing have never used a wacom tablet. The pen feels like shit and the tip is fat as fuck. Programs are god awful and take twice as long to do anything that you can on a pc.

I needed something to draw while traveling next year and people said this is a must have, even some nips. Picked it up and used it for a few hours and i cant fucking stand it.

To the anons that use this shit, how the hell can you put up with this? Am I missing something here?
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Opinions on italian comics art, panelling and flow?
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This is a pleb board.

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Do you anons think Van Gogh learned how to draw by drawing upside down Picasso pictures? Is it fucking impossible to just draw these monsters consistently and then I’ll be as good as you? There’s got to be a cooler way! I’m going to art school.