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Post artwork you've made in traditional media for feedback
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What happened to that anon doing the 8h grind, did he burn out?
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is there a future in making classical styled art by getting portrait commissions and what not? It seems like you either have to bow down to coomers or make shitty ads for FAGMAN just to survive in the art world. How do you commercialize art that is not coom art?
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What does /ic/ think of fujo art and why do they make the best erotic art?
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Protect 4chan (meta)

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There has been invaders over the past 4 years. Everyone knows their posting patterns. Remove of them all!
Spread the word!

Defying anyone promoting a substance-less conformity!
Trust your feelings always! If it feels bad, it’s bad! Posts that feel bad are evil!
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What is the biggest amount of time you've ever invested into a painting/drawing?
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What is you most favorite work of pixel art?
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Learning to enjoy drawing

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>Be me
>Constantly dream of being an artist
>Buy expensive pencils and paper
>Sit down to work, eager to give it my all
>First line on the paper doesn't go how I planned
>Second line is even worse
>Feels like a thousand needles are stabbing my brain
>Primal instincts take over
>Immediately abandon trying

Is there a cure for this? Some method or trick to make it less painful
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Outfit Draw Challenge

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Draw your waifu in this outfit
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Draw This In Your Style
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