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Why is there no one even close to Kim Jun Gi's skill level on the enitre planet?

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i dont get it. Is there anyone thats even close to this?
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Vent Thread

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"Grief is better than laughter, for when a face is sad, a heart may be glad."

Cry it out, bitch
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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.

previous thread >>4876476 #

READ THE STICKY for some guidance:

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES - preferably ~1000px, <1.1mb

BE ACTIVE AND PROVIDE FEEDBACK TO OTHERS - all it takes is a little feedback to give someone a lot of motivation.
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Inktober Thread

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Post your prompt lists
How you preparing?
Are you going to participate in #Inktober this year, /ic/?
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what is the best time of day to post your art so that people are more likely to see it before it gets lost a amongst a billion other submissions?
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>easter artist are just superior bro!
>easter artist when has no access to his 3D models
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/dad/ Do Art Daily & /las/ Last Artist Standing

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Previous thread: >>4876570

Do Art Daily:
>Discord: You must have a DAD streak of at least 14 to join. Ask Vastian#0988 for an invite.
>Featured dad user of the day: contact furart#3944 if you want to be >skipped.
>Found an issue with the site? Lost your streak and want to appeal? Please message the contact link at the bottom of the site, not the thread.

>Draw every day (or your preferred frequency)
>Submit your work by 23:59:59 GMT
>Spend at least 30 minutes on each submission
>No loli or shota porn
>Miss a day and you'll be alright, just keep going
>Have fun.

Please comment on each other's artwork; dads love attention!


What is the goal?
>To become better.

me is beginner and not know draw, can me join?
>Yes x100. Stop asking and start submitting art, chum. You can't be the worst, like literally.

A brief history:
>Last Artist Standing (LAS): The original site, created by Lava (presumed dead, rest in peace). It has changed and ruined the lives of many lassies.
>Draw Every Day (DED): A short-lived site between LAS and DAD, run and abruptly cancelled by w.
>Do Art Daily (DAD): The current site, by the dadmin and developer banana.

Community links:
>DADcast latest episode (Ep. 3 - Wolfens):
>LAS discord (not to be confused with the official DAD discord): Invitations are open for 48 hours on the 1st and 15th of every month. Invitations are not currently open.
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Does anyone have any good advice for getting better at drawing with a tablet (non-screen one) besides just doing it? Specifically when it comes to line confidence and dexterity.

Any exercises I should do or things I need to keep in mind?
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Do coom artist need to study?
What do they study?
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How do you draw fur propertly?
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