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>it's ok when japanese do it

anon, I'll pretend to be curious about your artistic inspirations so make sure to post them. You too should pretend to have interest in this thread and post random insp images
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Would a clear sunny day (in the afternoon/midday) be considered warm or cool light?
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Why do you draw anime girls only?
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Tablet malware

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do/can cheap chinese tablets come with spyware and shit on them? alternatively, can the flash memory on a tablet, pick up a virus if it is plugged in to someones computer? in effect transferring a virus from your computer to a different one?

ive loaned my tablet out a few times and the thought hit me that maybe a tablet suffers from the same situation a usb flashdrive can, in that it can get infected by malware or keyloggers or whatever
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Bionicle comic feedback and critique

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Hi I've made a 20 page OC graphic novel and I'd like a formal critique.

If you want some music to go with it here.

Let e know what you think and where I can improve.
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Just draw lazy cow

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You just need practice
>Gets a car
>Just drive retard
>Ends up crashing car
Practice, practice, practice
>Wants sex
>Just have sex incel
>Has sex
>Rape sued and now rotting in prison

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How do you photograph graphite drawings? If I put direct light on it and take a photo it gets blown up and the light is irregular, without the direct light it becomes all too dark
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Idk dude Artemisia Gentileschi kinda sucks
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>be aspiring storyboard artist and illustrator
>have been commissioned for gigs when unemployed and as a side hustle for smaller clients

>currently working full-time as a graphic designer that’s temp but may become perm. Just started the job 3 weeks ago.

>a director emails me today asking if I’m interested in creating some storyboards for a short film. I tell her I’m free to chat tomorrow about it

If this shit is legit and the director talks with me tomorrow, should I come clean that I work a full-time job?

I’m worried if I do tell him, he’ll think I won’t get it done fast enough. I’m working remotely, so I could work on this when I have downtime during work hours, or during my lunch break, or on weekends, but I also don’t want the client to think they can contact me anytime any day of the week.

Advice from anyone here who has done freelance art commissions while working a day job? Is it bad business to admit your art commissions are a side hustle?
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Blow me up if this shit looks cool. Give me song suggestions too

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People tell me I’m good. IDK if I believe them but I enjoy sketching so let me know what y’all think.

Most of what I’ve been doing lately in what my mind scribbles while I listen to a song.
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