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your thoughts on Steve Huston?

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i just cant understand him, the way he teaches is very chaotic
and theres no method or structure in his drawings,
just long gestural line with no proportions and 0 fucks giving about anatomy
it seems fucking lazy to me!
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Friend of mine wants me to do an album cover

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So like the titel says, a friend wants me to make one.
Now i never did payed commissions and we didnt talk about a price, so i wanted to ask all of you, what kind of price is acceptable to "demand"? is something about 50 bucks too much or even too little? Please tell me, as i really dont know and google couldnt help me either.
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What is /ic/ opinion of Naïve art?
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Artists draw for several hours across several days, just to have their image stared at for a few seconds and then forgotten in the endless sea of images that already exist.
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How do I keep my dick from getting hard when drawing female figures?
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Just a little reminder that if you draw/paint porn/hentai or anime in general, you will always be a loser in the art business.

>but ive seen some hentai artist on patreon makin monee

Youre not him, accept it and move on.

>No u!

I had exhibitions all over the world, and it makes me sad that You, my fellow artists here trying to cope in the dirt.

First you need to clean yourself of the degeneracy.
Its now or never.
Anon, good luck.
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Traffic in /ic/ increases by 200%


all of the new threads are absolute beginners flooding the board with halfassed doodles
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Post artists who made it without art degrees.

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For the love of God I need the motivation because I cant ever afford to go back to school so if I'm gonna make it, grit is my only option. Been teaching myself for years. Have not made it yet. Could use a little inspiration as I'm sure we all could.
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Photoshop Performance

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How much RAM do you let Photoshop use? Is the 75-80% rule a meme? Is there a dangerous amount?

Hope the painting is good and you're comfy.
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Drawing nothing but boxes on Drawabox is fucking boring dear god, could I just jump on perspective and anatomy using proper books?
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