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Anyone else draw cars/trucks exclusively? gotta say they are damn hard in my opinion, but here is my best attempt.
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Which ones of those "learn how to draw uwu"-youtube videos/channels are actually legit, and which ones are just clickbait?

I have to learn how to draw again, and apparently just going in raw and burning myself out with an over-ambitious project that I instantly fucked up was the wrong approach.
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Thinking of doing pastels

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Visited my local art gallery, learned about Will Henry Stevens (pic related), and really enjoyed the fact he'd wander inawoods with his pad and do his drawings, and I want to do the same.

Anyone here specialize in pastel? What tips do you have, how does your work look?
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what is the best alternative of this piece of shit?

really the gallery got so bad after the purge, full of ugly fucking people for reference
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Art and Mental Health

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why does art and depression go hand in hand? which one attracts the other? is it because it's theraputic to express?
are you utilizing your own mental health with art?
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studio space

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thinking about renting a studio place to concentrate just for drawing is it a great idea Its too loud at home
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ITT: Discuss artist injecting their fetishes into a work. At the end of I Hate Fairyland #6 it starts talking about piss as a joke. I'm halfway through seven, and it has now become the main plot.
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How many are following this curriculum?

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procreate brushes

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Any warez website or any other resource to down load for pay brushsets?
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