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What is a good tablet for drawing. Money is not a problem.
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Total /beg/ here, should I listen to audio or something while making art? If I should, recommend me something to listen to
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/MONEY/ Money General

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Money Printer Go Brrrrrr

Talk about recent sales or commissions and give tips and advice to newbies on how to make money at art.

Making it has never been so easy
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It's been a while since I regularly browsed /ic/ ... maybe five years or so. I've noticed a large change in the general topics of conversation.

Back in "the day" the general goal of folks on here was to be a professional concept artist. People would recommend the same material and generally promote the same learning techniques. The largest issue turned out to be that concept art in entertainment design is a fucking tiny industry and doesn't pay enough to live off of. There are many people who are willing to compete with you, and many of those folks actually got a quality Art Center type university to industry geared education. Many of those folks come from monied backgrounds and their investment in their art carriers comes at a far lower risk, and affords them the ability to work for less. In short. Becoming a professional in house concept artist is an unrealistic dream for most of us, just financially speaking. Many have given up on this, but found something else to strive for.

Now people want to get into animation, which does give a slightly larger chance of success, though it is still minimal. The animation industry is larger and there are more places to fit one's self in. There is also no real need to be picked up by a studio, as technology has made it easier to become a successful 'indie' animator, assuming you can market yourself. There is also the prospect of working in "adult" material which offers it's own advantages and disadvantages, mainly money versus putting your face to your fame. No one would mind being known by your face as the best 2d porn artist in the world, but anything less than the absolute best just makes you a degenerate and a creep. That's just where society is now. There is probably a better future for porn artists in a general sense, given the diversity of platforms to show one's art and the ability to be compensated anonymously.

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dont draw this
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Why artist insist in this kind of pose when portraying coomer girls? it's not sexy, it doesn't look right, and it's pretty unoriginal.
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Who are the influential art critics today?

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Are there any?
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Cant stop cooming!!!

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how do you draw nsfw art and use ref for nsfw art without getting a hard on and wanting to jack off?? Every time after like 20-30 minutes of drawing i get a boner and cant consentrate on the drawing. what do?
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Here's a challenge for /ic/: Draw a white male, black male, asian male head in the upper rows and white female, black female, asian female head in the lower row.
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Commission thread

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Ask all about commissions here
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