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Study Thread

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Draw this.
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>Spend two years trying to perfect pic related

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Why do I see some art students get shitty about it and give up or have the teacher get shitty about it and give up or have them practice a million times.
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what color wheels would match this paint color?

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i’m thinking a nice bronze or a brown
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BASED redesigns thread
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I cannot wrap my head around hair. Someone help me.
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Have you ever drawn something lewd with people you know irl as reference?
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the 5 most popular artists (whoes names we can actually read) within the online art community are (in no order):
1. Kim Jung Gi
2. Sakmimichan
4. Rossdraw
5. ZHC

(you could argue the final 2 but that's not the point)

Despite these artists being at the very top of the popularity hierarchy, they have varying skill levels. Despite this, there's still some people that believe that popularity and skill level are directly correlated

/ic/'s thoughts?
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>MFW I just heard Craig Mullins call Furry commissions the lowest an artist can fall
Why something tells me he is a closeted furfag?
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Current modern western cartoons are killing up and coming artists.
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Patreon General: 5$ tier edition

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Do you have patreon?
What is your experience with it so far?
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