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how can i learn to paint detailed textures like this?
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I can't draw hair for shit

It just doesn't click for me
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Quickly tell me how can you draw from imagination without ending up with a disappointing scribble

Do I really have to memorise every pose?
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how do i improve my art?
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/beg/ here

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So while you’re currently going through an art book, do you just solely focus on the material in the book or do you take a break every once in a while to draw/paint other things, come back to the book for a while, draw other things, rinse and repeat?
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My sketchbook

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What do you think? I love to make and do
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>Shitting on anime and japanese things in general was cool and trendy back in the late 2000s/early 2010s or so
>After that period, shitting on western things becomes the norm and weeb culture becomes mainstream in the west
>As a result "pure" western art styles are getting lower quality and slowly dying
How did this exactly happen?
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/ic/ Humor thread

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permabeg edition
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Thoughts on the AI question

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Art is three things:
1. The production of beauty.
2. The intersubjective transmission of feelings or ideas.
3. The intraspecies' competitive pursue of craftsmanship.

1. In this sense, yes artificial intelligence will replace us.

2. However, a machine isn't sentient, hence it can't transmit human feelings or thoughts. In the second sense, machines fail to do art.

3. Human competition. It has to be intraspecific, so inside of the human species. For instance, nobody wants to see chess GMs compete versus chess engines, or runners go up against cheetahs. Hence, the idea that a machine can perform better art is inconsecuential to the idea of art as craftsmanship or raw skill, since all pride in our skills is measured relative to other humans.
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It's over for me

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Now every time I watch anime I can't concentrate to it because I look how is it drew, I'm tryna look to frame by frame how perspective is done, how a character's eyes go to VPs and so on and so on.
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