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Art school thread

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I've never been, just wanted to ask about people's experiences with it.
Was it worthwhile to go? How much did you improve from when you entered vs when you graduated? How much of that improvement was due to teacher instruction and how much of it was just due to drawing a lot? How easy was it to get useful, personalized critiques on your work?
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What the fuck was his problem?
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>he depends on income from being a wagecuck to support his art hobby instead of investing in stocks and withdrawing money every year
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Is drawing in itself art?

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I know I have a lot of space to improve, anatomy, rendering... But at the end of the day, no matter how good I get, I still feel like this is just going to be a drawing, and not art. Am I wrong? Is this just a phase I'm going through? Also any critique is appreciated
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Weird Conceptual References THREAD

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I have a folder full of pictures of random people and things that I find inspiring (in terms of world/character building), but I don't know how to name them and when I show them to people they don't understand the point of some if I don't use them as a direct character reference, anything you find weirdly inspiring depending on what's on your mind when it comes to illustration and world building goes there.

Pictured is a weirdly skinny/muscular third world construction worker
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Messing around with some sketching for the first time in a long time. Would love some feedback/advice. (I know it's not very inspired, just trying to get the technique down first.)
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If you're not freehanding your perspective grids, you might as well trace
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What effects will this shutdown have on the world of contemporary art?
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What kind of style is this?
I want more sculptures like this. Similarly looking drawings/paintings/art is good too.
Is this a style at all?
I have a feeling I've really seen something like this.
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