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>The people who make art their business are mostly imposters.

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bizzare Inspiration

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post art you find inspiring but keep it wierd!
what's the strangest work you love?
-Unusual Medium
-Obsessive artists
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Hey there /ic/ need help

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is there anything wrong with this drawing how can i improve it
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taco1704 tuts

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what does 4chan think about taco1704 tutorials i think they are great
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Wtf is this shit. This book is literally draw the rest of the owl
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My Art onbly! no critisim.

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good art
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>.NET full stack engineer.
>Self-taught jazz and fusion guitarist.
>Can draw sexy anime girls
How do I attain this level of power?
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I started drawing about 3 months ago and just got a dig tablet so I wanted to celebrate by doing an ugly one shot

I would like any tips you guys have for drawing with a tablet like which program should I use, I have studied loomis, anatomy and a very basic level of color theory but I'd like to have some more references
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How do you deal with having a day job, Anons? Apart from the weekends, I can only draw 3 hrs max a day. My job is mentally exhausting, so I can't draw more even though I want to. I wish I could cover my expenses by some commissional work.
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Motivational Kim Jung Gi video

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