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pol face

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Draw him in your style
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Dose anyone have some good advice about art ?
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Why do you guys shill hard round brush more than any other digital art brush
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How do you start a drawing?

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One of the hardest parts is deciding what to draw and how to start the drawing itself.

Do you start by the pose/gesture? if so, should you first look at a reference or do the general idea first and then the reference?

I draw a lot, but generally I just start some sketch and decide everything on the fly, and end up dropping it after I get bored because never had a good plan to begin with
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/Holiday/ Holiday Sales General

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We're entering the busiest time of the year for art sales (December-January)

Post tips on selling for the holidays:

>what kind of art sells
>what kind of discounts
>general advice
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What is sex appeal to you?

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Hey d/ic/k I have been drawing coom art for 2 weeks. I am constantly thinking about sexual appeal and sexual vibrations. How do you define sex appeal?
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Are these books actually good or just a meme for content hoarders?
Some of the models they use for them too are pretty awful, just a few.
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