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My drawings are only good when I draw big.
What do?
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Why is Anime art objectively bad?

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Comic Thread

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New comic thread

The Cowboy thread is about to be toast so I'm making a new comic thread. Post any comics you'd like to share and give feedback.

Sharing a short one I made a while back for inspiration, posting more work later this week. Hopefully the cowboy guy finds his way in here.
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Brent Eviston's The Art and Science of Drawing

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good or just a meme?
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how to use value accurately

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best resource for accurately seeing and using value? I struggle with value even though it should just be simple black and white. my values are not always accurate. It causes me a lot of problems, what is a good resource to improve?
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ITT: youtube art "instructors" that teach nothing useful
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Religious Art Help

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(still at the start of the drawing) If any of you do religious drawings/paintings, what are some of the most important tips/aspects you'd advise for such art? I'm still 20 and at the start of my art journey and would appreciate as much help as possible
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Youtube artists that got gud

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I used to roll my eyes at Boro years ago but now his stuff is looking good


Any more artists like this on youtube?
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