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Which one of you fucking beginner crabs always writes loomis in every fucking thread? Fuck loomis and fuck the sticky
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Constructing a plan to make it in one year

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Decided to make a thread for this instead of asking in /sqt/ and /beg/. Forgive my selfishness.
So I've decided to try to make it in one year (>>4752719) as previous anons have tried/done before me. I'm currently going through Brent Eviston's 8-week course (currently on week 3).
I'll be finished with the course in about 5 weeks from now, which leaves me 46 weeks left. I'm now trying to figure out how I should spend those weeks.

My first and foremost goal right now is to be able to draw appealing faces/heads in any angle. So, as I'm going through Eviston's course, I'm also practicing construction of the face and faces from different artists I look up to. My next goal after that is being able to draw figures in dynamic and natural poses. The question is then; what should I study after Eviston's course? Should I start getting a better understanding of perspective, or should I just jump straight to figure drawing? Right now I've only vaguely planned out the first 26 weeks, and figured I would only rotate between learning figure drawing, rendering, anatomy and perspective. I'm not sure if should dabble in color theory and composition yet.

I have a journal where I've written my current plan. The journal will also serve as a way for me to document my progress and thoughts along the way.
What are your thoughts, /ic/? Is my current plan solid? am I retarded for trying so hard?
I might fail along the way, but I'll try my utmost best to make it this year.
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How does one learn to think like the right instead of the left?
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Are we ever gonna have someone with mastery of technical skills like the old ninja turtles again? There's only so much amateurs like most of the people who frequent this board can do, since they have no form of apprenticeship from someone with decades with skills. Most western art institutions have long ago stopped caring about technical skills. And sure, Asian places still care about technical skill, but there's something missing there, some form of restraint and taste.
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Art communities

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What are some art communities for contests, collabs and general OC sharing ect? It feels a bit scattered like I know deviantArt and newgrounds has some contest but I'm looking for somewhere that's more focused on OCs like furAffinity but without the furry
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Please give some art critique thank you
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How the fuck do I learn how to draw proportions right?
Right now I’m all over the place and my sketches have no symmetry. Is it just a matter of time or is my technique wrong?
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I’m considering going to art school, is this a major mistake?
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