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/vc/ - Video Course General v.2

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Official video course general. Don't let it die this time.

>Matrix channel


The rutracker search plugin has some nma stuff

/ic/ official torrent

Most complete site is this
Uncharted waters, lots of contents

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>fight for years to get employed in the arts
>no mentors, no proper, long-term schooling, no steady community or help
>finally do it
>hate the fact that nobody was there for you when you were trying to learn, try to do something about that
>offer advice for people, for free
>try to be as clinical as possible, overstate that I'm not trying to be rude
>they get mad
>only do it when they ask for it instead
>get blocked because people don't like the advice
>genuinely trying to be nice and helpful, unironically taking time out of my day to try and give people advice and guidance that I never had
>get called rude for it

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Draw from imagination/Draw from memory

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Lets have some fun.
Also, draw from imagination general. Feel free to share tips, resources, analysis, etc.
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You Can Stop Drawing Now, It's OVER

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>hundred dollar foundation pens
>Expensive drawing pens
>Brush pens
still inferior to a 10 cent bic
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>draw for a year
>don't get better at all
>draw just now
>still shit
What the fuck? Why can't I draw?
Before you try to say I didn't practice.
I did serious practice, many resources and books, courses etc.
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Lets say that i have about 500$ and i wanna buy a graphic screen (the ones that can display while drawing)
Would it be better to buy a typical grapic screen like huion, xp-pen or should i buy an Ipad? What is going to be better for drawing?
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The OC Drawthread

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Welcome to the OC Drawthread:

Draw someone's OC or post your own. All skill levels are welcome.


1: Post a brief backstory if your OC has one.

2: Keep it SFW, please.

3: This is NOT a request thread, also posting your OC also isn't a guarantee that someone will draw your character/ exchange deliveries. Regardless, please consider exchanging drawings with your fellow anons as it's what keeps these threads going.

4: Character/ Lore Dumps are allowed, just be sure to specify that you're not posting with the expectation of getting deliveries.

5: Be sure to thank Drawfrens for their hard work as soon as you can, it's just common courtesy :^)

Sculptoranons discord:

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How do people accept that they're bad artist and yet still have fun drawing? Mainly regarding people who do stuff like drawing characters in flat poses in the same flat camera angle with sloppy linework beyond their teens. I've recently started again and I am struggling to make industry-passing/decent work even if I try to study fundamentals often
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Is he the best teacher out there for absolute beginners?

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People suck off Vilppu but he seems more suited for an intermediate level.
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