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Hello friends, crabs, procrastinators. I have been a humble member of this community for some time now, and started really grinding it out about five months ago.
I made my first goal such that I finish this small comic. Its free online (obviously i'm not at a point where anyones going to pay to read my stuff), and I just wanted to share with you guys that I did it.

I have no fans or clout but in a small way I've made it. :) Here's the comic:
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Is Alke's art boring? His technique is very good but I think his subjetc are pretty boring and unispired, like
"Look, it's a loli with a balloon, now look it's a loli eating ice cream, it's a loli doing X random stuff", what's the point in wasting your talent this way?
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>spends all of his time on a stagnation reliant style
>attempts to do literally anything else
Take a lesson from Yev and study your fucking fundies boys holy shit
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How do we deal with anti-semitic artists?

This latest art piece was revealed a week ago by Painter Giovanni Gasparo.

How in the 21st Century can such false and bigoted depictions of Jewish people be allowed?
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nier remastered is coming.
draw your favorite character designs from taro games.
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Why can't American comics artists properly design women faces?

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Seriously, barring some exceptions like Art Addams, Warren, the Scott Pilgrim author or other stylized simplistic indie comics, a good majority of american comics artists in general seems to draw female characters as man-jawed with hard marked black lines for cheekbones with gigantic lips and ugly thick lipstick. Other alternatives don't much better either, since that "cartoony" style that have J. Scott Campbell or Amanda Conner just look ridiculous and rather hideous to me, even Frank Cho is pretty meh to me for the same reason. Compared to the Japanese ones who mastered the art of designing cute and appealing girls to both male and female audiences or the realistic, more down to heart but still idealized according to universal beauty canons approach the Europeans follow in their comics like pic related.

Not to mention that american cartoons aren't looking much better either with the Calarts style invasione they had this decade. With the exception of classic Disney films, pre-2000 cartoons and some videogames, american art styles just clash with my sensibilità.
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How do I even get to his level? Is it talent?
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Clip Studio Paint thread

Drop some good tips and general advice for the program. Also anyone have the custom liquify brush?
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photo bashing

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is photo bashing cheating? is it fine to photo bash as long as the pictures you incorporate into the art were taken by yourself?
afar in art like this it looks good but when you look closer and realize that it's just photos it sort of spoils the overall image. but overall it still looks good as long as the artist knows what they're doing
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