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this is actual art that was actually reviewed by someone, approved, and put on a book cover. Harry Potter of all things. Its not like this was done because of a small budget.

you can make it, even with shitty art. you just have to actually look for those jobs, make a portfolio and do the boring and annoying task of networking and advertising your services. but just because you "make it" doesn't mean your art isn't utter trash. so ask yourself what is more important for you: making good art, or selling it. because those things aren't synonymous.
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cope with the fact I'll never be a full time artist

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I want to start a family and have children, so i know that being an artist isn't a good choice for my family's future. Instead of pursuing an art career, i decided to study STEM (especially the computer science part) since I'm quite good at maths and informatics on a general matter.

However I still feel bitter about letting aside my artistic dream for well, a less selfish dream. Of course I'll still draw for fun and as a hobby but telling myself I'll never be able to pay my bills for a household feels bad. And I'm not even mentioning all my art friends that see me as a traitor for not pursuing my childhood dream.

How to cope when you know you're NGMI on an industrial level?

(also not posting in vent thread since even if i put my grain of salt I wanted to start this topic for hobbyists and hear them out
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Thinking about making money as a hentaiartist but I want to remain 100% anonymous?
Is it even possible?
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whats the bare minimum to "make it" nowadays?
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I quit drawing when I was 17 when I realised I could never compete in it professionally.

Now that I'm 27 it's becoming apparent that I really have no other career choices - either I learn to draw again or I just have to kill myself.

How do you re-learn how to draw when you hate doing things you are bad at, and find no enjoyment in art?
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Portfolio Personality Disorder

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>Does manga and manga backgrounds
>Does 3D product visualization
>Studies 2D traditional Animation at local college
>Also makes Illustrations

How am I supposed to only pick only one skill to showcase in my Artstation to avoid being inconsistent?
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Redpill me on both the comics industry and the webcomics scene, and if It worth It to get into It if I have a long time project
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Am I going to make it bros?
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Please rate my coomer art.
I want to get better at drawing, should I use a tablet and stylus to draw?
I really think I fucked up the shading here.
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Gesture > other fundies