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Abolish White Spaces

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How much is making it about skill vs. networking?
I'm starting to think it's about 70/30 in favor of networking, unfortunately. People seem able to get away with barely above stick figure shit if they're charismatic and in the right place at the right time.
Picrel, he has made it in the sense that he gets good money despite his work being utter garbage.
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So once you hit a certain age, you can no longer be animator or cartoon creator.

What the fuck is going on in the world?
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Pepe design discussions

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Why it's so appealing to the people
Is it
The glare of the eyes
Tge color choices
The sexy lips
How to make a character so iconic yet so beautiful
Please explain to me
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My 30 days draw training

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>30 days
>watched lot if tutorials
>read some of HDM books
>draw for 4 to 8 hours a day
I will post what I have done and i still didn't read loomis and watch vilppu , I'm going to do it after my university exams
Please criticize me
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Serious problem with /ic/

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I know this thread has been made a million times but I want to give what I believe to be a unique take on it.

The porn threads, anime threads, "low quality" threads like arguing about popular artists, and beginner question threads that are easily answered with any beginner book...

I strongly believe that these types of threads have thoroughly ruined the quality standard of /ic/.
I know.. I know.. 4chan isn't the place to look for any kind of standards but you need only remember the past, there was no anime general, there was no porn general, there was no /beg/ general, and if someone made a dumb thread the only replies you see would be "read the sticky".

In the beginning /ic/ was focussed on just art for the sake of art, and they understood well that if you wanted to draw anime you had to learn the fundamentals, and since /ic/ is a place for amaetuer beginner artists, posting anime was strongly opposed unless you were very good.
Later the board became focussed on concept art, and this too required a great deal of fundamental skill to pull off.
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art docs

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post art documentaries, both on art itself, particular pieces, or artists themselves

bonus points for ones on modern and contemporary subjects since those are in more urgent need of our understanding

here is probably the best art doc/movie ever made

also if you have any plain films where the subject is art or an artist then throw those out too
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i aint learn shit from this book. niggas just bargain bin bridgman.
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Hey dweebs, I'm putting together a starter resource for beginner webcomic artists - it'll have some fonts, some frames at the correct resolution for various social media and some tips for font size and where to post online for free and stuff.

Any generic advice you would give to a beginner webcomic?