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26 years old beg here

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I want to learn and master art fundamentals in less than 3 months but since I work 40 hours a week, I have little time for myself. I've been thinking of hiring a personal mentor/1 to 1 art tutor during the weekends. Do you think its worth it? Has anyone here ever done something like this?
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Does anyone have downloaded Doxy's youtube tutorials? They are all private now.
On the "Prism Blush" channel there is only one left.
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>immediately revert to /beg/ skills when trying to make comic panels

Post in this thread if u cant make comics
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>taking art history elective
>learn that menhirs were sometimes constructed to look like giant cocks
I hate being a member of this species.
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Artists who are literally you. Expressionists need not reply.
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And they say elves are pretty

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3 value studies

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Every painting course I've taken teaches this method but I don't understand how it should be applied to your actual work.
They mention how it's important for a clear read and how it's a good exercise for simplification and observation, not much else.

Have you done these studies before? How did it help you?
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How do I start drawing?

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I really like realistic and fantasy medieval/renaissance scenes. I'd like to work with pencil but maybe move onto simulated or even real paint. Are there any good books/tutorials?
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Commission question

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Do clients sometimes ghost you? Like, they'll be interested in your work, send you a dm offering a price for something, you respond and then nothing. I'm not sure if it's because of my late responses (due to different time zones) or if client ghosting is normal.
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Box perspective

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I know /ic/ prefer anime and stylized art style over fundies, but I think this kind of exercise, when looking pass its unappealing nature, can be quite fun and educational. Currently I draw about 1 page full of box, mostly with whatever happens to catch my interest at the time. Feel free to join me, hope I showed the fun in fundamentals to u guys
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