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draw this again/ progression thread

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draw an old work again and see how much of a ngmi you still are
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>You will never acquire this level of skill
lol just quit
you are not japanese
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What do you call this kind of pen work?

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and how do I practice this kind of lining style?
The line art pretty dynamic and has a lot of weight for most of the lines. I also notice the style of lining was pretty common for most late 90s to early 2000s art, mostly promotional art for mascot-esque designs.
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Why are modern artists so pathetic?

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Anon explain yourself why you follow the art world memes.
Draw new character day one.
Repeat an idea nonstop, do we really need that in 13332430 styles?
Don't get miss the next trend.
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Connected Map Collab - SPRING Edition

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Spring vs. Winter/ Easter vs. X-Mas.

>Claim a tile next to an existing tile
>Draw the tile and post it
>Make sure your tile aligns with the adjacent tiles
>Tile dimension: 200x200 pixels

Be creative and have fun.
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I have not left the house in over two months, I have aspergers, walked out of my last job, I'm running out of money, I'm getting cabin fever so fucking bad.

Even the benzos aren't helping much anymore, I go 3-4 days without sleep and then repeat, my mental health is getting fucked and I say this as someone who has always been alone, I'm stressing about everything so bad I'm nearly 30 I'm such a loser I want to die.

Please help I don't know what to do I'm struggling to cope and I don't want to get another job where I'm just going to be abused again, I hate interacting with normies and having to pretend someone I'm not.please someone PLEASE tell me how to fix my life, how to fix this.

I dont know what to do anymore but cry, I'm so fucking miserable my life is over and it never even started. Please someone help me. It's like a consistent existential dread.
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A place to find and share reference pictures. Ideally taken with a camera (real life images).

The goal is to have a constant flow of unique/interesting/weird/useful imagery.
What someone finds interesting and/or useful is subjective and there is no set theme or specific type of images you can expect ITT. Try your best to keep reality front and center.

If you want a source, please try reverse image searching first and then asking the poster.

If you use any images ITT for your art, we'd love to see how it came out.

Want art books? Go to /artbook/

>Useful tools:

>Please browse the previous threads if what's posted this thread doesn't interest you
Previous thread: >>5970299
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Looking to find large sums of donated art. needs 100s

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Trying to create a yugioh blockchain style game but with an infinite grid world.
I'll be able to credit the artists and make things that benefit them if they contribute art.
or if there is a large collection of free art you know of, that would help

i may be forced to do shitty gimp art though. and that'll take me months
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Do you consider making art your way of life, just a hobby or just work?
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Many anons on /ic/ have commissioned art, so this seems like the right place to ask.
What’s the best place to find an artist if I want to commission a lot of art over time? I’m making a game and I want the art style to be consistent, but I don’t want to scare off Twitter artists with the projected volume
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