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Ive noticed that his canvas was kinda wet at the beginning, what did he put on it?

This is a question for traditional artists ofc, do you put something on the canvas before you start painting? what kind of technique is it?

I know that bob used to put "liquid white" but in the video it looks different.
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Line Art

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What techniques are you using to draw in photoshop? I brought Lazy Nezumi 2 years ago but I still feel that I could do better. Also, how good/bad is the newest photoshop with stabilizer built-in compared to Lazy Nezumi?
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How do I get as good as Sakimichan?

She is beautiful, talented and rich. Just perfect m8s.
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Crack for design doll

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Is there a safe Keygen or crack for design doll terawell
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i really cant decide between the ipad pro and the artist pro 15.6 even tho ipad is trice the price
tried it today and it felt really natural to draw on it
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What podcasts do you listen to while drawing?
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Reminder that of you don't use wacom you NGMI, chink shit is for weebs and hobbyst.
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Which one do you think is the best?

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So I've been through a decent amount of drawing courses and done a lot of constructive drawing. I want to review some courses while I focus on eye development but I am not sure what. My choices for this is Hampton, Huston, Vilppu, or Weston. I haven't done the Weston nor everthing Villpu has put out so there might be some new stuff but for the most part I have it. So which one do you think would be worth my time the most?
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We're all gonna make it

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Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't
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>dropping the saturation to 0 and using a color layer filled with black or white give completely different results, one has more contrast than the other

FUCK which one should I trust to check my values?
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