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what do you think about this artist?
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Ok, so I drew a bird (just the head) and I’m looking for tips on how I can improve.
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Color Studies

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I'm a little confused on the topic of color. Where do you even begin rationalizing why one color looks good with another? With form/perspective fundamentals there's a clear cut answer as to why something looks wrong, but with color it's more difficult to tackle. How do you do a color study the right way?
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What is /ic/s favorite color? Mine is white. It's just the most fun thing to do highlights with white.
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If I'm better at drawing traditionally than digitally, is it better to sketch traditionally, take a pic and drawing on them digitally?And Is this even moral?
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How do you balance this shit. I know i need to get better at drawing, but I haven't even touched colors and painting which is gonna take even longer. When I draw something with the intent to color and try to do get better at both I just look at the shit I drew and by the time I get it looking a little bit better, I've spent the entire day just doing that with no time to try and paint. Do you all just go for it and move into color and say fuck it even if the drawing isn't up to par
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Me: Studies loomis/NMA; Random kid drawing anime for fun draws better than me

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What I'm doing wrong? I focus on my fundies and kids drawing for fun fan art on reddit do much better.
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Have you checked his work? Is so good
So much soul and gesture
I wish I could find his tutorials for free, I can't buy them online
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Art history

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What will the next era be? What comes after post-modernism?
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Anatomy Thread

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How do I study anatomy? What would be the most efficient way of going about it for a beginner?
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