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Art Communities

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Shill your art communities here.

Discord / Forums / wherever.

Personally, I would like find a place with only a few people that draw regularly.

Do you have that place?
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Anyone else here fucking hate Adobe with a burning passion?
It's overpriced, shitty workflow garbage that gets away with anything because "muh industry standard."
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Is this cheating?
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Artist Name?

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I saw this at a bar and really really liked it. I’d love to buy a book of this artists work.

Can anyone tell me who made this? Signature is in the next post
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Hello Anon,

Do you know how I can request archived moe to take down one of my work, please?

Is the administrator still active? I have not received any answer to my email.

Is he usually proactive?

Thank you for your answers!
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What makes an artwork appealing to normalfags?
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who's the fourth member

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of "the crabs" with their hit single "NGMI"
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Have you ever been strongly moved by a work of art? Maybe to tears of joy or sadness or anything else really. If so, post it ITT and relate your experience.
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Literally this board
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