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If I can draw like left right now, what would I need to do for the next couple of years to achieve the level of skill on the right
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ITT: resources that actually helped you improve
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Westerners shouldn’t be allowed to draw anime
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What's the point of a drawing tablet stand?
Does it help you draw better?
Is it better for you than drawing on a flat surface?
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Is her spine okay?
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Right Wing Art General - RWAG #1

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This thread is for art with a right-wing slant, aesthetic or message. Are your ancestors smiling on you, anon?
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Self Promotion Thread

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Share your DA, insta, Patreon, tumblr etc.
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Completely lost my creativity within the last couple of months. Used to draw alot but i stopped after i suddenly stopped having ideas as to what. I just don't know. Not even if i'm going for somethong realistic or cartoonish. This sucks because life is boring and i have a strong urge to go back to doing it
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Animation General

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Study thread

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I'm gonna try bringing back the study thread. Let's see if anyone will participate.
Starting off with an old classic.
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