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Reminder to tone down your critique

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You shouldn't be mean with other's artworks.
It's their effort,their time and money invested, their art journey, not everyone has had an art instructor or has gone trough art classes,out of economy factors or "x"/"y" reason.
Not everyone grows like you, some are slow learners, some have a growth curve like a rollercoaster, some are lost and they need guidance.

Please be nice, have fun and keep drawing. (Because I gave the fuck up)
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Not asking on /mu/ because they don't know how to practice and is a coonsoomer board rather than an art board.
My goal is to learn music composition, specifically the style of castlevania SOTN.

So far, I've read enough music theory books to have some grasp of how music works.
It seems I can read a MIDI file in a piano sheet on a DAW and I can tell oh wow, is the composer doing XYZ.
But everytime I try to come with my own shit, is where everything falls apart.
I guess it would be similar to being able to recite loomis, but not being able to draw from imagination.

Is "tracing" a proper method to learn from a master?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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What is this artstyle called?
Disregard where its from
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Hey anons, do you guys know a place where I can find an archive of dean Cornwall work? looking for both drawings and paintings
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What Is the appeal of anime?

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Seriously what Is with this board obsession with anime/manga? What Is the appeal of cartoons and comics that all look the same and are about fighting teenagers or underage girls? Why don't you take inspirations from better sources like Marvel, DC and Image comics, or better cartoons like Avatar and Castlevania instead?
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what happened to this spergo?
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Is this considered furry art or not?
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what is this bump here?
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To whomever recommended the H9 glass for my Intuos Pro, thank you!

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Remember how my Intuos Pro wore out a nib in 2 hours?

I got one of those FX H9 glass surfaces, and now I've been drawing for 2 weeks straight (3+ hours every day) with the same nib and it looks as good as new!

So thank you anon.
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Draw a Car

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Too much human drawing on this board. It's time to challenge yourselves by drawing cars.

Draw whatever kind of car you like, then post it here for critique.
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