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What artstyle is the bst for th scifi stting?
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Can you "just draw" your way into effectively cartooning (East, West, whatever) or are studying the fundamentals absolutely key even if you all the time in the world to solely do the former. By no means are there any assumed shortcuts, but what are some things some Jap artists do when they first start off with 0 EXP?
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Loli or furry, for the rest of your life

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A malicious demigod comes to you, holding your soul at gunpoint, and forces you, until death beckons, to draw in a certain artstyle forever-more, while gaining and losing benefits along the way.
Which of them do you pick?

>the furry style
>the loli style

Which one do you pick, and which one will you lose?
Be wise, for it will stay with you forever more.
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So, i found this. How not ok is it?

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Basically reverse image searching literally found me the the reference photo first instead of the anime paintover.
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I drew shadow dio from jojo's bizzare adventure . I would love to know your opinions on my drawing .feel free to criticise if have any
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Time to start

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Alright so here's the deal. I've been with you artfags for 2 years now and I finally feel like my art is good enough to post on social media, but i don't know how.

I can draw portraits, cartoons, all sorts of basic objects, and of course, coom art.
>pic related (beastars: Kyuu)

Here's what i know about gaining a following on social media:

Instagram: make sure your pictures are clean and use all 30 hashtags. Try to make them as relevant to the topic as possible. Post consistently.

Twitter: I have no fucking idea

Facebook: Introduce your art to Facebook groups and get the ball rolling from there.

If any of you have a following already, i would really appreciate your advice. I understand these things take time. I just want a strong start. I've already opened the accounts, they are just empty right now.

I can post more of my work upon request.

TLDR: I want to open social media for my art but I don't know how to start very well. Help a bro out.
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where can I find references of landscapes and background (anything from nature to manmade) I just want to paint some backgrounds. Pinterest is bad for this because the images are always low resolution.
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How do you learn construction? Proko’s figure drawing course?
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Opinions on 0Lightsource art?
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So I heard on /diy/ that cardboard and paper attracts bugs. How do I keep my paper storage safe? I also love to design cardboard stuff so I keep a box of craft cardboard from store. How bad is this? I live in relatively bug free city, tho. The only ones that I know of are moths for whom it's a season now. They fly in like crazy.
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