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Are these books actually good or just a meme for content hoarders?
Some of the models they use for them too are pretty awful, just a few.
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Ink artwork

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Western, anime, hentai, whatever.
Post your favorites.
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What happened to course threads, ic?
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Artwork like this?

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Where can I find artists who draw in this style and do you have tips how someone can learn drawing it?
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complete works

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>how come vilpuu/huston/xyz don't have any complete works
>where are their PAINTINGS
Why does /ic/ only consider paintings and meme over rendered digital paintings as "complete works". Why can't a charcoal figure drawing be a "complete work"?
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>spend 6 years grinding on twitter for followers
>painful but finally cross the 500 mark last week
>24 hours old account gains 260 followers in one night

how do I cope with this feel robros
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>some random 11 year old filipino kid is better at art than you'll ever be in your entire life
why live
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1.) what is this style of art called?

2.) how can i recreate it in either art studio pro or photoshop?
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>post work
>Study so good /ic/niggers think it's traced
Is there a better feel?
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