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Current modern western cartoons are killing up and coming artists.
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Patreon General: 5$ tier edition

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Do you have patreon?
What is your experience with it so far?
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How do I avoid over rendering without losing depth? I see pro artists making extremely simple shadows that convey amazing depth, but trying to emulate that just results in flat looking drawings.
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What's his end game?

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What's his end game, /ic/?
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some tips for beginner anatomy and some free resources?

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So I am going to take the training to draw seriously, I can say that I am better than the average but I still lack, I want to learn about anatomy and muscles in a professional way, I will take the head first the muscles of the neck and shoulders, but I really do not find many resources on this.

Do you know a place or a book where you can learn well from this? I am also interested in the anatomy of animals.
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how do you tag properly on instagram?

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where do you find what to tag to get lots of views? i dont even know where to start researching this. i wanna maximize my shit.
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Drawing Challenge

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Can you do it? Can you draw your OC wearing nothing but the displayed article of clothing? Put your imaginative skills to the test!
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>not laying in everything using sacred geometry
have you ever gotten into the supernatural side of art?
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why are you literally too stupid to do the right but continue to try and fail at the left?
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>japanese tutorial ends
>they wish me good luck and tell me to always do my best
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