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How do I become a coom artist

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How do I become a coom artist that rakes in the dough
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Draw from reference v3

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Try to copy one of these and post it here.
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Are porn artists really this fragile?
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if you naturally suck at drawing could you be good at 3d modeling? or good at animation? Is there a "g" factor in art that connects expression in all mediums that acts as a sort of "glass ceiling" to your achievements or attempts at real art?
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>watching a pro artist draw on video
>they start with the final outline every single time
>no sketch or underdrawing or gesture or proportion ever
>absolutely nothing that gives you any insight into their process whatsoever

Why are they all like this
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Anyone got a ref of a hand(s) holding onto a ledge of some sort? Please and thank you
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can someone please help me improve my drawing.
I'm tired of being the worst artist on /ic/, as can be seen clearly on this thread >>5439055 with my "progress" during my 7 months of work, active work are outdone by people one month in or the progress of someone in a month.
As you know, I trust all to be familiar with my course or the things I attempted and the fact that I drew 4 hours a day for 6 months
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Is Character Design a completely different skill from Drawing?
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Should I sell my art at the local flea market? I'm in desperate need of money, what would you all pay physical art, I used a referance here.
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PSA: The Asian genes meme is obiously bullshit

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or with 2 Billion Asians there'd be countless artists better than the old masters. There aren't.
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