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Religious Art Help

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(still at the start of the drawing) If any of you do religious drawings/paintings, what are some of the most important tips/aspects you'd advise for such art? I'm still 20 and at the start of my art journey and would appreciate as much help as possible
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Youtube artists that got gud

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I used to roll my eyes at Boro years ago but now his stuff is looking good


Any more artists like this on youtube?
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Critique please
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Video Course Thread #19

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The hoarding begins here:



Direct download:

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Great lineart gets ruined with awful colouring. Terrible lineart turns into appealing picture with good colouring. Explain this shit. What does matter then?
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Explain Vilppu

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Explain Vilppu in your own words:
> What is his method of teaching?
> What he is teaching?
> Why you like/dislike his teaching?
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In this ITT: beg traps that should be avoided

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starting career with amateur coom art

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some people claim when you are starting, making coomer art is a way to make money as you get good. But with how saturated the market must be with 1000s of shitty coom artists, why would someone go to you? what is the business model here? I do not want to be a coom artist long term but if i need to short term while i learn anatomy or something i can tolerate it. But it gets back to my original question, why would someone come to an amateur when there are already 1000 others? if you have experience with this and can explain a bit of it that would be nice.
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