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How good do you have to be to get a /beg/ gf that will look admire you as her art aniki?
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how do people stay there and render a piece of digital art for hours? am i anormal if i give up after like 1 hour?
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Where can I find coomer artists whod be willing to tutor me
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How would you define "SOVL"?
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How does this happen? I don't draw but I'm curious having seen the image
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What's the best way to learn traditional inking?
I know practice is key to everything but I feel kind of lost on how to practice.

Pic related is kind of my inspiration
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Performance enhancing (or diminishing) drugs for drawing

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My experience with drugs for performance in drawing. Not really a junkie, i just tried a lot of stuff.
I don't have a drawing under the effect of opiates (opium or OXY) because you don't really feel like drawing at those times.
Also, i have to specify that my experience was with drawing - painting is really different, as while drawing on K is straight up impossible, while painting is pretty interesting.
What are your thought on dis? Does this happen in your country?
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Keep seeing this lady on random gesture drawing sites.

Anyone know her name or what set it's from? I'll post the rest of what I have.
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Should I quit my well paying tech job to pursue an artistic career?
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Where can I learn how to polish my garbage drawings into a bloated mess of effects to hide the mistakes?
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