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Where to go from here?

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The only thing I've done so far in Drawing, is attempt to follow Feng Zhu and study perspective. I have no idea how to Render or how into anatomy..

What'd you suggest?
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Do you support art censorship?
What if it's something you personally don't like, like loli or furry.
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Muscle Study thread #1

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Welcome to the muscle study thread, the main goal is to learn how to draw muscular bodies and collect references to help people draw them better. Post your wips and get critique!


>some muscles to study
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>do nothin but figure draw
>master perspective and drawing people naked
>realize I can't draw from photos of people wearing clothes or even clothes themselves
its over
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Why haven't you taken the photobashing pill?
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Answer this question

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So If I practice asaro heads, do I practice both construction and values at the same time?
Provided I practice these things traditionally with graphite and pencil, am I killing two birds in one shot?
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Can someone draw a kangaroo

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Flexing his muscles on or in a boat?

Trying to get the right angle
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How do I get into "artistic" lighting? I'm pretty clear on illustrative form lighting like the one on the left in pic related
>one light source with soft form shadows and sharp cast shadows
>clear forms being described (skull sphere, nose and jaw wedges, nose dent below brow ridge, cylindrical eye mask, folds)
>no excess information and every line and color change and shape has a purpose

Pretty basic stuff, now on the right, I can't make heads or tails of it, some of the light and shadow does end up illustrating the forms, but most of it appears arbitrary and like visual noise, random areas drenched in ink, straight hatched lines with no clear rationale etc. I don't even want to draw like this but I feel like understanding the decision making behind it will help me make better looking choices.

I'll see if I can find more examples of similar rendering.
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