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how do u stop jerking off to croquiscafe and draw
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How coomer artist can work ?

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I mean, they drawing porn all the day, how do they do to not coom all the time while working ?
Are they taking drug ?
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Agree or disagree with this statements?
West=masters of academic art and realism
East=masters of stylization and design
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Where do you get facial expression references from?
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H-hai guiss

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C-can we have a stutter shy artist thread?
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Painting requests

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Howdy /ic/, long time listener, first time caller. I'm in the market for a painting/art commision.
I'm looking for an artist specializing in capturing human likeness. I was asked by a friend to create a drawing of my own but I want to surprise them by giving them a nice bit of art as a gift instead of a crappy pencil drawing. Do you know of any artists who do this sort of thing?
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Can you actually learn something by "just drawing" of it's just ngmi crabbing?
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Why don't we crowdfund to pay some artist to do the best free how to draw course ever?

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Why instead of crabbing each other or pirating NMA we crowdfund to pay the best art teachers to do the best kickass how to draw course with an easy to follow plan anyone can access?

And we end all of our suffering?

Just an idea.
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Fascist Draw Thread

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Please refrain from making conflicting political arguments. It's just another draw thread. There can never be too many draw threads.
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