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Should I just go to an Art School/frequent an Atelier?

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I know it’s a waste of money, and that you’d be better off learning it by yourself/discord groups, but all of these /ic/ discord groups have people doing it as a hobby since they already have STEM degrees and are set to make a stable income.

I can’t see myself doing anything else but Art. I want to take it seriously and make a stable income off of it. I’m ready for anything. That being said, I’m looking for part-time jobs in retail so I can pay rent.
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I'm usually on /b/ so this is strange for me :s
Opinions on the tattoo I'm interested in?
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>My brain trying to think of something to draw from imagination because I’m slowly losing my creative potential because I’ve been studying and using references so much
To all my artists who draw from imagination well, what are your tips, and when should a /beg/ like myself try to master it? After drawing from life a lot or testing myself while drawing from life?
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Did a new mixed media painting after weeks of dissatisfaction with it. I would argue that my biggest issues are backgrounds and composition but I have no clue what I could've done better.
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What do you think about the Instagram update?
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Hey guys, rough week, how bout you, how are you doing?.

I completed this stick-up drawing in my diary.
What do you think?
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Post a preview of your reference folder and people try to evaluate what type of person you are
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Did anyone here read this book is it awesom???
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