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Worst episode imo
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Fun thread

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Let's do something fun. Post your most recent work and tell us your age, inspirations and a fun fact!
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tips/advice for a total amature?

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Hi ic! I love to do little drawings and comics for friends of mine, but I'm not the best artist. I'm ok with being bad at art though - I've got other things going on in my life. A lot of you guys on /ic/ are GODS though. Do you guys have any tips or things to pay attention to so I can make my stuff better? Anything at all is appreciated <3
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Are there any creep/pedophile artists that still post work online?
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Hello help me to collect all the portrait drawings of Sargent

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I really like their work but nobody took the task of having all of them collected
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If I can draw like left right now, what would I need to do for the next couple of years to achieve the level of skill on the right
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ITT: resources that actually helped you improve
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Westerners shouldn’t be allowed to draw anime
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What's the point of a drawing tablet stand?
Does it help you draw better?
Is it better for you than drawing on a flat surface?
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Is her spine okay?
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