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How do these cartoonists get this nice style of line work?
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Settei Thread

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Anime Character Sheet drawthread
How to participate:
>Go to
>Pick a show you like or at random
>try to draw the character from the show as closely as possible in a pose of your choice
>extra point for attempting to replicate the show's colors, shading color grading, line style ...
>extra points for adding a BG and making it look like a real finished frame

Remember to be loose and confident. The easiest way to fall short of the anime look is to be too stiff. Try to understand why something is drawn the way it is, don't just copy the lines mindlessly. Think as if you are on a production and you have to get it as close as possible to the style. Keep at it till you are there.
If you are struggling try to draw the character in your own style, or try to draw your own character in the shows style, separating the design from the style and vice-versa will help you get a better grasp of it.
>If you are really set on getting the anime look you can draw it aliased and smooth it in post.
>If you make several attempts put numbers or timestamps on them as you go.
>If the thread picks up we can have a collage of /ic/ drawing anime
That is all, remember to be nice and to enjoy drawing.
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I'm the 10+ years at drawing anon

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Worse than the schizo at skill levels.

Anyways don't meme me, I need only a direction, nobody wants to help me.

Please I /beg/ you.

I can't understand anatomy.

I have problems making the eyes.

I don't understand how to control line quality.
(Thickness of lines)

Don't understand light and shadow, even though I have read and watched tutorials on it.
(My paintings look like what a toddler would make)

I've read the sticky.

Done Loomis, Proko, ctrl paint, Keys to drawing, perspective made easy, Hampton's figure drawing and practiced it.

But I don't get it, I know I have to think in 3d and feel the form, but whenever I have to sketch, my mind blocks itself and can't do jack shit.

I know I have to think in volumes, simple shapes, but it just doesn't come naturally in my drawings, either from realism or anime.

And I have serious problems on making anime eyes (and also realistic eyes, they always look off)

I'm 40 years old btw.

So help me, and maybe, you know, I don't know.....
I won't come here again, but please help me I am so lost.
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Why do all the fucking female artists I know talk about pussy stuff?

I don't intend to be sexist but because all the fucking female artists I know talk about the fucking rule or their experiences with their little pussies. It is as if a man talks on his social networks about when he jerks. IT IS NOT ORIGINAL BESIDES HORRING THEIR FUCKING DRAWINGS and even so there are artists much better than them and even so they gain more followers for talking about feminism and why their cunt smells like shit
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good /ic/ tutorials

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I hate talented people so much I want to give up on drawing.
What do I do?
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Is sleeping a meme?

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Lately I've been seeing a lot of "muh asian jeans" posts and I've been thinking what if its cultural?

Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Koreans are conditioned from early adolescence that you must work until you succeed and sleeping may have to be sacrificed leading to many teenagers and adults sleeping 4 to 6 hours a night on average.

Is that how these guys can pump out so much work and improve so fast? They literally just don't sleep?

I was watching a video of a Chinese art instructor and he was saying how he recommends students sleep more on days where its very theory heavy to ensure they retain the info better and on less heavy days to get the work done to the highest quality possible even if that means multiple all nighters
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Vent Thread

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It will become illegal to draw coomart. Your federally mandated castration drugs will stifle any desire to. It's the next step of our evolution and ascension beyond our primitive animal ancestors. We artists will advance exponentially without the distraction of coomart. It will be good. So stop drawing coom.
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what books should i go through to make it, /ic/?
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I've hit a plateau watching Ethan Becker

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I've been watching Ethan Becker videos but he says I should never draw with an oval. Then he said I should never draw with a box. What do I do now? Everything I've learned up to this point seems worthless.
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