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Stupid Questions Thread
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Is porn/hentai/rule34 the only way to make money in patreon and getting commissions?
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>ITT: God tier fanart pairings
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name off artists from that you hate. i hated this guy named nicky binx i thought his name was stupid i thought his art was stupid and i hated his responses to people in his sketchbook. everytime i logged on and saw his fucking sketchbook update id get fuckin pissed. there was also an old fuck guy that acted like his was super hip with everyone and his art was trash i thought he was a fuckin weirdo too.
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ever looked at someone’s art and just gave up?
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what do you think about this artist?
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Ok, so I drew a bird (just the head) and I’m looking for tips on how I can improve.
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Color Studies

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I'm a little confused on the topic of color. Where do you even begin rationalizing why one color looks good with another? With form/perspective fundamentals there's a clear cut answer as to why something looks wrong, but with color it's more difficult to tackle. How do you do a color study the right way?
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What is /ic/s favorite color? Mine is white. It's just the most fun thing to do highlights with white.
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If I'm better at drawing traditionally than digitally, is it better to sketch traditionally, take a pic and drawing on them digitally?And Is this even moral?
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