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Need help

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Do you know what this type of woman is called?

Need it for a commission.
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Sketchbook Thread

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If it's in your sketchbook, it goes here.
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>read an autobiography about someone growing up in poverty
>her mother refused to work for long periods so that she could stay home and paint even though they were literally starving
>looked up her paintings
>wtf they suck

I mean if you’re going to neglect your children for your art career at least be good
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what do /ic/ think of

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pic related
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Ink tattoo
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Grinding Loomis for a Month?

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Anybody interested in grinding FDFAIW through the end of the month?

Feeling pretty stuck in regards to improving and I've never actually gone through this book outside of a few pages on proportions and the mannequin. Thinking of grinding the book through the end of January?

Anyone else interested?
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How's that patreon coming along, anon?
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Figure Study Thread

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Let's have one of these again,
we'll post figure refs and do studies of it.
Preferably post new refs after a few studies have been done of previous.
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So I did this with my spare time, what do you think, am I Asian enough to be boosted by youtube algorithm?;
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Post your work, but reversed

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There is no greater test of merit. Post it.