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dum dum questions that blah blah

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you know the deeed
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How does he draw like this? What does he use?
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Redline Thread

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Last thread was fun. Thought I'd do another one of these. Sorry I couldn't get to everyone, life got in the way.

Post your wip and I'll try to redline/paintover and crit. I'm not the best, but hopefully we can all learn something. I know I did in the last one. I'll try to get through some more this time.
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>just buy a full blown professional setup with a cintiq and macbook bro, then drawing will be appealing and you'll be on that thing all day

g-get off my shoulder devil i know that's a dumb fallacy!
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If you go back and tell your younger self advice on drawing. What would you tell them?
What mistakes would you tell them to avoid?
What would you tell them to focus on?
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Pose Book Help

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I’ve literally never been on this board in my life, but I’m hoping you artsy anons will be able to help me with something. I’m looking for a good book of poses, preferably nude and with a variety of body types/ages. Either drawn or irl references work, and the more poses/angles the better. I’d really like to find something great before Cyber Monday is over. Plz help!

(Pic unrelated)
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doodles? sketches? studies? you're welcome here to share your shit probably no one is ever going to see

[spoiler:lit]shitty car edition[/spoiler:lit]
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How do I draw like this?
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i will commission anything for free

what should i draw
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