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BL Discussion Thread #104

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

>https://pinboard.in/u:yrecs (NEEDS UPDATING - see below for details)

BL Licensers and How to Request from Them: >https://controlc.com/3858c1ea
Project JUNE Download: >https://projectjune.dreamwidth.org/473.html
Tiermakers: >https://tiermaker.com/user/579020

Bonus challenge:
>Share a horror/thriller BL title you enjoyed
Hard mode:
>Share your own idea for horror/thriller BL you'd like to read

Previous thread: >>3018313
All Threads: https://controlc.com/09dd2422
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general scott pilgrim thread

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i know there's already a thread for a single character but you know
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Lucas Lee from Scott Pilgrim

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The latest bara flavor of the month.
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Jujutsu Kaisen

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Age difference / older x younger

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Post your best dilfs fucking younger boys, the older and more bearded the better. No incest cause there's already a thread
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Please post men in traditionally femme cloths extra points if masculine/muscular/would totally fit in the bara genre
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post guys taking two dicks at once
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Mortal Kombat

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The guys in the new game are all so damn hot. Reptile, Kenshi and Reiko especially.
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Father/Son Incest

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Small tops welcome and encouraged.
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