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/Y/-drawthread #155

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1) Be nice to drawfags, they draw for us for free after all. If youre looking to add criticism, please do so respectfully.
2) Specifics details & reference pics IN ONE POST are MANDATORY. Be Mindful before hitting post. Combine them in MSPaint & compress with TinyJPG. No excuses.
3) Dont expect your request to be done straight away or at all, not every request is going to get done. If you're repeating a request in a new thread, try including more refs.
4) Stick to fictional characters. Characters from live action film/television are fine, just not the actor themselves. ie MCU Captain America requests are fine, but not Chris Evans.
5) DON'T BE GREEDY- no begging, repeating filled requests, It's ungrateful to the drawfags filling for us for free.
6) Usual board/global rules apply - no yiff, cuntboy or other hardcore /d/, make sure theyre legal, etc. Use catbox if youre worried a request/fill is too extreme.
7) NO THREAD DERAILMENT, Dont bother arguing, report filter or hide them. if (you) want to contact the jannys:
8)NO AI deliveries (unless the requester says so) Keep ai in ai threads.
9) When the thread reaches bump limit, PLEASE wait until the current thread reaches page8 of the catalog before making a new one.
>Collection of Deliveries:
*use your extra time to archive deliveries in the booru or r34
>Drawing books, tutorials, practice websites & drawing programs:
>Drawing books, tutorials, practice websites & drawing programs:
>Drawing tips >>>/ic/1579290
Previous thread: >>3026330
>(you) can join incase theres too much spam
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giant man
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Tales of Vesperia

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Bara and Traps are allowed
Ignore and report the spammer that complains
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/fujo/ - Shipping General

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Death Note

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no bitching about pairings or character
no art that looks western cartoon style
bara and feminine are OK
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Masked/Helmet Thread

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last one got filled up
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Robots/Mecha 6.0

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Previous version: >>3001979

For all your Robotics and Mechanical needs
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Send as many Marvel/MCU related bara porn as possible.
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Ace Attorney Thread

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Big gay lawyer edition
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